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  1. Thinking about it more, just handing a bunch of smugglers a lightsaber sounds awesome. Plenty of hijinks to be had. Trying to use it. Trying to fence it. Running from an Inquisitor who thinks they're lost Jedi. Give it a trait called Defective Relic. Upgrade checks to use it once. On a Despair, the wielder deals a Crit to themselves.
  2. That's essentially the Fire Sweep action from the Droideka. You could give that ability to certain dangerous Minions. Or how about a talent for a squad leader Rival that lets them spend a maneuver to grant an allied Minion group Fire Sweep?
  3. Ancient data core with forgotten hyperspace routes that let the smugglers bypass some particularly gnarly Imperial patrols? (Just don't roll any Threats on the Astrogation check!)
  4. Feel free to think that if you need to. School funding is a complex issue that arguing on the internet will not solve. And really, I lost the forest for the trees. I'm not really interested in a socioeconomic debate on a game forum. What I did take offense to was the blanket statement that "anyone who doesn't share my views thinks I'm an evil racist and they must engage with me, but I have to put no effort into engaging back because they're just misguided *pat*pat*" Was I blase in my response? Definitely, but I certainly understand the frustrations we all have trying to create the best world for ourselves and others. I'm not writing off anyone's opinions, just no longer engaging with an unhelpful conversation.
  5. Well, I guess you have it all figured out. Well done.
  6. They're not, no. Unless you rely on overgeneralization and oversimplification of complex issues. I had an excellent public education. "Just throwing money at it" is another oversimplification. Obviously many school systems need improvement but defunding won't help anything.
  7. Aren't those sayings as misguided and divisive as they claim the left to be? For all the call to understand the right's motivation to privatize schooling, why not also strive to understand how a robust, well administered public school system can be beneficial for everyone. Anyway, in before lock! 😀
  8. Why do these silly, clickbait rumors always have stuff like "there's a war between Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas because Star Wars is as good as dead!!" How does that sound like legitimate news to anyone?
  9. Yep! The Edge of the Empire core rule book has stats for droid player characters.
  10. Any major encounter has enough minions and extra rivals to account for LOS. Now if she happens to fail the Resilience check, things get very interesting indeed.
  11. Depends. If it's the whole crew facing off, then I feel comfortable stacking 6 or more minions into a group. If the PCs get split up, and someone runs afoul of a patrol all alone, even 2 or 3 can be lethal if they land a hit or two. I do have to balance large encounters to handle 'Last One Standing'. One player has the tree almost maxed out. All that to say is I've never felt like the PCs are so overpowered that I can't challenge them even with only minions. The system scales very well in that respect.
  12. Like most things, it comes down to communication with your players. If they're all on board for that type of narrative, go for it. I think it's a cool idea to give flavor to a campaign. If everyone wants to immediately be combat monkeys, save this plan for the next go 'round.
  13. I have seven players all at about 700 earned XP. They still panic when a couple groups of Stormies round the corner.
  14. The only issue is you're starting with a giant pile of skills, talents, and Force powers to parse through. As long as players are diligent so they don't miss out on all their cool stuff, go nuts! Knight level/Heroic level play suggests starting with 150 earned XP on top of starting. You can build a pretty potent character with that. 600 wouldn't necessarily be required.
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