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  1. In truck at mo so can't list all but have played many games flying a bomber/ tie list and one big thing I agree on is that a single bomber particularly with an APT works beautifully yo draw fire from Howlrunner especially as I always run her with squad leader just too help with target locking. Came 3rd in a tourney end last year with a howl, BSP, gamma x3 build. 18 players. Recently been flying a howl,jonus,gamma,gamma build. Been great against friends, recent tourney came 9th out of 18 but was a poor example. Bad choices by me,bad dice, unfortunate match ups, ie faced dual falcons twice. Just one of those days. Have finalised loadout yet but most looking forward to a howl+SqL, BSP+DTF x2, Gamma x2 . Lastly I also love the howl, academy x4, scimitar APT build have had lot if fun with that.
  2. Your thread got me thinking so I have joined the play testing. Last night I ran Omicron + Vader + advanced sensors + engine BH + recon BH Against ibitsiam, luke, Jan ors won't list all the tricks. 2-0 to me Recon did nothing so tried dropping it and putting a merc to shuttle. Against luke, Ib, Garden Lost this one but my fault in flying errors, missed two crucial shots due to catching asteroids. First time I've flown the shuttle with both advanced and engine, really surprised me how manoeuvrable it can be. Think next time going to put a rebel captive on the shuttle and try that. Side note, Vader is awesome, can't wait to try him against ties
  3. I'm sure I read this somewhere but please correct me if wrong. when moving a ship (especially one that collides) you trace the ships movement along the template via the back nubs not the front. this has obvious problems with big ships and small templates. I also see the logic. Eg if two shuttles are near each other and one performs a hard 2 but collides then tracing the back nubs the shuttle may only manage to turn 20° instead of 90°, this makes logical sense to me but others I asked dont seem to have heard of the rule, can someone please clarify/ confirm this
  4. After all we do know the targeting system was a prototype, hence Vader constantly playing with the controls
  5. To further this progression. I have a tournament coming up on the 18th and may not get to test everything I want to before then so here are my next two tests, if anyone wants to test them also, feedback is obviously greatly appreciated. Howl & SqL Jonus Gamma & assault & cluster & seismic Gamma & assault & cluster & seismic Howlrunner & SqL Jonus & PTL & asssult Gamma & assault & seismic Gamma & assault & seismic
  6. So pleased to read this and yet so upset, I really thought we had cracked it. it now seems that there was a flaw or loop hole in our logic due to the fcs & cluster combo. I'm on the side that this combo might be a little overpowered.
  7. Juggler beat me to posting, I was refering to the original squad
  8. You could always give Howlrunner elusiveness to go with the stealth, or determination to keep her ability going, even adrenaline rush for the k turn to help survivability
  9. I have tried a version of the Jonus & x3 Gamma but not enough to opinion love or hate, so far ok, many load out variations though. what I can say about the games last night was that a few times I had target locks but didnt fire the missiles, I used guns and Howlrunner's ability instead. This saved me a few times when later in the game my formation had collapsed or Howlrunner was dead and I was able to fire my missiles instead of just my 2 attack dice. It needs testing against a higher PS squad but howl with squad leader helps with this.
  10. I flew these two squads last night so just wanted to check in. first game Howlrunner /squad leader Jonus / veteran instincts/ proton bomb Gamma / cluster/ concussion Gamma / cluster/ proton torp 100pts against x2 blue w/ advanced sensors Gold w/ ion Green w/ PTL / assault close game but victory for me with two ships left. second Howlrunner w/ SQUAD LEADER Jonus w/ Seismic Gamma w/ cluster/ concussion/ seismic Gamma w/ cluster/ proton torp/ seismic 100pts against Lando w/niem numb/ navigator/expert handling X 2 blue w/ advanced sensors again victory for me but even closer as Lando handed off a lot of actions to get the blues out of range or arc and often barrel rolled denying my missiles. This time I had two ships left again but badly damaged. seismics came in very handy. I feel I may have been fortunate to face such low PS ships but the overall ease of flying only four ships was a good feeling. This squad although funny looking initially does provide a pretty powerful alpha strike and options in almost any situation. I intend to test it more, here are my thoughts for posdible changes, thoughts? 1) drop the seismic on Jonus for Swarm Tactics 2) drop the seismic on Jonus to give both Gammas assault missiles in place of concussion and torp 3 drop seismic and get one asssult and either vet instincts or determination on Jonus
  11. I would like to suggest that it may also be situational and if you can carry both in a squad why not hedge bets. an example of situational would be if you have a mix of high PS missile carriers and low the idea to put out some damage with the high PS then fire the torp last. To explain better I have recently been focussing heavily on bombers. lets say Gamma / cluster/concussion Gamma / cluster/ proton torp Jonus Howlrunner / squad leader I know this is not 100pts in this example the gamma with the concussion gets squad leader to focus & lock and the gamma with proton just a lock and relies on Jonus. concussion strips shields and proton plants the crit. very long winded my appologies I got lost in other thoughts while typing.
  12. Oh what I would give for 3pt missile, perhaps one day
  13. Yes. I have deffinately seen it somewhere that crits from a Target Lock re-roll can be kept
  14. Cant find it from my phone but I asked same question in november, will be somewhere way back on threads pages.
  15. My final question / suggestion. The way you say you flew this squad it would seem you had no need for Swarm Tactics on Vader, if this is true that it proved un-necessary then try out dropping it and upping the Scimitar to a Gamma for a little extra flex in PS moving and shooting, lets you move the BSP or Gamma in either order also.
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