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  1. Never mind. I just reread the rules. Only roaming monsters don't automatically give you experience points. Monsters encountered on an experience counter space are apparently resolved as in the normal base game. I withdraw the question.
  2. Not in the Mists of Zanaga expansion. The rules state you don't get the experience counter on the space unless the monster card awards it to you.
  3. The rules state that heroes DO NOT automatically collect experience counters after deafeating a monster on that space. Experience counters are only collected if the monster card states so. If you defeat a monster that DOES NOT award you experience what becomes of the counter? Does it remain on the space or does it go back to the unused pile?
  4. What is this "Threat Track" mentioned in this thread. I've read all through the 2nd Edition rules and the 2nd Edition FAQ and don't find any mention of it. Is it something from 1st Edition that was later dropped, or something from an expansion?
  5. Owlcon is a small games con, so this is just a one board tourney. I just checked the web site and it shows no open slots left so it looks like I'll have the full limit of 4 investigators. I will be taking the role of Keeper during the game since beginners are allowed and trying to teach them both sides of the game would obviously be problematic. The scenario will be one from the basic game, no expansions. So I guess a formula for determing a winner would entail some combination of survival, damage taken to health and sanity, monsters killed, items found/acquired, and…?
  6. I'm running a tournament for MOM at Owlcon at Rice University in Houston the weekend of Feb. 15-17. Since MOM is a cooperative game I need some suggestions on determining a winner, and maybe 2nd and 3rd places. I looked through the first 15 pages of postings in the forum and didn't notice any headings related to keeping track of winners or leaders.
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