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  1. I don't want to ask her right now because she has two very long, very sharp looking knitting needles. ETA: She gave me the eyes of daggers. I think it is a no go.
  2. My tie swarm did pretty good. 4 academies, 2 scimitars with seismic charges, and backstabber. I took 8th at the CK tournament because I lost by initiative. At the end, it was 2 academies and a scimitar vs an Ethan with R2-D2 Adv Sensors, and PTL. I got it down to 1 hull in one turn but it managed to regenerate all the way the rest of the game. It was a very good game and I am glad I made it that far. I don't think I will be going to any other tournaments this year since I am getting married and I doubt my fiance would look too kindly on skipping the wedding for an x-wing tournament.
  3. It was a twin interceptor, decimator (Oinkon iirc) and.... a Tie Fighter? I don't remember.
  4. MOV and record. I had a lower MOV than 3rd and 4th, but since I had 4 full wins, I made 2nd. It sounded kinda weird, but whatever. Isn't MOV the tie break? Record trumps all. A 4-0 with no marginal wins nets you 12 points (3 for each win) and then MOV only knocks you down from 1st compared to any others who also got 12 of 12 points possible. If I'm wrong, someone let me know, but that is how I read the tourney rules. Sounds like Games and Gizmos did it correctly... followed the Tourney rules as written. Like I said, I was tired and asleep when they made the decision. I woke up, someone handed me some stuff and said "congrats on the 2nd place finish" and I packed up my swarm and left. I also had a headache so that contributed to me not fighting the ruling too much.
  5. MOV and record. I had a lower MOV than 3rd and 4th, but since I had 4 full wins, I made 2nd. It sounded kinda weird, but whatever.
  6. Squad Leader on Jan. I took second at the Redmond Games and Gizmos. Everyone was tired by the end so they decided to just go by points after the elimination round to top 4. I was asleep on a table next to where the discussion was going on lol. Keyan Stay on Target Advanced Sensors Rookie Rookie Bandit Bandit
  7. Oh yeah. I love 150 pt tourneys. 3 x Blue Squad Pilots 2 x Rookie Pilots 2 x Bandit Squad Pilots 1 x Gold Squad Pilot 44 hit points, 21 attack dice. Whisper can't escape.
  8. I will take this bet. Loser buys the other persons ship when the wave is released.
  9. B-Wings with Ion Cannons
  10. I'd actually tend to agree with this. You suffer 2 damage to cause a critical damage. The suffering of 2 damage must happen first, as a precondition of causing the critical damage. Taken at its finest level of detail, it seems plausible that the ship with Vader dies before the ship that is getting hit by Vader receives its critical damage. This is my stance as well, but I don't know. There are two camps right now, one that has this view point, the other as noted above, that it comes down to initiative and is a simultaneous event.
  11. This came up in a tournament yesterday and most people couldn't come up with a consensus on what happenbs, when it happens, and the order in which it happens. Scenario: Decimator w/Vader crew and 2 hull remaining Other ship at higher pilot skill has already fired but with a single hull point remaining Decimator fires and misses, and then Vaders the last hull off of the other ship. Question: Does the Decimator get destroyed at the same time, before, or after the other ship that has been destroyed by the Vader critical damage? Since both ships are removed from play, is this an initiative question of who "wins" or does the decimator get removed at the same/before/after as the other ship? Does the "Suffer 2 damage to cause the other ship to rsuffer 1 critical damage" mean that the Decimator gets destroyed first BEFORE the critical hit is suffered, or does the critical hit land before the Vader damage? I call into attention the rule book and its ruling on damage. (Page 13) When the number of Damage cards dealt to a ship equals or exceeds its hull value (yellow number), that ship is destroyed (see “Destroying Ships” on page 16). (page 16) Destroying Ships When the number of Damage cards dealt to a ship is equal to or greater than its hull value, the ship is immediately destroyed (faceup and facedown cards count toward this total). Immediately remove the destroyed ship from the play area, discard all of its Damage cards to a faceup discard pile next to the Damage deck, and return all of its tokens to their respective supplies. The word immediately is an interupt for the Vader damage dealing crit. Does the damage for both ships happen at EXACTLY the same time, or does one type of damage happen first? Also, winning the game (page 13) Winning the Game When one player destroys all of his opponent’s ships, the game ends and that player wins. If playing a mission, refer to its victory conditions. In the unlikely event that each player’s final ship is destroyed at the same time, the player with initiative wins. I will withhold my interpretation to foster an unbiased opinion.
  12. My fix? Get X-Wings shooting torps at Tie Fighters again. Yes, I realize that flechette torps become auto include at this point. T-65C-A2 Title, X-Wing Only Your cost for ordnance is reduced by 2 points.
  13. My personal record is killing a full health determination chewie in one turn with a howl + 6 tie swarm. It is really hunbling when it happens to you.
  14. I bet there will be better combinations for Biggs that will allow for 3 X-Wing builds to rule again. Just a hunch.
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