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  1. New blog for my works. But, sorry, i have to give up translation (no more time to this), so, if one of you want to do this, I can give my Strange eon works. See you later
  2. http://sdajcev2.over-blog.com/ Last update for CS i think
  3. Hi, big update for you. Navigation and engliash translation all remake. I hope it will bee more clear for you. Well, after several test game, I give up dice roll. Too random, not fluide. Card update will arrived in the week, then I would start cycle 1.
  4. Update. Improvment card's navigation so simply for you. Full translation. Add full CS encounter's card.
  5. Update. Add Spider of Mirkwood and dol Guldur Orc encounter's card.
  6. English translation are directly in french page, in blue. I can translate name's page, I use a free blog and option are limited.
  7. Well, it's done. My works is translate in english. What do you twink of it?
  8. Hi, Yes, i creat (finnaly, i try) a fanmade who rebuild the game (f... i am very bad in english ><) If there is a translator who want to help me, i can do the same blog in english. The english communauty is more importante than french.
  9. Hi, First, sorry for ma bad english >< Well, this game is great and i love fanmade. I create a french blog on a second version of lotr lcg. If intrest you, you are welcome http://sdajcev2.over-blog.com/
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