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  1. I thought about this game for a while now. While I still find the concept intriguing, I didn't know why I could prefer it to a "give me all components" distribution. I'll truely have a sense of exploration and discovery, sure. And I'll have an individual experience. But then again, nobody will ever have the same game of Eldritch Horror or Arkham Horror (the boardgame) that I have... And with this thought came a realisation: Sure, I have have complete collections of Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror (2nd Edition) and Mansions Of Madness (1st Edition), and all games I played have been "unique", but it comes at a cost: setup time and component organisation. The more expansions there are, the harder it gets to keep everything sorted. And it was always a good idea, that the host of the game night sets up as much of these games as possible, before the players arrive. I totally understand why people wouldn't like that. MoM 1st Edition was my favorite back then, but when "Call Of The Wild" was released I played the first scenario, and never brought the game back to the table again. Component organisation and setup time got completely out of hand for what I was willing to accept, I just wasn't having enough fun with the game anymore to do it. I think Discover will offer an individual experience like that, but without having to organise all the components. And for people who would rather put a little more time and effort in setup and organisation if they only have all components, there are plenty of games like that already out there. I don't think that these games go anywhere, and I also don't think that the Unique Game model will kill LCGs. These are all different products for different customers with different preferences, and I think it's great that we have so much variety on the market today, that everybody can find the perfect game for them.
  2. This game needs a season with at least one Cthulhu-themed house in the future. Every game needs a Cthulhu-themed expansion at some point.
  3. Ooipooi

    Early Favourites

    That has already been confirmed, I think in some interview with Richard Garfield on Youtube. When you find one Horseman in your deck, you can be sure that the other three are in it as well. The algorithm also puts other combo pieces in the decks. So if a card is included that let's you do some thing with some other card, this other card will be included as well.
  4. Please, just let this thread die, this is pointless. This product is clearly not meant to be collected or to be purchased multiple times. If the OP really thought he has a case here, he would bring it to court. Spoiler alert: he would lose.
  5. "Keyforge? Loot Boxes!!! Randomness!!! Cash Grab!!!" -> FFG has several LCGs without any randomness on the market as alternatives. "Discover: Lands Unknown? I have to buy dozens of boxes to collect every single component!!! Why can't they just release expansions?!?!?!" -> Okay, that's a tough one. I don't know if there are any FFG games that have lots and lots of expansions to collect. They really should look into that.... I would like to know how big the pool of components is, and I'm also interested to see a comparison of several copies. If it turns out that all of this is just a gimmick and could indeed have easily been done with expansions: yeah, shame on FFG. But at least I can sell or gift the game if I don't like it, unlike Legacy games. I'm quite intrigued by the idea to have a game that is just my own, and my fellow players and me are the only ones who can ever discover what it is in this exact copy. It's just the theme that I don't like that much. Maybe I'll get a copy, maybe not, I will have another look at this game when it's out. I hope that it will be a success, though. I'd love to get a Sci-Fi Unique Game about space exploration! Or Zombie Apocalypse!
  6. There are announcements, KeyForge will be printed in German and Spanish, and most likely other languages as well, but these two are the ones that I already saw.
  7. Yes, German translations of FFG card games had their ups and downs in the past, but I'm really not concerned about this for KeyForge. I don't know any other game where it is this easy to switch to a verson in another langue.
  8. I hope for a (pre-)release in Essen (end of October), and a general release in time with the World Championship Event in early November. (Well, ithat means if there is a World Championship Event in November. Couldn't find any information about that.)
  9. Ooipooi


    It's just nice to keep the boardstate clear. So nobody will be supprised if the opponent suddenly forges a key, because it was not clear they had 6 AEmber, or whatever. It won't be a problem for me, I use to talk a lot during games anyway, just telling what I do. But there are other players, who just put cards down, say nothing, and expect their opponent to know every card effect and synergy. So it's nice to have a rule, that keeps the gamestate at least in this regards always clear.
  10. While you don't discard/play all cards each turn, it looks like it's pretty common to play/discard a lot of cards, you always draw up to your hand limit, and when your deck is empty you re-shuffle your discard pile. Not exactly like Realms, but it does have a related vibe, I think.
  11. There are already a few demo and gameplay videos out there. Have you seen them, and what do you think about the game now? To me, the gameplay appeared like a blend of White Wizard's Star/Hero Realms and Epic card games, and any LCG that is played with Core-Set-Introduction-Decks only. I love it!
  12. I'll most likely get the starter set and two additional decks to start with for my play group, and will see where it takes me from there. I'm intrigued by the idea of really getting to know my deck(s), and get additional ones whenever I would like to see something new, or play at events that require fresh decks.
  13. If you are really trying to understand the appeal of this game, but just can't:... If your top concerns are game balance and control over your deck, playstyle and faction, ... If you have the time and dedication to do the research about winning decks and either craft you own personal pile of cards where you evaluated every single one of them, or build a copy of a decklist from your accurately organized collection,... ...don't bother, this game is obviously not for you. There are tons of other games out there, that offer the experience you are looking for. This is game for people... ...who love the chaos and RNG. ...who love to find ways to play at their best from moment to moment with just the tools they are just provided with. ...who don't want to or just can't dedicate them to meta research and deck construction, and just want to play. The existing card player base is not necessarily the target audience for this game, I think. These folks already play other games for reasons that this game doesn't offer. I start to think about KeyForge as the card game equivalent to the Nintendo Wii. This has the potential to introduce brand new people to card gaming, and bring back players who stopped playing other games because they didn't have the time.
  14. Ooipooi

    The One Issue

    If you really, badly want a specific combination of houses in your deck to be able to enjoy the game, you should maybe look for another game, that is specifically designed around a deck construction mechanic, there are plenty out there. Why bother with this game, then?
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