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  1. Is advertised in the latest Deluxe Sands of Harad... Yet when was it last updated...
  2. What about this? Event: Lower your threat by 3 for each Hobbit hero you control. Then remove this card from the game. Neutral, cost 2 Only one copy allowed in deck.
  3. I'd like to see some development of the Craftsman, Healer, Noble and Warrior traits. Play only if all your heroes are x. +x to all x heroes. -1 cost if all heroes are x Etc Would be a whole new deck building dimension in the game which there is little reason to explore at the moment.
  4. Helms Deep Into Ithilien Morgul Vale Flight to the Ford Seige of Cair Andos Breaking of the Fellowship Druadan Forest Road to Isengard The Dread Realm Deadman's Dike
  5. I have to rant a bit and that is because I love the game. A fan-boy true and true. Ok so I was bitterly disappointed by the first quest in the latest saga expansion. I felt it was a miss on so many levels. First the good, then the bad and lastly the ugly. I do like the Gollum/Sméagol double sided card and all of its features. Nice. The mire mechanic was so so. I can live with that. The rest was soooo unthematic. The passage of the marshes was not about fighting. The Nazgul was up in the sky. This quest was the perfect opportunity to give secrecy some love. Hiding and willpower. This was a story about two Hobbits on their own. Huge miss IMHO. Dead marshes would have been a better fit, even Emyn Muil I have played the quest three/four times and given up out of boredom on the third stage each time! I think FFG were playing it safe and that is a shame. They should have taken some inspiration from super quests such as Stone of Erech. The enemies should have used the Spectral keyword, and I think they were too tough. As in this quest should not have been so focused on battles. There were far too many questing points. I love difficult quests, but this was just boring. Something that would have been very interesting would have been to make the total quest points need equal to the sum of the threat level of all heroes (of the player with the highest threat level). You could have picked Sam and needed 7 quest points or picked Treebeard, Gandalf and Elrond and needed 40... Some form of bonus for playing in Secrecy would have been a perfect match here. I also would have loved to see deck building limitations with regards to allies and a limitation on resources along the lines of Nightmare Druadan Forest. Why am I writing this. I am hoping hoping that FFG will at least consider some of this for the last box. I want to be able to take Sam and Frodo, alone against Mt. Doom !
  6. AJ: Galadriel AK: Glorfindel (S) AL: Frodo Baggins AM: Éomer AN: Aragorn (Lo) AO: Gríma AP: Beregond AQ: Haldir of Lorien AR: Elrond AS: Merry (S) AT: Gandalf AU: Erestor AV: Éowyn AW: Aragorn (T) AX: Celeborn AY: Théoden (S)
  7. I only log my best scores for each quest, removing old ones as they are bettered.
  8. I would suggest you also buy The Black Riders. The quests are very good and highly thematic. You can really relate to the actual events of the first part of the Lord of the Rings book! You also get lots of hobbit characters that work well together. They are lots of fun especially if you play easy mode! In the box you also get suggestions for decks you can build from that box and the core set only.
  9. I usually found that killing any enemies in play before moving to the second quest stage was far more important than finishing a side quest = beat side quest lose the quest. Ignore side quests beat the main quest
  10. I would rate this one at 7, Wastes at 6, Ettenmoors at 5 and Gram at 3. The best AP in this cycle so far. I think it is a mistake to try too hard to beat one or more of the side quests. Focus on getting a load of allies out for the extra attacks in the second stage instead. I've used a Loragorn/Grima and Ent deck which works quite well for this one. Ally Treebeard and Loragorn with healing is a key for defending Thranduil's attacks.
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