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  1. Taken from the Smuggler's Den Facebook. Just got a Guardian of Peace ruling. "You would not be able to use the protect keyword if the protecting unit cannot be damaged. Nate French" Rule Question: Hey there, There is a meta defining question that needs to be addressed before our regional this weekend if you can. The issue centers around the protect/shield abilities of the Guardian of Peace and the Objective, Preparation for Battle. If the Guardian of Peace is shielded and the dial is 4 or lower she cannot take any damage. Does this mean she can use her protect ability to divert the first 2 damage of every strike to her and not get damaged? Or does this mean since she cannot take damage she is not able to use her protect ability.
  2. And yes I know the rulebook says cards being discarded at the same time are put into the discard pile at the order of the owners choice. I'm just curious if they're considered going together or separately.
  3. Lets say I have a Luke, and he's enhanced with a Lightsaber. For whatever reason, he dies. Now, does the game see Luke and the Lightsaber dying at the same time, or does the game see Luke dying, and then a lightsaber that had been on Luke no longer attached to the character so it goes to the discard pile?
  4. www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLCG Come check it out. We're a small community, but another avenue to meet and talk with people and share information, news, or anything else related with this awesome new game.
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