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  1. Why not keep both? Twice the monsters twice the tiles. Also check out the vault. I believe that you can create your own quests using 2 base sets.
  2. I am sure this must have been asked before, but I couldn't find the search function so I hope I don't get chastised Anyway Tomble's heroic feat rasied a question last session for us. His feat reads like this ... ": Remove your figure from the map and place a hero token in your space. At the start of your next turn, place your figure in any empty space within 4 spaces of your hero token" Does this feat allow him to "move" through closed doors? As the OL I was like "hold on ... he is a thief, clearly this skill is supposed to act like 'move in shadows' so I am sure that the 2 dragons in the room behind this closed door that you just tried to sneak through with this feat would see you open and close a door!" The player responded with ... "what if his skill is like 'Nightcrawlers'"? I couldn't argue, I wanted to haha, but since it was a feat and only could be used once per encounter I let him do it. However I wanted an answer on this. For clairification it was on the Fat Goblin encounter, he was infront of a closed door just before the cave and popped up behind the other closed door on the opposite side of the cave. It was 4 spaces he moved but the closed doors made me scratch my head FYI for those that don't know Nightcrawler is a Marvel superhero (Xmen) that can essentially teleport. Thanks for the info -Sorrik
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