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  1. Fielded a five y wing build the other month, five gold sqdrn with autoblaster, btl4 upgrade. on paper they seem reasonable, 40 damage and potentially five dice at range one, one set of three and a set of two from autoblaster. entered a tounament, first game was up against seven z 95 head hunters, with some deft maneuvers i came out of that with a win, i flew them like dogfighters, and didnt worry too much about stress as getting in range one was more important. cant recall my next too games as the dogfight out shone them but i came in fourth all in. i have not used the list since but a club regular feilded a similar build without btl 4 with good results. my next outing with y wings will have three with btl 4 and two without.
  2. so am i right in thinking if the corp purges virus, it purges ones in your rig aswell as ones set up on ice cards?
  3. next we will be seeing people using a wing dials with the x wing top on it, will catch them out when their wedge does a foreward 5 green.
  4. Wow is that a star destroyer! Ha ha. Wonder when the first person will replicate the falcon fortress with the tantive, just set them up at the right angle and you have stationary fortress that blocks firing lines.
  5. some of the early stuff released by ffg was naff, ive a couple of x wings where the paint job out of the box was poo, as was the moulding quality so repainted them as not a fan of cream coloured x wings so repainted them as red sqdrn but used light grey as basecote.
  6. I havent come across people using both in games in tornys in the uk as for freindly games we ban duplicates as it is the same card technically.
  7. I have a couple somewhere around, saw the unedited american version of the film first so am used to biggs although i can see why they did biggles, its like when we got ninja turtles over here they were called hero turtles instead.
  8. will try to post pics or if anyone got any because i dont know how to upload
  9. I wonder if i will get a Biggles Darklighter alternative artwork card to match mine. Have seen both versions here in the uk but thinking they only have biggs in the american copies of the game, wonder if the german or french versions are similar?
  10. Are those peg slots the same as the large ship ones on the bottom of the ship and if so how flimsy does the model seem on the base? just that i had a few that cracked and wondered how fiddly it was to mount as there are 2 stems on this to line up.
  11. mrgoodtrips


    but you can still barell roll with expert handling even without the barell roll icon
  12. How big is the victory class, im sure it would be small enough for epic.
  13. Also only one damage deck is used in team play so wonder if you will run out so you will have to shuffle the ones off dead ships back in.
  14. Wonder if gunner/ luke overpowered the tantive and the bigs ruling makes sense.
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