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  1. Well, suspicious or not, it seems that indeed that's how FFG intended it - I've found this explained in several places in the BBG forum: indeed whenever there are any potential conflicts between House Cards the solution is to execute them in Iron Throne order, which means that sometimes the lower-ranking player will get the upper hand by overriding their opponent's card.
  2. Yep, bad idea to use timers. Also a bad idea is to nag people about how long they're taking to make their decisions. If you feel that this game is taking too long and the other players share your concern you should maybe reduce the number of rounds (e.g. by playing the ADwD flavour). If you're the only one having this complaint, maybe this game is simply not for you, in which case you should find another game to play.
  3. 1. Yes. (See the AGoT 2nd-Ed. FAQ v1.4, where this is stated explicitly.) 2. Because FFG says so. 3. See the answer to #1. Combat takes place normally, so support is calculated normally for both of you. If the attacker wins, the defending routed units always die, regardless of the presence or absence of sword, tower or skull icons. If the attacker loses, they may have to retreat or their attacking units may die, depending on the sword, tower and skull icons on the cards that were played by both players.
  4. You seem to have missed the point of the question completely. The question was whether Rodrik's ability gives you the right to search all 3 Westeros decks to make up your mind about the card you want to move on top or only the right to first pick a single Westeros deck and then search for a card only in that deck. Personally, I'd find it strange for the first to be the case because that would translate to a power of finding out everything that's coming in the next Westeros phase, since the 2 decks you're not going to make changes to will remain undisturbed after you've had a chance to see what cards they had at the top while you were "searching" them for the card you wanted. That's a highly suspicious solution - it would mean that being higher on the Throne ranking puts you at a disadvantage in this situation. If the ranking is to come into this, I think it's more likely to give priority to whoever is higher on the Throne track, based on the logic that since these 2 abilities are directly contradictory only one of them should be executed and the other should be disabled.
  5. No it doesn't, it just improves its power a bit. If you have 3 or more cards in hand you are guaranteed to be able to play one of them and if they're anything other than 1-1-0 or 2-2-0 you will not be reduced to 0. Also, if you have 2 cards left and neither is your 0 you will still be able to use some combat power against Lannister, so again not reduced to 0. Like I said, in most cases it still has the same effects as the current Tyrion card - it prevents you from playing your highest card - but is still far from Balon's power of always reducing you to exactly 0. And I didn't say the Tyrion and Cersei characters should switch places, only their abilities. It would be wrong to give Cersei a power of 1 as a military commander while Tyrion has 0 of the same. No, the characters stay where they are, they only switch abilities (and then Cersei's new ability gets corrected a bit to account for her lack of military power).
  6. I find it strange that this is being discussed so little, but after 3 games with Lannister I think I can see some clear disadvantages it has, not only compared to Greyjoy but to everyone else: Lannister house cards suck. Not in terms of combat power, mind you, they have the same numbers as everyone else, but in terms of abilities: - Cersei has 0 power, yet her ability is conditioned on winning the fight. Well how often can you expect to win the fight by playing a 0 card?! (Especially while using the ToB cards, which my group does.) Maybe once every 3 games? Next to useless. I can't name a single time I've seen this card's ability activated in the 5-6 games I've played so far. - Tyrion is pretty much only able to block your opponent from using their highest card in hand. Anything else and your best move will typically be to leave their card alone for fear of escalation. With only a power of 1 on your card, this will rarely mean you can gain any combat points on your opponent, most of the time it will just help you cut your losses (get attacked with a 3 instead of a 4, a 2 instead of a 3 etc. - most combinations don't give you any combat advantage with your measly 1 combat point). Not so useless, but still disappointing - feels like a perpetual loser's card. - Kevan (the most broken of all) doubles the (already small!) power of your footmen once every 7 fights and that's only if you're exactly in the right kind of situation to initiate an attack with enough participating footmen every 7 fights. In order to do this, you pretty much have to squander your supplies and keep around weak armies of footmen for all other 6 out of every 7 fights (when Kevan is discarded), while enemies at the same supply level as you will have happily recruited knights and siege engines instead and will be using them to devastating effect. This card's ability is a catastrophe of bad design. Trying to use it hurts you more than it helps you, you're better off just ignoring the text on the card. How I would fix the Lannister deck: - Switch Cersei and Tyrion's abilities. (Both characters use trickery, manipulation and politics in the story, so this should pose no problem.) Tyrion, with his combat power of 1, will be in a somewhat better position to satisfy the "if you win" condition at least some of the time so that the "remove an order from anywhere" ability will no longer be quite so useless. - Cersei gains the rather disappointing ability to force the enemy to switch their card for any of their others, but now is in an even worse position to benefit from that as she has 0 combat power. This ability needs its own fix: make it force the enemy to switch the first card they've played for another card with strictly lower combat power (or no card at all if a lower-powered one is not available). In most cases this will have the same effect as before - it will prohibit the use of the highest-powered card in hand - but in some other cases it will be clearly better: * If the enemy for some reason tries to play something other than their best card - probably for its ability - they can now be prevented from doing that without fear of combat power escalation. * If the enemy tries to use their weakest card at any point, they can be blocked from using any card at all for that combat (whereas before this was only possible if they were down to their last card - a rather narrow window of opportunity that doesn't necessarily sync up with a fight with Lannister). This is a brilliant side-effect because it extends Lannister's ability to slow down Greyjoy's card cycle, which is a bit faster than others due to Aeron. So this would also help specifically with the problem of Lannister-Greyjoy balance. - Finally, correct Kevan's ability so that it adds +1 power to all participating Lannister knights, not footmen, and this should solve the supply-wasting problem I described above, not to mention it would be a better fit for Kevan's depiction on the card, where he's shown holding the reins of a horse. Any thoughts?
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