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  1. I have no problem referring to OL and Howl and others as she! It comes naturally! Duchess is he every time in my brain! It's pretty silly, but I'm not gonna stop!
  2. S1leNt RIP

    Expertise Niches

    Ion Cannon Tie D Vessery! My body is ready! I was using ruthlessness, but now, I know where my loyalties lie! It's always been too heavy into Vessery, but I still love it! He's going to hit even more like a hammer now. 98 points PILOTS Colonel Vessery (46) TIE Defender (35), Ion Cannon (3), Expertise (4), TIE/D (0), Shield Upgrade (4) Countess Ryad (36) TIE Defender (34), Push the Limit (3), TIE/x7 (-2), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Epsilon Squadron Pilot (16) TIE/fo Fighter (15), Primed Thrusters (1)
  3. Five A-Wings with trick shot, Crackshot, and Autothrusters! Very fun!
  4. Just playing around with a fix idea for Xwings...doesn't make them substantially more powerful in any one are except maneuverability...and even then not substantially. Dual card. Title. Before you reveal a maneuver, you may flip this card. S-foils: Closed Treat all 3-speed [turns and banks] as green maneuvers. Treat all straight maneuvers as green maneuvers. While active, give your ship a weapons disabled token. Dual card. Title. Before you reveal a maneuver, you may flip this card. S-Foils: Attack Possition When you reveal a 1-speed [bank] maneuver, you may treat it as a [turn] instead. (Obviously only for the same direction as revealed.) Cost: don't know, probably free, or maybe a negative cost, or maybe 1 point. It would probably take a lot of play testing to figure out how powerful it really is, but it doesn't seem broken, and would make flying an Xwing more fun/dog-fighty?! Well, tell me what you think I guess! It's been in my brain for weeks now! Just had to get it out there! Thanks!
  5. Heroscape!!! It's what got me into miniatures!!!
  6. Two ARC-170s for 30% off at the LGS and a Ghost for $28 at the same LGS! I don't think I've payed full price for a single piece of my collection!
  7. Criticism welcomed!!! Biggs gets focus and evade and defends the rest of the group while Thane keels wiggling around and giving tokens and stuff! Might drop juke and give R2-D2 to Biggs. Might play it soon! Jyn Jan Jam! (98) Sabine Wren (21) - TIE Fighter Juke (2), Sabine's Masterpiece (1), Jan Ors (2), Black Market Slicer Tools (1) Biggs Darklighter (26) - X-Wing R4-D6 (1), Integrated Astromech (0) Thane Kyrell (31) - ARC-170 Jyn Erso (2), R2-D6 (1), Alliance Overhaul (0), Vectored Thrusters (2), Adaptability (0) Lieutenant Blount (20) - Z-95 Headhunter Adaptability (0), Adv. Homing Missiles (3)
  8. The YV-560 is probably my favorite ship in all the RPG line! I love the look and fluff about it! My party grabbed it while I was running, and honestly, we didn't really utilize it. But I love the little extras!
  9. For anyone interested in the List, this is the one they are talking about! Apparently it's pretty effective! I haven't played with or against it yet! Asajj Ventress (50) - Lancer-class Pursuit Craft Fearlessness (1), Dengar (3), Glitterstim (2), Glitterstim (2), Shadow Caster (3), Gyroscopic Targeting (2) IG88-B (50) - Aggressor Crack Shot (1), Fire Control System (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Glitterstim (2), Autothrusters (2)
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