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  1. ktom said: Bigjim22 said: burn Deck focuses on effects that lower character STR and kill/discard those characters when their STR reaches 0. Bigjim22 said: rush Deck focuses on getting as much as something as fast as possible. The two most popular "flavors" are "power rush" (getting as much power as fast as possible, usually through Renown and other "claim power" effects) and "weenie rush" (getting as many characters out as fast as possible, giving you more challenge options). The two are also combined a lot (i.e., "weenie-power rush"). Bigjim22 said: claim soak Effects (usually repeatable) that let you lose challenges without having to suffer for doing so. A prime example is a character that can save itself repeatedly. You can lose a military challenge, over and over, without really losing characters because you just keep saving that one character, over and over. Bigjim22 said: aggro While used a bit differently from game to game, in AGoT, "aggro" usually means "aggressive control." So a deck focused on wiping out your opponent's options while giving you as many as possible, then capitalizing on the imbalance. Thank you!
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