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  1. rogue_09

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    "Construction Specialist" has [SB] instead of the Setback symbol. Thank you folks for all this hard work. What an amazing resource.
  2. That's a cool idea. No reason why you need to be locked to the table. If a player came to me with this idea, I'd be all for it.
  3. I'm not a big comic reader by any means. I've never picked up ongoing issues or anything. I have some collections and omnibuses from the Dark Horse days, but the sheer volume of comics was daunting. Much of my Legends experience is the novels. I was hesitant to start on the Marvel line for the same reasons, but the first trades of the main book and Darth Vader were free for Amazon Prime members, so I gave them a shot. Now I'm hooked.
  4. Can you give yourself a Boost or two to mod attachments? Don't forget the range of customizing you can do with those.
  5. rogue_09

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Someone should set up a Sorry About the Mess Exhibition Match for them to duke it out.
  6. I only pick up the trades and haven't started the young Vader line yet. Based on snippets I've seen and heard, I'm excited to dive in.
  7. Ah yes. I forgot about Soak. That makes sense.
  8. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe your Wound Threshold does not increase with 'Dedication', only by taking 'Toughened'. Either way, with committing Force dice, I don't see why your damage wouldn't also increase.
  9. rogue_09

    The Star Wars Universe

    But to say they're 100% on the director discounts the input of every artist and craftsman that works on the film. Directors guide and create the vision of a film, but they're not 100% responsible for the outcome. Studios and producers override directors all the time. In the end—especially on larger budget productions—a director is still a hired gun who needs to please the money people. Unless you're a veteran, established director who can get an ironclad contract signed, studio execs can force any script change they want. The money talks. Heck, perfect examples are Rogue One or Solo. The various directors never had 100% control over those films. If anything, the higher the budget, the less say a director has in the outcome. Filmmaking may well be the most collaborative art form. To give one person 100% credit is reductive.
  10. rogue_09

    NPC stealing from PC

    Assuming your goal is to initiate the chase encounter at all costs, I think I'd do this: Flip a Destiny point, probably two, and start the encounter immediately. Make the PCs' Vigilance check their initiative check. Use the DP flip as justification for adding a difficulty die to the pool. The monkey-lizards roll Cool with a boost or two and the chase begins! This keeps excessive rolling at a minimum and drives you right into the fun part. Otherwise you could end up with two Vigilance rolls in a row, which feels cumbersome. The players shouldn't be too put out since they just got two Destiny points in their favor. One of the best aspects of the Destiny point mechanic is it allows you to pull the usual GMBS without as much BS since you're rewarding the players.
  11. rogue_09

    About adapting other settings.

    Short answer: Absolutely! Long answer: ...Absolutely! Between the core rulebook and Realms of Terrinoth, we have the majority of what's needed for a D&D-esque fantasy setting. Most of your work will be creating stats for NPCs, and more PC species and maybe career options. For anything Sci-fi/Space Opera related, the majority of the Star Wars line has you covered. The kind folks of this board have created a document making most of the Star Wars talents Genesys compatible. Browse through the board and you'll see how many fan adaptations are already here, from Fallout to Dragonball Z. What settings or mechanics did you have in mind?
  12. You also don't see many droids trying to drive a landspeeder. We have a very limited sample size for a lot of these arguments. I rule it as type of vessel. Otherwise as soon as you hit atmosphere, you're suddenly rolling a different skill yet in the same ship. The T-16/T-65 is just narrative fluff. As for who is capable, that's the beauty of the system. Literally anyone can attempt any check since there are no Characteristics at 0. No skill training required. It makes sense given how necessary vehicular travel is. Dangerous to bring up a real world perspective, but most adults can drive a car and have a base Agility of 2, but only race car or stunt drivers buy lots of ranks in Piloting(Cars). Anyone with basic life experience could probably fly a most starships from point to point, but only those with training can pull fancy maneuvers.
  13. rogue_09

    The Star Wars Universe

    Which is why there are definitely not two Academy Awards for screenwriting. And writers never spend time on set while in production. And production companies never hire ghostwriters to punch up a film.
  14. rogue_09

    Dark Force Corruption

    Or if she is Force sensitive, "Yes. I told her to walk up and give it to me and she just did it." *Shrug*
  15. rogue_09

    Are you an ally of yourself?

    It is a little goofy. I describe it as a: "Hey, Captain Percepto, what's rustling those bushes over there?"