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  1. I'm sorry I've you've seen this on already BGG but I figured I'd post it here too — I'm elated. Now all I have to do is print a nice playmat and get her to play it with me :-)
  2. Have you tried printing them through an online service such as pixart printing? They seem to print pretty much everything and they aren't expensive.
  3. I also received my second printing from pixartprinting which is now fine. Never heard back from them, just received replacements out of the blue.
  4. I never heard back from them but I just received an automated notice that a reprint of my order was just sent. I'll keep you up to date. Do they have frequent sales + free shipping like this? I meant to order one map pack and inspect for quality before ordering all of them, still within the sale, but the miss print delayed the plan as much that a second order would now fall out of scope of the sale.
  5. I selected all the correct options, the size turned out to be correct but this is what they look like: http://imgur.com/75A0ADt What went wrong I have received the "23_24 maps" for second time . Same error from pixartprinting. I am wondering if this is only their problem... I haven't heard back from them yet, but urgh.
  6. I'v contacted them with pictures of my print, hopefully I'll get a positive response next week.
  7. I ordered a banner sized image based on this: I selected all the correct options, the size turned out to be correct but this is what they look like: http://imgur.com/75A0ADt What went wrong
  8. I'm not to ofond of the raised floor pieces but the screens, the downed droid and snow speeder... wow. Your sculpting certainly improved over the first sets (which I am painting right now).
  9. Can anyone tell me if the 9-pocket zipfolio mini american share the same (outside) dimensions as the 4-pocket zipfolio for regular (so the pilot) cards?
  10. I like that Redline list. Seems like fun to play.
  11. The rules seem solid. Some observations: - The rulebook doesn't say you can't travel to a new location whilst still engaged with enemies? That seems odd. Only non-nemesis enemies in the shadows are discarded too, which seems to mean you can travel from say the marshes to the city with a goblin warband hacking at you. - Only four characters. Expansions likely on the horizon though - Limited advancement: your four skills literally have a predetermined advanced skill, no choices here but which skill to advance first. Would have been nice to have at least two advanced skills to pick from. - Depending on how many cards the campaign pool consists of, it could be annoying to have to sort them out of each deck after each quest. I hope it's tuned to be hard as the rulebook suggests. With five quests in the campaign, easygoing would have it's interest wane quickly.
  12. I've finally succumbed and went forward painting models Sorastro hasn't gotten to yet. The video's are great quality but with a month in between it really is too limiting to keep following along and I want. to play. the game (painted). I learnt a few very handy tricks through these video's though, for which I am grateful
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