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  1. Thanks a lot, Julia. I can't wait to try the game now
  2. Thanks a lot ! Our group as been playing a lot but we never knew this rule !
  3. Thanks for the answer ! Are there any specifics variants that make the game harder with only the basic game ?
  4. For me, even FFG website is kinda slow. But on the forum, it's even worse. Having to wait 30 seconds for a page to load is really irritating and most of the time just make me leave after a short while.
  5. Are there still giveaways now ? Or did that end ?
  6. I understand what you mean ( I too love sci-fi better ), but the theme of a game is really subjective. I have many friends who prefer fantasy over sci-fi, and that's fine. Any way, I think the setting is secondary and the mechanics should be more important.
  7. In this situation I think you should attack, even if your number of ships is lower. As Stark, you can afford to use +3 and +4 cards almost anytime since you can just get them back by losing a fight with another Stark Card. I understand the situation you were in, though. I've been on the other side and the Stark player couldn't take his sea for a good 3-4 turns once I took it.
  8. We have a group of 6 players and we're thinking of buying arkham. However, I've read that the more players there are the easier the game become. We're looking for a challenging coop game so we were wondering if this would be great. Here are my questions : how well does it play at 6 players ? Is it too easy ? If it is, any house rules to fix it ? Even though we plan to start with only the base game, which expansion can make it harder ? Thanks.
  9. Depending on the situation, even playing last can be good. This way you can stall and let your enemies play before you, which can be extremely usefull when lying
  10. It doesn't say anything about removing order/ending fight early. So it seems the only thing that would happens is that if the opposing player would win, he couldn't take possesion of your territory since he wouldn't have any units left.
  11. We've had issues with Lannister with the first few games. However, it was always because Lannister and Greyjoy were getting in a neverending war because of their proximity. Now, With a few games under out belt, Lannister and greyjoy don't fight as much as they used to do. I think the problem is that Lannister are harder to play and since they are closer to more people, playing with over-aggressive/new players usually makes for a hard lannister game.
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