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  1. I think the hate for the lightsaber will all disappear if we see it in action. A lot of people thought Mauls saberstaff was rubbish until we saw it in action, now it's one of the best weapons out there
  2. In the end it's not just the empire you need to think about but who your empire contact is for example, if you have vader as your point of contact don't expect praise for good work or mercy for your mistakes but captain Needa from ep v (the officer who takes blame for crew) he seems a good man and he will look after you and accept any mistakes. Not everyone in the empire is bad. Just like not everyone in the rebellion is good
  3. For me the good would be that while they need your resources they will give you a certain amount of protection and you will also have the ear of the local imperial to voice your problems to, and in the eyes of some you will be on the side of order (not with them rebel terrorists). the bad being that you have to play by imperial rules and you become part of the problem in the rebels eyes. I hope this helps
  4. Right so I ran first session and it seemed to go well, I had made some cheat sheets for character creation so no one needed the book and I just talk the table thru the creation as a group. 3 of the 4 were brand new to role play but hopefully after a session or two the group will loosen up with each other. But I now have a party of a pilot, a commander, a sharpshooter, and a infiltrator let's see where they go with it
  5. That's great cheers I'll print them for a ref for my players.
  6. Thanks for this. The only problem is the step 4 leaves me with same problem with character creation. I'm going to have 4 players sat round the table waiting to make there character. With only me having the core I will almost seem like me spending 2 hours having one to one chats with the players. How does everyone else do it?
  7. OK, first thing hi everyone sorry to bother you but I could use some help. I am about to start my first from scratch campaign and it's going to be an imperial one, not to say that the pc's can't defect part way thru but so far I'm planning they will be imps for whole thing. My question is, so far I have only rum games with pre gen characters, how should a run a character creation session and it still be entertaining? Do I just run it where we slowly hand core book round table as people make characters or should I make it part of the story and say "as you all sit in your seat in your transport on the way to the star destroyer you have been assigned to you get to talking to your fellow passengers" and the get them to build it as part of a story? Any help you could give would be great thanks
  8. I know its not a book but the crimson empire comic series is amazing. There are now 3 series out there so make sure you start with the first one. But a series from one of the emperor'sroyal guard is really different, the main character is completely loyal to the emperor's empire not thru fear or his own agenda but for his duty and love for the emperor
  9. Do the weapons add anything to the game or are the just slight tweeks to current weapons for weapons sake?
  10. Sounds good. Nice to see the abhumans get a bit of love. Although the rifle seems to be a bit flawed it its that hard to get the ammo. Plus range doesn't seem too much of a plus in only war unless you play on maps as everything seems to happen around 150 to 50 unless you in close combat or that might just be my experience.
  11. Hi sorry if this has been talked about elsewhere, I must have missed it while scanning the posts. I here ratlings have a new rifle in soh I was wondering why, what is better, the old rifle seemed great why a new one? As so have ogryn got any more weapons as it seemed a shame they just seemed to jave one real option with the ripper gun? Sorry for asking this its just my local store haven't got soh in so not been able to get a copy yet.
  12. Love this podcast, this and the black crusade podcasts are my favorite. But I seem to remember you saying you were going to alternate between guardsmen and specialists, did you decide to change this idea? I just really looking forward to ratlings. Anyway keep up the great work :-)
  13. For me this is the best game I've played in years. Set up time is quick, ships are simple to use and great to look at, plus unlike many other game you can build your squadron however you want, there are no ships you have to have. Rules are simple even with the more advanced rules plus if there are new rules for new ships they come with the ship. Welcome to the game and the community I hope you'll stay :-)
  14. Went to my local store today and it was closed. I was really disappointed because according to the international table top website they were running an event.
  15. Now I maybe the only person to say this but I hope they haven't got rid of ratlings. Every new edition I get worried that they will, and then just wipe them out of history like squats. I love our little snipers
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