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  1. Pretty close. You could do a quick tint in Photoshop to make the blues red.
  2. I'm fortunate enough to have a healthy supply of WotC minis collected by me and a friend. Once we switched fully to FFG and I started GMing full time, we tossed them into one collection for me to pull from. I still grab some cheap Uncommons every now and then if I really want a cool new one.
  3. rogue_09

    Supplements Available in the UK?

    I feel really bad for everyone over there. I'm visiting the UK in a few weeks. I feel like I should smuggle in some sourcebooks for you.
  4. If you really want to weave a tangled web of published adventures, you could have them find Suljo Warde's holocron and plant the seed for Chronicles of the Gatekeeper.
  5. rogue_09

    Why GM Rulings are better than Rules

    Rule of Cool > Rules
  6. I think it's just for simplicity that the main saga keeps the Jedi=all-good-Force-users mantra. The novels and comics are a perfect place to insert bonus stories of Rey training with a different Force tradition, which I would also love to see. She could even start her own. Heck, maybe Johnson's spinoff will be a Rey based sequel trilogy and we will see that on screen.
  7. rogue_09

    Suggest Some Droid-Hostile Work Environments

    The environment could be home to a particular fungus that eats away at metal or circuitry. Simple electronic tools are easy to keep clean, but something as complex as a droid is a haven for corrosive little shrooms.
  8. There is a pretty robust Discord server complete with ongoing games you can look into joining. I don't have a link offhand but I bet someone far more helpful than I will come along any minute with it for you. 🙃
  9. They have stats for the Golan I Space Defense Platform in 'Fly Casual': http://swrpg.viluppo.net/transportation/starships/1845/ Kwenn Space Station has a writeup in 'Lords of Nal Hutta' as a planetary location. It's large enough that it doesn't have a stat block. I can definitely see them writing up the Haven-class in 'Rise of the Separatists'. What stats exactly are you looking for?
  10. rogue_09

    A Question Of Mass Space Combat

    If you wanted to break things up a bit and not have one mass combat roll for the entire battle, you could split it into skirmishes. Maybe three theaters of battle each revolving around certain complements of the capital ships and their respective escorts. If you happen to have multiple PCs who can take a leadership role, this would allow each of them to shine.
  11. rogue_09

    The Force awakens/unleashed...

    For my Force and Destiny group, I give out a second category of XP that can only be spent on Force powers. We only play once every month or two, so I'm not worried about liberally dishing out XP. They usually get 20-25 XP with an additional 10 "Force" XP on top. They can use their "standard" XP for Force powers if they so choose, but the Force XP is for powers only. I probably wouldn't allow buying a bonus Force rating every time they unlock the talent, but granting everyone FR2 at character creation will immediately jump them up to viable Force users off the bat. I always give my Force user players the option of taking double Conflict in lieu of flipping the Destiny point to convert pips. This is especially effective for my mixed group with two Force users who don't want to use up the group resource and like toeing the line of the Dark Side.
  12. rogue_09

    Another Character Generator

    Figured as much. I was hoping to print a sheet full of the attachment options along with mods so players could track all their gadgets. No big loss; they can write it out. Or maybe I'll whip up a little blank template for them. Thanks!
  13. rogue_09

    Another Character Generator

    Sorry, I should specify. I literally want to create a png image of a mod's stat block, same as you can for NPCs. I want to print it and give it to a player.
  14. rogue_09

    Another Character Generator

    Hey all, is it possible to generate a stat block for a weapon modification--lightsaber crystal in this case?
  15. rogue_09


    I'd love to see that. I have multiple players who are looking to attune crystals soon and I want to give them something more than just "Be at Morality 71" or "Make one Discipline/Lore/etc check"