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  1. But what do you expect will be innovative about this new iteration of Descent that will make people want to buy it other than *blink-blink* huge box and miniatures? The size of the box urges me to consider it will be a legacy game (stuffed with things to unpack), but in my mind probably a green legacy game. Maybe they could also plan to bring out branching expansions - like being able to mix and match specific expansions depending on how players progress in the story. Though that would be a huge overhead in production. "Act I" surely points that there would be an equal size "Act II" box - maybe even fully playable on its own? The fact that Terrinoth has also seen a strategy game, an RPG game, an adventure game, novels and various other stuff, makes me think it could have similar ideas to Arydia of steps in exploration, combat, role playing, etc. And to stretch to the expected app that will also be an option... I could only consider the possibility of a world that players can interact with and somehow change it, in a way that has an impact to other gaming groups, something like a MMO Board Game. But the chaos involved in such an idea would be interesting to tackle.
  2. I am also interested in the future of the Descent franchise. Considering the product itself, and its business value, I see 2 directions for the near future (excuse any "shortsightness" on my part, as I am not a business analyst/manager): 1. Keep supporting Descent 2nd edition, with its steady fanbase being the main consumers (I am sure there are numbers for that). 2. Move on to a 3rd edition, with the prospect of new consumers coming in and a subset of the older ones to follow. So, if (1): How will you facilitate such support and is that reasonably profitable to keep 2nd edition going? Is the app a cheap solution for adding a few more years to the product and at the same time hopefully a few more consumers? If (2): How big of a step would that be in terms of gameplay? How will it be alluring to fans of 2nd edition to invest in it with e.g. just a conversion kit? Would a 3rd edition be heavy on (or only) app-based gameplay? Are the expectations for new consumers enough to justify a 3rd edition? Thank you for interacting with us this way. Looking forward to the discussion.
  3. First off, I REALLY like your ideas and I think this would be a very good support class with interesting strategic options. What I mention below is either re-wording of what you already have and just a couple of proposals. So, not a critique, but more of how I would have tried to make it *if* I had the same cool idea. Helping Hand: - I would have it as a 2 fatigue skill card (because it can help a lot with Conditions and Quest objectives - otherwise nerf it down to only +1 to skill and no fatigue cost, as it is now) - ...during a hero's activation. - ...3 spaces of your Elemental, (specifying which familiar) - ...to an attribute (to a maximum of 6) based on the Elemental's type until the end of his activation. (Otherwise, it could imply the skill works until refreshed) Elemental Aura: - ...adjacent to your Elemental (specifying which familiar) - ...gains (based on the Elemental's type): - Earth: Add one grey die to your defense pool (otherwise it could imply adding it to the Earth Elemental's pool) - Water: Recover 1 [fatigue] at the end of your activation (it's a bit strong to have an unkillable source of healing fatigue at start of turn) AIR elemental: - The Air Elemental treats any special terrain (other than obstacles) as normal spaces. (a recommendation, only proposing this for its "air" nature) - I would nerf down the 3 spaces to 2 spaces - ... 1 Search action during its activation as if it were you (to imply that you get to keep any search item card and any Overlord Trap cards are directed to you) EARTH elemental: - I would have its normal attack back to a Blue + Red dice (to make it a competent choice vs any other Rune weapon) - Maybe a health of 6 is better balanced - This familiar is treated as a figure but cannot recover any amount of [heart]. - A proposal: Have instead its attack dice as Blue + Green + Green and change its last sentence in text: ...It can use the surge abilities of a Magic weapon you have equipped. (Magic, so that it allows for a wider choice of weapons) FIRE elemental: - A speed of 3 is better balanced; it has a Ranged attack anyways - A defense of 1 grey die will hopefully make it last longer on the battlefield - This familiar is treated as a figure but cannot recover any amount of [heart]. - The Fire Elemental is immune to the Burning Condition and treats any Lava space as a normal space. (a recommendation, only proposing this for its "fire" nature) - A proposal: Change its last sentence in text: ...This attack gains 1 [surge] and may use any abilities of a Magic weapon you have equipped as if it were you and additionally: [surge]: Burn (Magic, so that it allows for a wider choice of weapons) WATER elemental: - "carry" can be unclear, so maybe mention something along the lines: At the start of this familiar's activation choose a hero adjacent to it. At the end of its activation, place that hero on an empty space adjacent to it. >>> I would really consider adding health & defense and treat it as a figure or change its movement to 2 instead. Having an unkillable familiar that gives a free move action to a hero every turn (following along with them) is a bit too helpful I think. Otherwise, consider instead something like: If this familiar is adjacent to a hero, it may spend a number of movement points to move that hero immediately an equal amount of spaces (respecting terrain rules). (this is helpful without abusing its movement speed and can also affect multiple heroes) - At the end of this familiar's activation, choose a monster adjacent to it and test your [Might]. If you pass, that monster is Immobilized. >>> I also find this powerful, especially for lieutenants' movement. I would propose to remove it altogether or mention the monster as a minion monster. Sorry if the wordings are too lengthy, I could not think of shorter versions at the moment. Cheers and good luck!
