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  1. I'm pretty familiar with Adobe CS and have a passing proficiency with GIMP, but I'll take a look at Affinity. Thanks! WHOA! Great work! Got a template to share? My word docs never look this good!
  2. Wow! Great work! Side question, anyone know of any alternatives to InDesign? I'm not a fan of subscription/cloud-based services.
  3. Excellent work! Do you mind sharing your templates?
  4. Yeah I just saw those the other day reading the AoR CRB to my son. Just means there's even less difference between the two. I have a game on Saturday and we'll use the force movement from Genesys. So I'll see how it plays out. I'm wondering if the real difference is in the number of talents that interact with vehicle combat. The Forge podcast says there were a lot of talents. I just can't imagine there's more than the SW system that's been out longer.
  5. I don't have a cheat sheet but I've been looking into the "improvements"/differences between the two systems. The only major thing that has stuck out so far is the forced movement based on speed in Genesys. Genesys also adds the Brace for Impact maneuver, Dangerous Driving action, Blanket Barrage action, and Concentrated Barrage action. Otherwise they are pretty identical. I think in structured encounters, the forced movement will require more "handling" on the part of the pilot. For example, a vehicle with a speed of 3-4 is forced to move 3 range bands. If the pilot wants to move less than that they have to take the Reposition maneuver (replaces the Star Wars Fly/Drive maneuver). So there can be some nuance there I think. Otherwise I am not seeing much difference between the two.
  6. I've switched to awarding Xp at milestones. Sometimes we end a session mid-combat or at a cliffhanger, so it makes sense for PCs to "level up" after completing their adventure or hitting a milestone. I also award larger amounts of XP to reflect this.
  7. Try the reddit.com/r/lfg Or check the roll20 LFG forums
  8. Thanks for the input everyone. Here is what I (by "I", I mean others in this thread 😁) have come up with: Stimpacks: To maintain the verisimilitude of the Star Wars setting, stimpacks do not exist in these games. However, the stimpack usage of a Medpac is still available as a limited use per the Medpac description. As a consequence of this change, the following additional option will be available: Rallying Surge: Once per encounter, a character may make a Simple Resilience check. The character recovers a number of wounds equal to 3+ the number of successes, and recovers a number of strain equal to the number of advantages rolled. You may spend your Rallying Surge on an Engaged ally instead, by making a Simple Leadership, Medicine, or Coercion check. Each use of Rallying Surge on a single character increases the difficulty of the check by 1.
  9. Lots of great ideas! Shipping them off to Exagol makes sense. And fits with his own order of subordinate force users. Also, I really like the thought that he's now perverted/evolved Bane's Sith: he's the only one in power now and forever.
  10. Just trying to do some brainstorming for campaign ideas. What does Sidious want with younglings? He's been stealing them since at least the Clone Wars. But what is he doing with them? Doesn't seem to be refilling Inquisitor ranks. Are they vessels for him? Placed in stasis somewhere once they reach maturity? Kanan, Ezra, and Ashoka rescued one from his grasp. How did they keep the child hidden? Sidious is still stealing Force sensitive younglings up until 2BBY (that's when Rebels happens right?) so he probably has a lot by that point. That's a large operation to house an army of Force sensitive younglings. Why didn't Sidious send Vader after the younglings? Why didn't he send Vader after Kanan, Ezra and Ashoka to retrieve the youngling? Does Sidious allude to his plans in that Clone Wars episode? I don't recall anything specific. I think this would make such a cool campaign but I can't reconcile some of those questions.
  11. ^This. However, for this particular signature ability (SA) I would set some limits. First, I would limit it to an NPC that has a bounty on them from an outside organization (non-PC organization). This way, I should be able to plan for when and who the PC is going to go after. I can then plan for this SA once I know they're going after a particular NPC. I'd also discuss this with the player in question to explain my reasoning. Being able to instantly nab anyone they want is overall disruptive to the story. It makes more sense that its someone specifically wanted with a bounty on them.
  12. I'm not sure anyone has mentioned but you could make the "mark" part very specific. The "mark" HAS to be someone with a bounty on their head. It can't just be this random person that I happen to be looking for at the moment. That might solve most of the issue and severely limit its use outside of a bounty hunter-specific campaign.
  13. Thanks for this. I'm thinking it is not too big an issue to outright remove stims. I think there have been some great ideas presented in this thread. I haven't seen any conflicts from other talents or specializations either, so I think it should be fine.
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