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  1. They print a bit pixelated for me too. Raster vs vector.
  2. Definitely grab Nexus of Power. It has all sorts of Force influenced locations and special rules for how Force users operate in them.
  3. Hopefully the synergy from cross-promoting their currently popular IPs will allow for more exploration in later setting books.
  4. A while ago I wrote up a Kashyyyk adventure that included Syren plants. No idea how I went about it, I think it was a Resilience check to not be affected by the pheromones. Take a wound for each failure and be grabbed by the plant. At the start of your turn, make a Brawl check to escape or be slowly crushed and digested. Something like that. Fun way to add some crazy to a Despair on a Survival check.
  5. The focused books have been beneficial for my groups. My remote group only plays Force and Destiny. They were able to buy the single core book full of everything that pertains to their game and not bloated by unnecessary info. Whenever I show the index or OggDude's to my home group for equipment, they tend to get analysis paralysis from all the options. But I can hand them a career splatbook with concise suggestions that more directly apply to their characters. A book that's just a catalogue of equipment would be lowest on my list to buy. I'm glad they're producing it, but I'll eventually get Gadgets and Gear more to complete the collection than anything.
  6. Perhaps combine Insight and Spirit into one. The characters are presented with a scenario where one NPC is a traitor and another is a steadfast ally, but is the key to defeating the traitor. If not caught, the traitor could bring about a major defeat with lots of collateral damage in its wake. Not only must they root out the traitor (Insight), but they must come to trust the ally in order to win the day (Spirit: Trust) and learn that though the war is terrible, a Jedi's resolve is necessary to keep as many people safe as possible. (Spirit: Doubt) I definitely think Courage, Skill, and Flesh would be covered by fighting in the war. I'm in a similar scenario with my Jedi PCs. I sat down to map out potential trials and realized they had already fulfilled most of them in their ongoing adventures. It's really cool because when you knight them, you can call back on all their past triumphs and show how much their struggle mattered.
  7. I'd probably run it as a skill challenge. Not an official rule, but The Dice Pool podcast has an excellent episode on how to run them in Genesys. I've used this method many times and it's a really fun way to craft a scene like this.
  8. I'm sure it would. May need to specially format the spreadsheet for this purpose, but the data entry is the most time consuming part. I'll keep folks posted if I have a chance to check this out.
  9. I always believed the rule states that when you DP flip for an item you must pay the credit cost. I also rule it should either be temporary use and/or a pretty common item. *flip* "Hey, remember back when we were at that one shop and I totally bought these regular macrobinoculars for 75cr?" "Utility Belt" not only waves the credits but gives the GM less veto power. "Oh yeah, I definitely have always had these custom, specialty, night vision macrobinoculars."
  10. In theory one could build a template, enter the text into a spreadsheet, then populate the template based on that data. I'll play a little and see if it's an efficient option.
  11. What would you need most for an InDesign port? If someone were to help build a template, would that be helpful?
  12. You could add an extra SS cost to Sil 5 vehicles for the second maneuver. Takes 3 instead of 2 since you're forcing the ship to do something it may not be designed to do. Then your support crew really needs to work to keep things from bursting at the seams.
  13. Don't forget excess Advantages and Triumphs stack +10 as well. You don't necessarily need Vicious 5 to do huge damage. Roll 4 Adv and 1 Triumph on your missile tube and you're already adding +20 on that crit table. As for AT-ATs, I recommend "The Bigger They Are..." 😎
  14. You've solved your own dilemma. Don't rely on chipping away at the HT threshold with personal scale weapons. Crits are the way to take down vehicles. (Especially since in your scenario that one success at personal scale doesn't deal any HT damage to the AT-ST.) You're not likely to one shot an AT-ST, but two or three with a couple good crit table rolls and it's slag. The missile tube has Crit 2, so it won't take much for someone with a few ranks in Gunnery to tack on a few +10 to that roll. Are there talents that add the Vicious quality to Gunnery checks? Edit: Ha! @Ghostofman hopped in there right before me. Our collective point stands.
  15. Hello all, I'm developing a new arc for one of my groups and I'd love to get some suggestions from the pros around here. I'm introducing the characters to a large city environment where they can set up a base of operations. They're all Force users and have been exploring that side of things, but some of the players also want to add in some classic fetch quest play. I figure instead of mindlessly hopping around the galaxy, I can give them a base with a ton of life happening around them. That way there are always side quests while a main story arc is also playing out within their city/planet/sector. If it helps, much of that group are video gamers so I'm styling this like Mass Effect: A hub of activity and quest givers while large story missions are also occurring. Also, one player is a Sentinel and is considering the My City signature ability and I want him to have a really meaty city to play in. I have a location: Abhean, which exists in Canon/Legends, but has spare enough detail that I can mold it as I see fit. I invented a massive walled city of Cyrene, which sits in a large fjord on the coast and extends both up the cliffside and down into caverns. It's a city of millions, many who work in the Imperial shipyards in orbit, building bulk freighters for the Empire. Their first encounter is a classic hit the Space DMV to register your ship and--what's that? A street urchin swiped your lightsaber! What I really need is more flavor and activities that are going on. So far I have: Swoop racing through the caverns, both sanctioned and illegal Boat racing on the ocean, but watch out for bigger fish Grav-ball leagues Casinos, not Canto Bight levels, but some are really quite nice, others, y'know.... Mynok hunting in the shipyards in orbit Bazaars and shops galore Large spaceports that sit on the top of the cliff, with all the smuggling and seediness that comes with This art from 2P51's thread is the concept art I'm using for the city. What other fun things should I include? Thanks in advance!
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