  4. This might help you if you are not aware of it already: Thing is, FFG with every game and edition has re-written stuff, many times with discrepancies. Most annoying I found to be that the Dragon Wars are sometimes something that was thousands of years ago and sometimes 30 years ago. Also,
  5. Thanks for the interest. I have mentioned in the Credits what I had used. However, being a newbie with Photoshop, it definitely took me a really long time to complete. Looking back, maybe getting first acquainted with how layers work (and merge) is important. In the end, I do not have skills, just patience (ahem, stubbornness). If one wants to save themselves some time, they could also try some fantasy map making software. They are usually not free though. Looking at my map, it feels "packed". I had to keep the Shadow Rune area and expand, so it ended up with too much detail. If you can avoid it and make yours simpler, it will have visually a more concise and clear result. For scrolls and papyrous-like backgrounds, it's fairly easy to google for them. For the book, I used the background from the Quest Vault generated pages and where needed I filled things in. I think the fonts I found from a post on BoardGameGeek. Back on topic, what I would also like is the sense of the unexpected and exploration when Heroes play against an Overlord. I know Descent is not that kind of game and that is what RtL does, but maybe a new campaign could be made where the two sides (Overlord and Heroes) have hidden objectives / knowledge of what lies ahead in a quest. That would mean different booklets and preparation from both sides and most importantly, the replayability would be quite low... But it's a thought!
  6. Shameless self-promotion, I had made a campaign book a while back: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1015318/fan-made-campaign-elements-demise Unfortunately, it only uses the base game contents in terms of tiles, relics, lieutenants. I am sure whatever comes from the cooperation of Zaltyre, Sadgit & co. will be top-notch stuff and well-balanced (something I missed frequently from FFG official quests). What I want, is to reuse what I have in more campaigns. And community - created content is always good. I'll miss the feeling of "completion" on the hybrid classes, but I can live without that.
  7. I do not expect it that it will be resolved. Unless something has some business value, there wouldn't be any effort / manpower put into maintaining it. Probably the fact that the Quest Vault (still called *beta*) is still up, is enough for Fantasy Flight. For what it's worth, I had noticed some pattern in the problem's behavior. It seems that older quests/encounters are facing the problem, but not the newly created ones.So, if you encounter the problem, *probably* the best solution is to remake your quest and alter the problematic one, as there is no option to delete it... I had mailed Asmodee technical customer service back in March 2nd. There seemed to be a response and my request got a ticket - but I have not heard of them since. Thus, I do not expect that it will be fixed any time soon (or at all).
  8. Serious bump. As far as I can tell, the above problems seem to be related to the API requests made to tools.fantasyflightgames.com/api/v1 . Trying to save any changes fails, as the PUT requests report a 403 Forbidden error (at least for me). So, clicking the "Preview" button will not auto-save as expected (neither "Publishing" a quest). Taking a wild guess here, but because of the merge with the Asmodee accounts, this is an authorization issue (be it cookies set, database values or something else). So it affects only older accounts. To test my assumption, I tried creating a new account and indeed saving changes works on that account. They should really attend to this issue, as it may affect other parts of their platform...
  9. Hmm, not sure, but it might be that you need to log on via http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/ So, log out, go to that page, click on "Remember me" and sign in. If it doesn't work, you can still go to the "Browse" page of the Quest Vault and search the quests by Author ("Brutalien").
  10. Update bump! This time around, the Act II quests have been reviewed and tweaked to reach a better balance. This concludes the playtesting. Unless the campaign is played wildly and comments for changes are made, the rules will remain as they are now. The focus now lies in creating a booklet that would "dress" nicely the quests and will additionally provide a map. Happy questing!
