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  1. Is no one bothered by the child eating that woman's children? I was weirded out they were playing it for laughs. Enjoyed the monster parts of the episode though.
  2. Mods, if this is not acceptable please remove. I am selling my small, brand new collection of Legion, never played. My job makes it so I'll probably never play against other players, so I'll stick with IA for now. I'm selling the entire collection as one, not selling individual pieces. I have: Base game: stormtroopers and rebel troopers primed Darth Vader operative expac - primed Luke Skywalker operative expac - primed Stormtrooper Unit expansion Rebel Trooper Unit expansion 74-Z Speeder Bike Unit Expansion Aside from the stuff I primed, everything else is brand new, not even taken out of the box so, I'm only asking for about 69% of MSRP plus shipping. DM me if you are interested and for pics. I think there is an extra dice set in there too, can't remember.
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