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  1. As do I, and I give others for free so long as they have at least a couple rank 4 talents from the previous one. I find the surcharge kind of silly, but it's for GMs whose players want to take ten specs and load up on a bunch of cheap Grit.
  2. In this game, the trick to longevity is encouraging the players to go for breadth. Cap their attributes at 5, cap their skills at 4, encourage them to start other talent trees. If you do that you'll easily be able to play well past 1000XP. Edit: I should mention that there are several ways to "encourage" them to branch out, one of which is to scramble who gets to do what. Sometimes the slicer is busy and somebody else has to step in and get the computers running; sometimes the tough guy has to hold the blast doors open while the diplomat covers everyone's retreat. The quickest way to boredom is for everybody to only do the things they are good at. And if the players see that they had better be good at more than one thing, they will naturally want to branch out.
  3. whafrog

    Skill Check, Multiple try?

    This is key. I try to play people like they would actually react, and at some point nothing will work on them and they're probably calling the cops for harassment. The Far Horizons sourcebook has some good pointers about using social skills, including pointing out that over-using something like Scathing Tirade is going to wear thin very quickly. When you're shooting at a target, you can repeatedly try different tactics, weapons, swap skills, etc. Unfortunately, players are often too eager to use the combat model when engaging socially. NCPs aren't targets at a shooting range, and it's important to make clear to the players there's a distinction. If your players are experienced, then "No" is often good enough. If your players are new to RPGs, they might have to have it explained.
  4. whafrog

    Dealing with Arrest

    Is that really your problem? If the PCs want to murder their way out, it's on them, and they truly become outlaws. The only thing on the GM is making it clear what the consequences are, and maybe that will convince the PCs to switch their weapons to Stun. And if they do get arrested, it's time for a prison breakout...
  5. Neato! Four parallel universes decided to post in ours!
  6. I have, and it's not Seriously, I approach Star Wars in a kind of post-genre way...I think almost any kind of story can be told in it.
  7. I prefer 1-3, but if the players want to go 6 that's fine. The main reason is I find it easier to make meaningful NPCs when they're associated with a place.
  8. I have mixed thoughts about the first episode. First the bad. Decent voice acting, but the story is a bit underwhelming...how many RPG adventures follow this exact formula: you lost your money so you need to win the race, and somebody who dislikes you has a ship you can borrow, but it's not really working and you need some parts, but to get those parts you have to find a walking piranha some weird alien likes to eat...oh, and the competition is the local princess whose dad would probably kill you on sight. On the whole I found the story and the "oh no, what will we do next" kind of dull. Then there's the protagonist, who is an imbecile. I guess all character arcs have to start somewhere low (or high, depending on the arc), but that kid has serious issues. They gave that guy an X-Wing? Military training would have drummed out all that silliness. But then there's the animation. It's weird. The animation is 3D, and very well done as far as physics, gestures, etc. All the characters move and act in convincing ways. But the lighting is 2D, which makes it flat and harsh and I dislike it. On the plus side, the animation detail is actually superior to Rebels, there is a LOT of detail going on in the background, which I welcome. There are more models, more species, just all around more stuff going on, and that jazzes me up. It also looks like they can work with a bigger 3D space...I actually got a bit of vertigo during the race, and the camera pan and sweep shots were almost up to TCW level. The speed during the race felt convincing. I guess when you remove all textures from objects, only give them a flat colour and shade depending on lighting, you have more time in the render-farm to create a bigger 3D environment. But it wasn't terrible, and I'll probably keep watching, even if only for the world-building. Hopefully it'll get a bit darker, with more at stake, and these characters can start to tell us who they really are.
  9. whafrog


    I think what frustrates me more about Solo than anything in the movie is the "lessons" supposedly learned by Disney. What I did appreciate about Solo is it carved out its own space, and as others mentioned, proved that a Star Wars story doesn't have to be about Jedi and Death Stars. Not every movie needs to turn the galaxy on its head. There's really no limit to the kind of sub-genre that can be placed in the Star Wars universe, and Solo kind of proved that. They could do a movie about Val and Beckett's previous heists (maybe, how they met), and I'd totally go see it...provided of course the character arcs were compelling. In the broadest strokes, where the movie fell down was: the fan-service checklist of iconic items (nobody cared about any of those things); and that it wasn't as dark as it could have been. (And as a third, they killed off the most interesting characters in the heist...Val had sheer presence, and that multi-arm dude had some great lines.) Han was a total lowlife, you don't get to be Jabba's "best smuggler" by being nice. If Solo was "part 1", showing he started out a reasonable human being, but there were more movies to follow that went darker, that would be okay, but I haven't heard about any plans for a followup. So we're left with this "lowlife nice guy", which makes no sense. Unfortunately, I think Disney didn't get any of that, and they'll make dumb decisions based on that misread. Oh well, at least I have the new TCW episodes to look forward to...
  10. It was the same with the prequels. It's the same with <insert music band here>. Dating myself, but I remember having this exact same conversation when Led Zeppelin IV came out, how some didn't like it, and "what's up with this 8 minute Stairway to Heaven song, it's so pretentious!" Radio stations didn't know what to do, the longest song to that point was Hey Jude, and that was the Beatles so they made allowances... Then Led Zeppelin 5 came out and "what's this? reggae? I hate it! Why can't it be more like LZ4?" It's no different with Radiohead from OK Computer to A Moon Shaped Pool. Basically, fans suck. They want the same thing they know, but they want it to be different enough so they feel like they felt when they first fell in love.
  11. whafrog

    Probably already done: is combat too slow?

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record: keep them moving. A multi-turn firefight serves no one's interest. The party needs a goal, and they either need to be chased by or be chasing another party. This means at least half the checks aren't going to be shooting, they will be any other type of skill check to flee, hide in the ventilation shafts, rouse the locals, create traps, close the blast doors, open the blast doors, etc. If the party is under assault, make it clear they'd better get out of there or they will be overrun. Don't let them sit still for more than a couple turns. The only duels that should last more than a couple turns are epic finales.
  12. whafrog


    I thought it was okay, for popcorn. What bored me to tears was the "fan service". I don't care where the dice came from, or his blaster or...any of that trivial physical shyte. I wanted a character arc, not a checklist. In fact, this pretty much sums up the movie for me: Edit: and yeah, I wanted more of Val...
  13. In case you haven't checked (and you didn't) the basic mercenary in the game is worse than a stormtrooper. I don't think you're getting it: the game is designed so the PCs are "special". If that's not the game you want to play, then you either need to switch game systems, or make every NPC you meet needs to be on the PC's level, ie: Nemesis.
  14. Doesn't matter, the same principle applies. In game terms, the more power it puts in the hands of PCs, the more it "costs".
  15. With a camera? I believe that was part of the criteria.