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  1. The Cocky Rooster

    An ominous figure emerges from the jungle...

    I had Greedo appear one time in the first mission as the ominous figure!
  2. The Cocky Rooster

    Are all villains earned?

    Thanks @a1bert
  3. The Cocky Rooster

    Are all villains earned?

    If I win a side mission that awards a villain is the villain considered 'Earned', or do the attached only apply to the original villains chosen? Thanks! Also,
  4. A $25 expansion box's worth?
  5. The Cocky Rooster

    6 months in now...

    This is what I was afraid would happen.
  6. The Cocky Rooster

    6 months in now...

    I was just thinking today was it even worth doing the app if it's going to be so long between releases. I was thinking maybe 3 months max. If the next campaign came out today be'd be lucky to have the 3rd this year. I love the app but I must say I am disappointed with the content release schedule. I owned everything before the app was released but people who scooped everything up because they thought the could play lots of content solo and/or co-op must be very discouraged. *fingers crossed*
  7. The Cocky Rooster

    Space Ship Terrain, Toys, Models etc

    We use this: https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Slave-1-Vehicle-Bank/dp/B00BZAPSII
  8. The Cocky Rooster

    Is this game still being made?

    Just to be clear: I was joking.
  9. The Cocky Rooster

    Is this game still being made?

    or how about everyone reacts with a 'Haha' reaction with no comments?
  10. The Cocky Rooster

    Handy Rules Reference

    Yeah I bought some flocking to cover them yesterday but didn't get it applied before the game.
  11. The Cocky Rooster

    Nemesis Deck

    Well that was fun! The game ended in Round 4. Ko-tun had 1 hp left and the eOfficer ordered the Riot Trooper to finish her off for the win. Vinto rolled 4 or 5 dodges, but I just kept pounding on him. Maul was a difference maker. They started running away from him into the loving arms of my other troops. Jyn was having horrible luck with her quick draw. Going for Rancor eggs next week.
  12. The Cocky Rooster

    Nemesis Deck

  13. The Cocky Rooster

    Nemesis Deck

    I agree completely.