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  1. I think Gaffa was just being helpful. "Helpful" would be just telling me there was a printing error, because I had no way to know that with cardgameDB being down. Snotty is telling me I can "house rule", even though I was just asking about the cards and rules as printed. It helps to remember that not everyone spends hours a day on the exact same forums you do. Yes, it's sometimes frustrating that you have to explain things to people who don't have the same life experiences you do, but a little bit of empathy goes a long way to building a healthy gaming community.
  2. I don't know the text of those cards, but in the second example I'm pretty sure the answer is, yes you can activate it (and trigger effects that happen when activated), no, you don't roll the die if it's in the pool. A die is only rolled if it's on a card. If the die is in the pool and the character/support is activated, nothing would be rolled (except any upgrades with dice on them attached to a character). I have Bala-Tik, and he is in the same boat; he can be readied by an opponent's character being defeated, but the only time I've made it happen in a game his die was in the pool on the blank side, so it didn't really matter.
  3. Thank you. I'll check it out when cardgameDB comes back. (Which, as I mentioned in the OP, was why I asked here in the first place.)
  4. I'm looking at Knife and Roland's .38 Special. They both have the same greyed out pips in the level indicator. Why is one level 0, and the other not? Because of a printing error where they forgot to have the signature investigator cards be non-leveled. They have no levels. You can only include one in your deck with the appropriate investigator. The designers have already apologized for the mistake, and clarified the position. If you want to house rule it, by all means, it's your home, your rules, but for purposes of non-variant play, you can only have one of Roland's .38 Special in Roland's deck. No need to be snotty about it. I didn't know there was a printing error. I'm not psychic, I can only go by what's on the actual physical cards that reflect light into my eyeballs. Can someone point me to where they said it was an error, just for reference's sake?
  5. I'm looking at Knife and Roland's .38 Special. They both have the same greyed out pips in the level indicator. Why is one level 0, and the other not?
  6. How do you know Investigator Cards don't count as neutral? They look exactly like neutral cards. I'm just curious. I can't find anything that says neutral and investigator specific are mutually exclusive concepts. For example, the rules under Deckbuilding in the Rules Reference states, "Investigator specific cards... that are added to a character's deck (by the instructions on the character card) don't count towards this number (deck limit)." So one copy of Roland's .38 wouldn't count towards the deck limit. But can I include one that DOES count towards that deck limit?
  7. So Prized Possession states, "After you play this upgrade, you may remove an opponent's character die and place it here. It is not rolled by any character and does not return to its character unless this upgrade leaves play." So if I grab the only character die a character has, can it still be activated? I'm pretty sure it can, but I can see the rules being interpreted either way. Any thoughts?
  8. I was able to buy nine boosters at the local pre-release, got three legendaries. (Han, Poe, and Thermal Detonator.)
  9. So I have a question that could probably be solved by the deckbuilder, but cardgamesdb seems to be down at the moment: Can you include a second copy of the investigator-specific cards in your deck. For example, Roland's .38 . I include one by default and it doesn't count towards the deck size limit, but can I add a second as part of my 30 card deck? I can't seem to find anything in the rules that says I can't, and it appears to be neutral class card just like any other.
  10. Grimwalker said: is there a site or facebook page one could follow to get advanced word for the next one? I think your best bet is the Dice Dojo Board Games page. I'm not affiliated with it or anything, so I could be wrong. I just found out about it today.
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