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  1. There is a weekly casual tournament at Pandemonium Books in Central Square, Cambridge. There are usually casual x-wing players in attendance on Sunday evenings as well. The store championship is this Saturday. I also started a very casual game kid-friendly night on Monday evenings from 6-8. Kids are invited, but you can come and play another adult as well. It is a short night not sure if it is worth the commute for you, but thought I'd mention it. here's a link tot the Facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/791374864300106/ If you are interested in finding games in Boston, I recommend joing the Boston X-Wing google group and asking. Here's where you join: http://bit.ly/bos-xw Finally, this Facebook group has events all over New England: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139758386175346/ Hope that helps.
  2. Weekly Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game night for kids and grown-ups in Somerville, MA. Ages 10 and up. All are welcome. Loaner squads available for new players. The even is from 6-8pm on Mondays, starting tomorrow February 1. The event is at Parts and Crafts , 577 Somerville Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143. https://www.facebook.com/events/791374864300106/ If you have questions email groundcrew@gonksquadron.com
  3. The last segment in the lated Back to Dials podcast covers this list if you are interested: http://www.backtodials.com/episod-5-tournaments-for-beginners/
  4. I have been practicing a bit with 4 Tempests with Accuracy corrector and cluster missiles. When it works it is amazing, but it is really hard to get it right. I wouldn't call it at all overpowered or even auto hit. It is an alpha strike list and the challenge is getting that alpha strike to go off successfully. It isn't easy getting those target locks on the right target in range 1-2 at Pilot skill 2 then getting the missiles off before losing a ship. Also while it is great on low agility ships like a YV-666 or Y-Wing, an agility 3 ship can often shake off 2 hits again and again. I keep playing the list because it is a little puzzle that I'm trying to crack.
  5. Ha, I am in *exactly* the same situation. I painted the advanced myself so when I get the raider and paint that advanced they will all match. I can't wait to try the 4 tempest squadron build.
  6. That's nice! Now I'm thinking that Proton rockets with munitions failsafe might be the approach I try. 5 attack dice with focus to punch through the more agile targets that can dodge 2 hits.
  7. I'm looking forward to this list as well! I tried the Vader part of this build earlier tonight. I really blew it, was just not on my game. One big mistake was K-Turning Vader. I didn't have engine upgrade on him, and the TIE Advanced is so limited in it's green maneuvers that his next move was easy to predict. I'm definitely going to practice more with him, and always add that engine upgrade. I also want to try 4 Tempests with TIE/x1, Accuracy Corrector, and Shield Upgrade. I am a little worried the 2 hits from the tempest squadron will be easy to avoid for for agile opponents, plus vulnerable to arc dodging, but we'll see how it goes.
  8. I really enjoy playing at Pandemonium in Cambridge. Sundays are casual games. There's always some x-wing, and some of us try out other related games on Sundays (Armada, Imperial Assault). The Tuesdays are usually a tournament that starts at 5:30. You buy a ticket for $5 at the register upstairs, and the winner gets a gift certificate the store. Both days are pretty stable, but sign up for the email list if you want to check ahead of time to see who's playing. Here's a quick link to the google group: http://bit.ly/bos-xw
  9. This list could do it, there's really a lot of other variables like what your opponent is bringing and of course it's not just the lists but how you fly them. That said, In general when I fly a decimator I am more worried about facing a large number of ships than a few highly skilled ships. So if you are focussed on an anti-decimator list, bring more ships. Three TIE fighters with 6 red dice are scarier than one TIE Defender with 3 red dice for a Decimator pilot with little ability to evade.
  10. Pandemonium Books and Games is now hosting informal X-Wing games every Tuesday night 5-10pm. This in addition to the open gaming night on Sundays where you usually find some X-Wing players. Details on the venue: http://www.pandemoniumbooks.com/
  11. I was watching awesome new TIE Fighter short film. You've probably seen it if you are reading this, but if not you must stop and go watch it. There is one particular moment when a TIE Bomber unleashes its cluster missiles on some X-Wings that gave me an idea. Here's the moment I mean: https://youtu.be/PN_CP4SuoTU?t=4m26s I think it would be cool improvement to the TIE Bomber if it could shoot two missiles or torpedo in one turn at the same target with a single target lock. It would give a reason to run them with ordinance the way they should be. It would make for a devastating attack, but I don't think it would be overpowered because you'd still need to pay the points for the ordinance. You'd roll two separate attacks so the defender gets two tries with their green dice. Thematically it makes sense, this is a bomber after all. Flying against it you'd to your best to keep your big ships aways from it it long enough to shoot it down. It would hit once hard and then be back to being a big slow TIE fighter. And it would counter some of the large ship meta. (I am cross posting this, I also posted it on reddit).
  12. Yeah, it looks like not. There was some discussion of this on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/2wcce7/xwing_tournament_at_pax_east/ I was really looking forward to it myself. I enjoyed the tournament last year. I'll only be at PAX on Friday, but if you'd like an X-Wing game while you are there, I'd be happy to play.
  13. He only got a little use out of Mara Jade, she seems droppable to save points. Or even switch her for tactician to still cause stress but have a 99 point list.
  14. My son has twice beat with me this list that I think it pretty brutal. I used to think making a Decimator more defensive didn't play to its strengths. One of its strengths is those 16 damage points, and when you start adding evades and a green dice it gets much harder to grind him down. Whisper is great of course, and my boy is really good at mixing de-cloaks and barrel roles to accomplish crazy moves. And he's causing a lot of stress while's at it. Commander Kenkirk (44) Determination (1) Ysanne Isard (4) Moff Jerjerrod (2) Rebel Captive (3) Engine Upgrade (4) "Whisper" (32) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Mara Jade (3) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  15. My son's favorite Bounty Hunters are Zuckuss and 4-LOM. He has their miniatures from the old Star Wars miniatures game. I helped him put together deployment cards for Imperial Assault. Apologies of the graphic design. I like the rule ideas he came up with, I think they suit the characters. We haven't play-tested it yet but will soon. Zuckuss 4-LOM
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