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  1. I'm just seeing this. The player base is active on cardgamedb.com you'll find all the information you need there a set was just posted there last week. It includes stuff from Solo more Rogue One and Inferno Squad pods. If you're interested go check it out
  2. I disagree with this, I think a massive rotation will actually hurt the game in the long run. Granted lots of cards aren't played currently, but we finally got a robust card pool. Each Objective set is 1 card so currently this game only has about 250 cards, that's only 2 cycles if a standard LCG. So if we go back down to let's say 50 sets spread between 6 factions we begin to creep into lack of diversity. Which let's be honest was one of the main reasons this game lost so many players at release. In order to make playable different decks each faction will need at least 10 to 12 resource pods. That's 60 pods right there, half the card pool youre suggesting. That's the reason we currently have a decent amount of diversity on the DS, they started giving us resouce pods. The LS is starting to come around this cycle but still behind the DS. The Objective set system is both this games greatest asset and worse enemy.
  3. This game is fine. My area has a growing player base and more players show up everyday on the games various Facebook pages. I played at a tournament in Chicago a couple weeks ago and it was full of new players, who played Destiny but actually enjoyed this game more. So they switched over. They have sold more tickets for Gencon than they did for worlds, and I honestly believe that worlds wouldve sold more had they not JUST DID IT 5 months earlier. Gencon would have more as well if Nova wasnt 2 weeks later, its the same prize support so players in the New England area are opting to go there instead of Gencon. This game isnt dead yet. Also the EPIC delay to start up this latest cycle is a good sign, it means they maybe giving time for development of new cards and to test the next cycle. We all know FFG has one designer on this game who is also developing L5R, so I am sure that most of his time is being devoted to that at the current time.
  4. This is where most players for this game hang out, I have no idea why this board here is so slow. http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/forum/23-sw-lcg-general-discussion/
  5. The differance to me is that Fiery Kiss specifically refers to the card pulled from the dead pile. BMR does not, it refers to the attached character (which can change), as far as I know the game and the card has no memory of what happened before. If this were the case than the game would remember every attachment that was ever attached to someone.
  6. What other lasting effects are created to characters by other cards? Ever example that I have been given has been on the character... How does BMR remember what it brought out of the dead pile? Is there precident to this?
  7. Thanks for the help! Over at agotcards.org and cardgamedb, they are saying that it would not work. That makes no sense to me, the card cearly states attached character, so it should blow up the attached character no matter who its attached to, Dragon Bite says the same thing as BMR, and that one can change targets.....
  8. I built a deck around moving Blood Magic Ritual to other characters using the Crown of Mereen, for targeted killing. I have been told this does not work. But I was wondering if not why? Blood Magice reads: Response: After Blood Magic Ritual comes out of Shadows, choose a non-Army character in your dead pile and put it into play. Attach Blood Magic Ritual to it. If Blood Magic Ritual leaves play kill attached character. so if I move it to one of my opponents characters using Crown, which reads: If a White Raven card is not in play it is Summer. Response: After you win a challenge in which attached character participated, choose an attachment. Take control of that attachment, and attach it to an eligible card of your choice. So if I bounce BMR using Dragon Theif while on my opponents character, who dies? Not my reserrected character since it is no longer attached to him, unless the game remembers. Please help me understand. Thanks!
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