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  1. Yaaaaaaah just got my e-mail also that my order has shipped,hope everybody else gets a good e-mail to.Now I wait for the big brown truck.STAY ON TARGET
  2. Wowsers Gatdget thats good news I guess that means they are filling orders,hope one of them is mine.Yeah PS. just cheked Miniture markets site and they already put the TIE Interceptor out of stock and only 2 more A-wings,hope this means they are filling out the pre orders.Greettings
  3. Wowsers Gatchet thats some good news I guess that means that they are filling and sending out orders.Yeah can't wait
  4. No joke thats the e-mail they sent me. It's a little dissapointing that if I read other threads right that some already have the 2nd wave and there seems to be a shortage of 2nd wave models,hope its all hipe.Greetings
  5. Hello all just got an e-mail from Miniture Market.( We are expecting our shipments to come in some time this week or early next week. Once we get our shipment are going to be working on getting the orders out as quickly as we can. I would suggest keeping your eye on your order status from your Miniature Market account as it will tell you if your order has been completed, shipped, etc).Just got this today was hoping for better news and I ordered mine back on the 6th of Feb. STAY ON TARGET,STAY ON TARGET!
  6. Wow I can't wait to get mine to just waiting to hear about my order,hope your having fun with your new ships. Greettings
  7. I fly with three X-wings, Wedge with PT/Marksman/R2-F2,Garven PT/R5-D8,Rookie pilot PT/R5-K6 /100 points. Havent had a lot of time with the Y-wing. Its a pretty good list but I've only played a few games so far. Greetings
  8. Thats what I did was I bought 2 core sets then I just built off those sets.2 more Ties, 2 more X-wings,1 Tie advance and 2 Y-wingsThe good thing is if you buy to core sets you get two sets of dice and basically you get two sets of everything wich is cool.Now for the 2nd wave I think I went a little nuts with a Falcon and a Slave 1, one each and 2 A-wings and two TIE-Interceptor.I thought these ships would give me some variety for different games.Stay on target,Stay on target
  9. I pre ordered mine from Miniture market saved $10 bucks each on the Millennium Falcon and the Slave1.Can't wait for the 2nd wave.Stay on target
  10. Wish I thought of that, very cool. The force is strong with one
  11. Thanks Vorpal Sword thats what I ment, I have not played the game with to many people yet so I have not had the chance to play with all the goodies and all the different cards yet. I feel the dark side with that one?
  12. I got two core sets because you get two sets of everything like the dice, witch is nice and righ now its hard to find to much local, core sets or expansion packs.Can't wait for wave two!
  13. I've had my two core sets for almost three weeks now and love them.Looking forwords to the slave-1 and the A-wings, now we have some diversity with the second wave.
  14. Thank you very much I guess I needed to hear it from someone else.The power is strong with you
  15. I'm new and when the Ion cannon card says (even a ship outside your firing arc) this means outside the arc facing forword, A 360 deg firing arc at range 1-2.Think this is right and I have not seen this question before.I think I am understanding it right.
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