  11. Thank you for your interest and recommendations! They are gladly accepted. I guess you found the .pdf from the related thread on BBG. The rationale behind the "cryptic" names of "CON-STH.x" is so that they create a relation to the overall campaign on the Quest Vault. Unfortunately, there is no way to link the quests there, so I had to come up with something that is easily recognizable. I wanted these quests to belong on the same collection - if I only had the names of the quests, they would get lost in the huge number of existing ones on the vault. That was the initial solution. Now that the campaign is finished and (almost) finalized, yes, the names should be added at the top of the page instead. Unfortunately, this is not available since the title is automatically generated by the Quest Vault. I had in mind to correct the "booklet" once I have finished with the rules. I am still in the process of going through the Act II quests a third time, fixing some rules and other miswordings. Recently, I got contacted by OneOgre who is kind (and skillful!) enough to make a nicer-looking booklet. He even plans to incorporate a map, which is great! I really like this collaborative approach of the community to create something nice for a game we all love. So, in the end, thank you for your input, it is a very good solution for people already planning to run the campaign, whatever its minor flaws are now. Expect an update, with fixes or rules (and/or) a pretty booklet!
  12. Thanks for your comment. You're right, I did not mention in the first post the background story. Well, basically, the storyline is more of a prequel of the Shadow Rune campaign. Since I had to use the core set's contents, the story involves the same characters some years earlier to the main campaign of the game. The Introductory quest puts the players in the middle of the action. Then a small flashback ensues that follows the events that happened that put the heroes in this mess. As you play on the story unfolds, until the second half of the Interlude which sets the players back to the present. Act II follows with different quests related to what happened in Act I. Finales bring down the curtain with two encounters, similar to the Interludes, but larger in time play. In this campaign you find out:
  13. Update Bump! The Act I quests have been reviewed and various changes were made. I hope they balance things more. Enjoy!
  14. Hello Soyharo, thanks for the interest. I wouldn't mind, you should also talk to Crog (member here). He also asked me to translate to Spanish, maybe together you can finish the translation faster BUT! Bear in mind, there will most probably be rules' updates with changes for the quests on the Quest Vault. I will try to keep these announcements to a minimum, because it is a bit of a fuss to post a new update for each change. So, if I have gathered enough changes I will also post an update here.
  15. Greetings everyone, Finally after a long time I have fulfilled the Call of the Necromancer campaign. You can find it on the Quest Vault under my nickname or filtering by "CON -". I would be grateful for any feedback. Enjoy! The campaign is played as follows: 1. Introduction 2. Act I - Prologue 3. Choose 2 out of 4 Act I elective quests (winner of previous quest decides) 4. i) Interlude A or B. If heroes won most quests in Act I (electives plus prologue) A is played. Otherwise play B. ii) Interlude C or D. If heroes won the Introduction, play C. Otherwise play D. 5. Act II - Prologue 6. Choose 2 out of 4 (x2) Act II elective quests. Winner of previous quest decides. There are 8 quests, but according to the outcomes in Act I, the available are 4. 7. i) Finale A or B. If heroes won most quests in Act II (electives plus prologue) A is played. Otherwise play B. ii) Finale C or D. If heroes won the Prologue in Act II, play C. Otherwise play D. UPDATE! The Act I quests have been reviewed and changed a bit, mostly towards the heroes' favor. Here are the links to the Quest Vault: Introduction: Escaping Treason ~~~ ACT I: A Shadow Rising ~~~ Prologue I: The Postman's Creed Elective 1: The Goblinator Elective 2: The Scion Hybrid Elective 3: Secrets of the Swamp Elective 4: The Undeath Pact Interludes A&B: The Man in the Obsidian Mask / Betrayal is a Symptom Interludes C&D: On Fluxing Grounds / Casting Shadows ~~~ ACT II: Elements of Demise ~~~ Prologue II: A Glimpse of Evil Elective 1A: Cavernous Blaze Elective 1B: Playing with Fire Elective 2A: Ethereal Chains Elective 2B: Run like the Wind Elective 3A: A Lily among Thorns Elective 3B: Draining the Waterheart Elective 4A: The Sword in the Stone Elective 4B: Earthbound ~~~ FINALE: The Three Halves ~~~ Finales A&B: Ride the Lightning / Claws of the Beast Finales C&D: Ghost of Perdition / Final Resistance - PS: As a small play on words, you will notice a lot of titles and sub-titles in quests to be references to a few names in music or other pop-culture. Can you find them all?
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