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  1. Those pictures are too small! I'd say they are more thumbnails than proper pictures haha. I'd be interested to see your foam board solution. I just built a foam board insert for Fury of Dracula (a great game btw, I highly recommend picking it up as it's now OOP). However, the problem with foam board inserts are that when game boxes are tipped on their sides, everything slides around. I always travel with my games and this is one of the reasons I have not made one for Rebellion - too many small little moving parts would flop around inside the box. Currently my Rebellion minis are stored in two plastic plano like containers, but the containers are a little small and I'm not happy with them. I've had a problem finding containers that fit the box snugly.
  2. Looking really good there Raahk! I particularly like the blue/grey you achieved on your Super Star Destroyers.
  3. That is good news! It's a lot of stuff to paint. Keep at it. If you have the time to post some pictures, please do.
  4. X-Wing has evolved and grown over the years. New mechanics, new cards, new maneuvers, and new ships keep pushing the limits of what can be done on the tabletop. As a game, it’s one of the best in a generation and it’s popularity stands as testament to this. Yet sometimes a Star Wars fan who grew up on the Original Trilogy just wants to play with the iconic ships of the franchise. So we decided to throw a little old school X-Wing party here at DockingBay416. We’re going to have a tournament with new rules and old ships and we’re calling it "X-Wing OT," or Original Trilogy Play. Here are the rules: Everyone brings two lists, one Imperial and one Rebel. Each list will be comprised of ships seen only in the Original Trilogy movies. Why two lists you ask? Well, that’s because same faction match-ups are not permitted! No more Soontir vs Soontir or Luke vs Luke, it’s going to be the good guys vs the bad guys like in the movies. Legal Ships: Rebels X-Wing Y-Wing B-Wing A-Wing YT-1300 Imperials TIE Fighter TIE Interceptor TIE Advanced TIE Bomber Lambda Shuttle Firespray Any upgrade cards are permitted except Palpatine and TLT’s. The idea behind this ban is to move away from Meta lists and encourage more variety on the table. The only other ban is the “double falcon” list, or two named Falcon pilots in the same list. So Chewie and Lando both flying their own cloned Falcon at the same time on the same table, is not going to happen here. The idea behind this tourney is that each gaming table will have a battle that looks like something out of the original movies. As a side note, if you’re going to bring your Falcon, bring the one with a round sonar dish! We do understand that there can be lists with Wedge and BB-8 flying together, or other non-thematic combos, but the ships on the table will look like a real old school Star Wars dogfight, and that’s what we’re going for. Personally I’m pumped to play this way! To determine which opponent flies what, we’re keeping it pretty simple. First round pairings are random. The Player with the lowest total initiative gets to pick which list he plays (add the two lists together, lowest combined squad points has initiative). Remember, same faction match-ups are not allowed. In the following rounds, the lower seeded player picks which list he will fly. Special thanks goes out to esteemed X-Wing community members ThrowdownHorton (Aaron), R5Don4 (Don), LSOP (Devon) and Armoredgear7 (Josh) who all brainstormed over the format. We’ll be playing at 401 Games in Toronto on April 2nd. Hope to see you there! May the Force be with you. http://dockingbay416.com/events/event/original-trilogy-x-wing-tourney-dueling-grounds/
  5. Don't forget I have an Imperial painting guide too, you can see it over here: http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-rebellion-painting-the-imperials/ My At-St's were washed and then drybrushed. They came out good and were easy to do. I'm not sure what problem you're running into. Washes don't "highlight" - they darken. They set-up the highlight so to speak. They make the areas that will not be highlighted even darker. You shouldn't be painting over your crevasses. You can, with more advanced techniques, paint over a dark colour and lighten it with *multiple thin* layers of paint, but that is overkill for an At-St at this scale. All you need to do is basecoat it in grey, wash in a dark wash, then drybrush it with the basecoat + white mix. Read what I did for my At-Ats and At-Sts in the Imperial Painting Guide. If you have any more questions, let me know.
  6. That's good to hear! Doing those painting articles took a long time, much longer than I thought they would. One of the motivating factors to get them done was the hope it would nudge someone on the fence about painting their set to take the plunge. I wanted to show it's not so scary an endeavour. Sounds like a very promising start. Keep at it Raahk and post those pictures. I'd like to see how they turn out!
