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  1. meowgod

    Any retailer forum out there

    hi there, I'm a retailer from Asia and I'm wondering might there be a retailer forum or something to get latest news or updates for FFG OPs? I'm trying to run keyforge for now and just only found out about GEM. is there a site i can read more about it and any future OP related news?
  2. meowgod

    Any Keyforge Tournament Organizer?

    sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the advice. i was looking for something that could handle something that could handle over 50 ppl with ease I gotta check out GEM.
  3. meowgod

    Any Keyforge Tournament Organizer?

    I might need to organise OPs for mass amount of ppl. Any suggestions on this? New to OPs organizations
  4. meowgod

    What's the point in to buy a Core Set?

    I think in a proper organized play, players have to bring their own tokens n 3 Keys. I would wonder if that meant only official keys from ffg will be allowed or else itd be confusing if everyone brought in all manner of tokens to represent the keys n etc. Hence getting the base game might be ideal. I myself might change the amber tokens for those clear acrylic amber crystals..