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  1. Hi! When Icarus campaign book PDF version will be available? The book is out from weeks, but no news about the pdf one. TY!
  2. Hello! I am collecting axis and allies because I love them and have different gameplay, but I am falling in love with SSU just for their walkers, helis and tanks, but i don't know if you can build a good army without using so many infantry units (just command squad, some heroes and some red guards), what do you think?
  3. Hello! I'd like your opinion/strategy about the Allies Mcw M3, any review will be useful TY
  4. Thank you!! What about some light walkers?
  5. Hello! Until now, I have these units AXIS Lara (rev) Sigrid (core) Battle Grenadiers (core) Laser Grenadiers (core) Recon Grenadiers (core) Heavy Laser Grenadiers (rev) Sturmpioniere (rev) Heavy Flak Grenadiers (rev) Kommandotrupp Zombie Special Ops Grenadier Hans (rev) Luther/Ludwig (core) ********************************************** ALLIES Rhino (rev) Joe Brown (core) BBQ Squad (core) Gunners (core) Recon Boys (core) The Hammers (rev) Death Dealers (rev) Hellboys (rev) The Boss Grim Reaper Speacial Ops Ranger Blackhawk (rev) Hot Dog/Pounder (core) I'd like to know what to buy next. I don't want heavy mechs or aircraft or SSU for now, I am looking for buy some other units that can give me more options for both sides or fix some weakness, just to give equal chances to every players that wants to play Dust Tactics Thank you!!!
  6. Hello! I am just new to Dust, I read revised rules and faq but the rules about declaration of the actions and the reactive fire seems confused by the examples so someone can write an example of what to declare and when for a Move+Attack action (with fast skill to use for the move, demo charges and berserk for the attack) with a reactive fire in the middle? Just the correct order of when and what to declare. Thank You !!!
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