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    Addum reacted to Hipsu in Your Painted Figures   
    Here are mine. I'm especially proud of the bases!
    (Click for even bigger size if you want)

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    Addum reacted to Sorastro in Your Painted Figures   
    Nice work Fulkren!  I love the bases - and especially the way you've tied the color of the bases to the individual characters
    I've just painted mine but ended up leaving the bases a plain grey.  I might try adding a cobble effect or something.. anyway here's my set:

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    Addum reacted to Sorastro in Sorastro's Painting   
    That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me.  Thank you Force Majeure!
    I will respond with the obligatory teaser shot for the next video which is going public on Monday, and for those who weren't aware I'd like to share the news that I have now resigned from my previous ("real") job to focus on producing painting videos full time, so you can expect a lot more Imperial Assault videos from me from now on.
    The success of what I'm doing has been fueled by the enthusiasm of this wonderful community so it really is I who should be thanking you all.  
    Here's to a lot more... happy painting!

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    Addum reacted to Felswrath in Plastic-less expansion   
    Would anyone else be interested in a plastic-less expansion? The idea would be an expansion that consists of a campaign book and some cards, but no cardboard or plastic. The hope is that it would be an inexpensive way to give us new campaigns (hopefully that use content from expansions so thy don't go to waste). Thoughts?
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    Addum reacted to a1bert in Who is Getting 2 Teros?   
    Yes, it is going to be like that.
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    Addum reacted to neosmagus in Agent Blaize ...   
    I like it, personality!  hehe.   I also think that them sculpting Greedo to be only just drawing his gun was hilariously brilliant!
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    Addum got a reaction from nickv2002 in "Pre-assembled" skirmish maps   
    Hi Nickv2002, everyone.
    I made some edits to Nickv2002's script to output a combined jpeg.  However this produced a jpeg with a resolution of 96dpi. I had to manually rescale and resave at 300dpi using an editor.
    I also edited the script after all the files were all downloaded to ignore the download part.  I renamed the maps 01 to 06 for the ones I wanted to print.
    I took delivery of the roll of 6 maps last night.
    I love it. I will be ordering the rest while the sale is on.  I had to flatten the edge end of the roll down with a steel ruler as it curled up a little.  By the end of the game it was pretty much flat.  I will cut them into individual maps tonight.#

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    Addum got a reaction from nickv2002 in "Pre-assembled" skirmish maps   
    Not sure if its co.uk only even though the link says com.
    1 sheet of 6 maps shipping for about £9.
    Hope this helps some of you.
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    Addum reacted to Boba Rick in NEW FIGURE PACK LEAKED!!   
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    Addum got a reaction from nickv2002 in "Pre-assembled" skirmish maps   
    I have sent a mix of 6 maps we like to play off to pixartprinting.  £12.20 for a single banner with 6 maps on it.
    I used the Python/PIL (2.7) script from nickv2002 to grab the maps I wanted.  I did have to edit the script a little to suit my needs but it was a tremendous help.  Thanks Nick.
    Once again Ibsh, many many thanks.
    The rounded corners is a decent idea but most printers will charge a lot more for extra treatments like that.  I am not familiar with cropmarks but again if you are asking the printer to cut the roll for you it may become rather expensive.  Pixart's banner products are for outdoor use so i'd assume that there some UV protection in there.
    I just paid £2.03 GBP for each map, printed and delivered in a big banner roll that I will take a pair of good scissors to for free.
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    Addum got a reaction from ibsh in "Pre-assembled" skirmish maps   
    I just wanted to post my appreciation of your work.  I know its a one man show and must take up a lot of your free time.
    I have been waiting for the new maps and a sale on pixart before pulling the trigger on all of them.
    I hope you are able to continue your most excellent work in the future.
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    Addum reacted to ibsh in "Pre-assembled" skirmish maps   
    Uploaded the first couple of maps from the new wave.
    The Inquisitor's Mission A is both stupidly named and horribly worded. There was nothing I could do.
    Will try to get Greedo up at some point soon.
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    Addum reacted to ManateeX in Cool Stuff Inc IA Sale through July 10th   
    Wow, enough to make a guy want to move to the States
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    Addum reacted to DerBaer in Greedo Preview Is Up!   
    Greedo attacks you - yes
    I shoot him back first, that kills him - yes
    He activates parting shot to shoot you again - yes
    I shoot him back first, again - no, he's dead
    Greedo makes his parting shot attack - no, he's dead
    Greedo makes his originally declared attack - no, he's dead
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    Addum reacted to Cyberfefe in Sorastro's Painting   
    This is my first time here, so Im posting a work in progress.
    Started my wampas yesterday, and noticed some polar bears photos where the fur looks yellow. I researched a bit, and got a hold on the right look for it. SO I started experimenting with a sepia, yellow watered down shade, a first white drybrush, a secondary watered down nuln oil shade and another drybrush. So far these are the first shade layer and seond drybrush on these minis. Any thoughts?

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    Addum reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    Like a Bossk. Not varnished yet but I'm really rather pleased with him.
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    Addum reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    Jumping ahead to Bespin and I'm fairly pleased with Davith:

    He's come out oddly shiny like the Sabs.
    In any case I found the blue and black to be a bit ostentatious for a stealthy operative, and indeed for a Force user who's managed to avoid the tender embrace of the Empire, so I opted for a couple of darker shades of grey.
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    Addum reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    Didn't think a whole lot of the new tank, so I thought I'd have a bash at some minor modding:

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    Addum reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    Oh my god, painting snowtroopers is so dull. Much moreso even than stormtroopers. So many shades of off-white.
    I definitely got bored and impatient with these guys but they look about right, if not particularly tidy.

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    Addum reacted to ibsh in ibsh's minis   
    Not a very exciting paint job, but functional. I didn't want to go metallic. Very much looking forward to using him in Skirmish actually, interesting character.

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    Addum reacted to Boomer_J in Boomers paint page and conversion charts   
    I don't now if this will work or not but here is a link to my spreadsheet:     https://1drv.ms/x/s!ApZjBKR1VkNdhQE8vjgKeJYbnElg
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    Addum reacted to Boomer_J in Boomers paint page and conversion charts   
    R2-D2 & C-3PO The paint is a little thick on R2 but I can live with that.

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    Addum reacted to ManateeX in DarthTom's Painting   
    I think that's the most unique IG-88 I've seen.  I really like it!
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    Addum reacted to tomkat364 in DarthTom's Painting   
    I love the work everyone else has been doing, and now that I've finally figured out how to take pictures that seem to reflect how my work looks in real life, I thought I would share the first of my IA figures.  I plan to post more, but as I'm rather busy with work and family, I have no idea how often I'll be able to complete minis.  I am also slogging my way through a set of classic HeroQuest minis (skeleton's right now, 2 down 10 to go), so IA will be interspersed with HQ, Battlelore, and Descent minis as I go on.
    But introductions aside, here is my take on IG-88 (more info available at my blog: https://darthtomsgaming.wordpress.com/ )
    Criticism much appreciated!
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    Addum reacted to Polda in Polda's humble efforts / I painted some ships...   
    ...and right away I have to admit I cheated of DWRR (Thank you!) on the Star Destroyers with some minor adjustments - like managing to break my VSD's $^*@^*! antenna.


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