  7. I have some small painting brushes that I bought from various art stores many years ago. I also have some GW brushes I found years ago for a good price (bought it from someone online selling for cheap). Generally however, GW brushes and products are grossly overpriced although good quality. If you are looking for brushes, make sure they are "sable brushes." You can find good brushes in almost any art store. I live in Toronto, so I have tons of options. If you live in a small town, then perhaps ordering online is the best bet for you. As far as paints go, I use Vallejo paints. I love them because they are good quality and have eye dropper-like bottles. Those bottles seal very well, and can dispense paint by drops, which allows you to keep your mixes consistent (2 drops white, 1 drop blue for example). GW makes great ink ranges, and I love their Nuln Oil paint, it is very versatile. I bought my Vallejo paints as I needed them at a Hobby Store here in Toronto (Meeplemart) but that is an expensive way of doing it. If you buy them in boxes they are cheaper that way. I'm sure online you can find good deals. It is fun playing with a painted set. I don't play this game enough, but I had a chance to last night and everything looked beautiful on the table.
  8. I'd suggest you don't edge highlight the Star Destroyers or anything Imperial. They only need some drybrushing. You can build up the drybrush highlight by starting with a darker colour first, and then finishing off with something closer to white. Edge highlights will take too much time and not worth it for the results vs drybrushing. If you're doing tanks, machines etc, a drybrush will give it a very natural highlight because they are full of angled edges.
  9. Haha, ya that's the problem with painting. As I said in the article, I suggest you do the Imperials first. They are "easier to paint" and there are more of them. Once they are completed, the task doesn't seem as daunting. Managing your painting queue and your mind is just as important as having "painting skills." It's better to have everything painted at 70% than almost nothing painting at 95% skill level. Keeping the queue moving along is more important, imho, than the level of the paint job. So ya, it can drive you crazy, but that comes with painting miniatures. I look forward to seeing your pictures. Stormtroopers are indeed very monotonous to paint, and take lots of time. I find that listening to a good audio book, podcast or interview off Youtube while painting helps ease the burden. I also suggest stretching after painting for a while. My arm actually got rather sore painting stormtroopers. Better to be consistent, take care of you body while painting with breaks, than just "plow through" until you drop because you fear you might not come back to the painting table.
  10. I wrote an article about painting up the Rebels. Hope it helps someone out there. http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-rebellion-painting-the-rebels/
  11. This is such a great meathod, everyone benefits. People afraid to paint can express themselves and expert painters can have another tool in their arsenal. Excellent work, especially on those X-Wings!
  12. I wrote a painting guide on how I painted my Imperials. Link below. http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-rebellion-painting-the-imperials/
  13. How to paint the Slave 1 in the link below. http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-armada-painting-boba-fetts-slave-1/
  14. How to paint the H-6 Bomber in the link below. http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-armada-painting-the-h-6-bomber/
  15. Painting Jan Ors. http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-armada-painting-jan-ors/
  16. Painting the Hounds Tooth http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-armada-painting-hounds-tooth/
  17. Painting the Jumpmaster 5000 http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-armada-painting-the-jumpmaster-5000/
  18. I'll be doing a series of painting articles and figured I'll make a thread for those interested. Here is how I painted IG-88's Aggressor. http://dockingbay416.com/star-wars-armada-painting-ig-88s-aggressor/
  19. But that ignores the scale that is there... "Luke Skywalker" as a Card does not represent just Luke... It represents Luke and the rest of the X-Wing Squadron with him. He's already got his Wingmen, thats what allows him to run as it is. What about Garven telling squads what to do at Yavin? Or Lando telling Ackbar what to do at Endor.? As I mentioned in the article, just some ideas I had to inject fluffy options to give players ways to customize their force. Don't want mercenaries but want Rogue? No problem. Want Wedge to be Red Leader and a mini command ship? Ok, pay the points. I hope you guys enjoyed the article. I wanted to write something entertaining and get people thinking outside the box.
  20. "I think there is a slight problem with squadrons in Armada, and for me it’s mostly a problem of theme. Game mechanics have trumped fluff. Where are the heroes talking over comms to other pilots setting up attack runs? No one is saying “cut the chatter Red Two” because everyone is too busy waiting for orders from capital ships. Why do Imperials have to take mercenaries in their fleets if they want a squadron to move and attack? No TIEs have Rouge? Is that because Boba Fett is a better star pilot than Darth Vader?" Rest here: http://dockingbay416.com/ideas-to-fix-the-squadron-problem-in-star-wars-armada/
  21. If you'd like to see what the game looks like in it's glory when printed, check it out here: http://dockingbay416.com/hotac-printed-components/ If you've enjoyed the game, throw Josh a well deserved tip here: https://www.paypal.me/JoshDerksen
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