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  1. ?? The protagonists are tortured, whole towns are burned, farmers are run off their lands...all this in the first season, and more follows. What more "framing" do you want?
  2. I do, but I don't. A pub lock is a pub lock, and it has no bearing on the skill of the players. But if the pub is actually the secret headquarters of the local gang, then it might be tougher to get past. And the only reason the PCs might find themselves up against this tougher lock is if I think they're ready for that session arc. So, I disagree with this: Not really. The difficulty should be based on story reasons which, imho, should be scaled to wherever the PCs are now.
  3. Fast characters or creatures

    ^ This, and/or you can give the creature ranks in Athletics or Coordination, which you can then leverage in chases.
  4. Dealing with Snoke *TLJ SPOILERS AHOY*

    Er, no...they are simply two nodes on a continuum. Likewise.
  5. Dealing with Snoke *TLJ SPOILERS AHOY*

    I think it's a mistake to try and cram the movie experience into the game mechanics. It's the same as the D&D classic "I have a dagger to the throat of the 20th level lord. He has 100+ hit points, but my dagger only does 1d4..." So this is where you toss out the mechanics and let other factors drive the experience. This is the same as hosting a mystery game. If the players must have the clue, then you can't make getting the clue reliant on a dice roll. If you don't want the bottleneck, then don't use the mechanics, let the narrative take over. It sounds like you want to save the player the experience of having a great plan foiled by blanking on positive dice. This is unrealistic, you really only have two choices: allow the narrative to decide what happens. The drawback is, no dice are rolled, the PC's skills/talents become irrelevant, and the player can't leverage any positive dice results. require the dice roll as normal, and hope the player can get a thicker skin and suck it up. I think replicating movie moments almost requires option #1. But then you're not playing a game, you're agreeing on a script. Nothing wrong with that, but then, why buy the rule books at all?
  6. I think you misunderstand. I'm not suggesting you leave because I disagree with you *(see below), I'm reacting to you telling everyone else to leave. I just don't get the hubris of jumping into a 68 page thread and telling everyone to walk away, as if your little conflict is the defining moment. * I actually haven't read much of what you guys are quibbling about, I don't have a stake in the argument, I don't know if I agree or disagree with you, and I don't really care. My comment was only in reaction to you playing board cop.
  7. Is this something you can't do on your own? Or do you need to tell everyone else what to do?
  8. Nothing you're implying remotely happened. Such silly hyperbole requires a response with math. The Rebel ship was, what, roughly a kilometre long? And say 200 meters height and width? I think these are generous numbers. So that's roughly 1000 x 200 x 200 = 40 million cubic meters. You could easily fit 5 pineapples length, width, and height-wise in a metre, so each cubic meter would hold 125 pineapples...again, super generous. So the Rebel ship was a 5 billion-pineapple bomb (40 x 125 x 1 million), and while it cut a nice swath through the First Order flagship (and wasted a few others besides), it didn't exactly take out a planet, never mind the 5 billion planets one might be led to believe it could have based on your "question". The math doesn't lie: people complaining about the "hyperspace bomb" are 5 billion times crazier than a Kowakian monkey lizard.
  9. So it occurred to me that you might think the Clone Wars is this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Clone_Wars_(2003_TV_series) Rather than this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_The_Clone_Wars_(2008_TV_series) I've never seen the former, but yeah, the animation looks poor, never heard anything good about it. I've been referencing the latter, which is what most people think of. Nominated and won an Emmy for the animation work, so calling it "poor" is just...weird. So you have one last chance to redeem yourself, sir, or I will take my toys and go home.
  10. Gravitas! That's the word. Ewoks, playing stormtrooper helmets like steel drums...gravitas. Burping toads...gravitas. Spinning a droid upside-down to sear his feet with a red-hot bar while he emits screaming sounds from his vocabulator...gravitas. Fat dudes in lederhosen crying over a dead Rancor...gravitas. Womp-rats...gravitas! Space slugs...GRAVITAS! Meeting Yoda...GRAVITAS!!! Yeah, you've certainly nailed the OT there...lol. None of the humorous bits from TLJ are any worse than anything in the previous 7 movies, and most of them are better. It's hilarious to me that some fans want to feel like a kid again, but they aren't kids now, so the same humour doesn't land in the same way. But they sure complain like the little kids they were...
  11. New To RPGs

    Yes, the beginner box is handy that way. It's also a great way to get introduced to the rules, plus it has a downloadable PDF followup that is pretty good, and makes for 3-5 more sessions. So it's a pretty good deal. Plus your players will get a chance to see how the rules work before committing to making a character before knowing what talents and skills will be useful to them. Not needed, but pretty useful, plus it comes with an adventure. If you're new to GMing you might want to try a few published ones before creating your own. Yes, but...if you get into this game at all, it's well worth your time to get OggDude's character generator. It's an amazing tool, and has a lot of add-ons for making the GM's life easier. Here's the main thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/89135-another-character-generator/
  12. If there is no way to meet them, then how can you believe you are making a case, and/or why bother to continue to try? That's the crux of the matter. You're putting the premise before the data aka cart before the horse. Your premise relies on a lot of "ifs", and no way to verify.
  13. Using Acrobatics within a Maneuver

    Let him narrate to his heart's content. However, if all those tables comprise "difficult terrain", he doesn't get a free pass, it still costs an extra maneuver. Knocking an enemy prone requires an attack. Normally you either need to make a Brawling attack and use 2A to get knockdown, or need the "Knockdown" Talent to do it with melee weapons, but you still need a Triumph. He can't just knock people around (and gain the tactical benefits) for free. It's your call of course if he perhaps made an Acrobatics check in place of an attack (converting his Action to a Maneuver), and you let him spend a fistful of Advantages or Triumph to do the knockdown...but if somebody else in the party had to spend 15XP on the Knockdown talent they might feel cheated.
  14. No they weren't. These so-called "fans", wallowing in their mom's basement screaming "feed me!", had no idea what they wanted...now it's a new generation of the same type, craving the old while pretending to want the new, crying about their spoiled childhood, achieving nothing... ... There...I believe I pushed all the right buttons...