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  1. The way I see it is that Special Delivery says if said card gets destroyed, purge it. Bad Penny's ability is if the card is destroyed and is triggered by being destroyed. Special delivery's full text specifically says if that card is destroyed purge it. I believe it gets purged, regardless of the destroyed trigger ability, it is still being destroyed which would make it be purged.
  2. Today is a day that will live in... well for me infamy. I haven't really played X-Wing for 10 months now, and honestly it's made me happy. I used to really like X-Wing, flying different ships, Y-Wings, X-Wings, seeing the new faction, but then it kept getting bigger.... and more new cards came, and more new cards, and the fifth iteration of the tie fighter, and then the resistance and the first order, and now the Patch today. Not only did X-Wing price me out with how much you have to buy, but it lack-of-funned (real word) me out. X-Wing simply isn't fun anymore. If you don't buy everything the day it comes out you are already behind. There is no casual play, it's all tournament or league play and everyone has their META build and never deviate because they have to get ready for store, or regional, or national or World tournaments. I mean you used to not be able to get on here without seeing Fly Casual, not I'm not even sure that exists. X-Wing is just simply too big now. There are too many cards, ships, combos (and yet most still only use one) and I refuse to continue buying three of one ships to get the card and never use the ships. How many B-Wings do I have, or Y-Wings. How many First Order Ties. Maybe one day I will play X-Wing with the old ships, but sadly now they just collect dust while I enjoy other games. I guess in a way this is a call for nostalgia and that maybe the game can revert to what it once was, hopeful thinking. (I'm sure the comments for this will be glorious, because not only has the play not been casual but this forum has been a mine field)
  3. Does anyone know where I can find this? The screens are out of stock or WAY more than I want to pay now, but I would like to run this adventure with my group. So is this anywhere to be found?
  4. So it seems that one of the big issues is how do you stop smaller ships. A lot of that has to do with placement. I feel like an argument that the MC-80 is bad just isn't viable. Armada is a rock paper scissors type game. If you bring Rock and I bring Paper likely I have an advantage, and when you place rock right under paper I will probably win. Same goes with Armada and fast ships. If you know that you will have trouble reeling in fast ships then sure you'll be at a disadvantage, but if you line up in a way that limits your options then that;s on you, not the MC-80
  5. Is everyone just flying one MC-80 and no other ships? I flew a double MC-80 and AFII list and rolled in a tournament. Not losing a ship and scoring 28/30 points and no not every game was perfectly set up for me. Plus you don't want an MC-80 to be fast, it's not an ISD where you want to get in and get close, you want to stay away. By turn three you should have stripped shields and possibly landed at least one hit. MC-80's have a purpose in the game just like every other ship. It is meant to hit hard, to put it in a list that doesn't have a build around it's strengths it will struggle just as an ISD would in a list that doesn't help it's strengths. An MC-80 with XI-7's will put a hurting on just about anything other than maybe a Raider and Neb, but as long as you don't roll awful, Raiders should be popped in one shot assuming you get A focus to target the brace. Finally, if you bring Ackbar and pair the MC-80 with an AF or another MC-80 you don't need a concentrate fire every time, which means you can spam engineering and drop a 6 engineering value on one turn and completely change the game. Say what you will, but the MC-80 is by far not Terribad. It has by far outplayed my ISD's and outlasted them in multiple games.
  6. Anyone else still waiting on their challenge coin?
  7. I do too. It was a Thursday. And there was a lot less anger on the message boards.
  8. I think people are way to angry but, First off Fly Casual, what does this mean? Really? At what point can you fly because you'd like to win and expect others to fly just as well, know the rules and if you don't, sorry not sorry. Also, if we're "flying casual," why do we all care so much? No offense, but I have lost games too many times because I was worried about whether or not I was flying "casual" enough. If you're in a tournament especially regional fly to win. Secondly, if you change the scheduling format to that everyone makes the cut and you seed everyone out to play a single elimination tournament after 3 rounds, you eliminate the ID making any different.
  9. So you'd rather have them flying back and forth and not shooting? I don't think this points out an issue with IDs as much as it does that the scheduling is bad. Why is the top 8 playing each other in the final round? Because the scheduling got them in that position. Literally don't hate the player, hate the game. Swiss the way it is now doesn't work. It needs to be three rounds to seed the single elimination, or more random. Those are my ideas.
  10. If you're worried about this FFG needs to award bonus points or something for actual wins. Keep the scoring system, but For a win you get extra points, a tie gets you nothing and a loss gets you nothing. Say 2 extra points so the most you could have in a three round tourney by round 3 is 24. You ID for round three and get no bonus but 5 points at 29. A person who won 8-2, 8-2 is going to have 20 points then and if they win 8-2 again, or 7-3 they will be at 30 or 29 respectively. And at 29 they would win with MOV due to the draw. I'm just spit ballin' because I do agree that ID is dumb and it does take away from the point of going to a tourney. Heck I even considered it once because it's logical. Why take the chance of losing a game when you know you will win and the person your playing will get second and isn't planning on going to a regional. I still played and 10-0ed. But I think adding some sort of bonus incentive for playing and winning would help. The biggest problem with that is that is it widens the gap between the top and the bottom players making losing a bigger issue. On the other side of things. Does this really happen that much? That someone is that far ahead? I can only imagine this would be a case of a 2-3 really solid players going to a store that doesn't have a lot of veterans and somehow, miraculously not getting matched up.
  11. Agreed. I've seen so many of these threads that I would almost say this should be locked before things get out of hand. Sexual harassment in the gaming community is a huge deal and the fact that some assholes get so up in arms just from people trying to talk about it only proves how big an issue it is. Trying to censor the topic just because your afraid some pathetic sexist manchild will throw a tantrum is exactly the kind of thing that lets thing like this persist in a community. I haven't really seen anything like this happening in X Wing... and yet I attended four store championships this last month and there was not a single female participant so something does seem amiss. Really? Could it be that maybe women just aren't playing in those areas? Maybe they aren't into the game? Stop trying to find something in nothing. Just because you went to four store championships doesn't mean that everyone is a sexist. My Finance plays many board games with me, but when I ask her to play X-Wing she says it's too complicated and she's not interested... so should I force her to because we need women to play to seem more "inviting?" This seems like a silly discussion and aggravated article based on a feeling and no facts other than you don't see women playing it. Believe it or not, board gaming, miniatures etc. are not the social norm still (I know I am really shaking it up now) many men are still "ashamed" or "embarrassed" to even walk into a game store, let alone play something regularly, so it should come as no surprise that it would be hard for women to do. Heck our game store tried a women's game night and no one showed. So no it is not strange, I am sure there might be more as time goes on, but to simply yell sexism because there are no women is asinine.
  12. XX-9's I have found work on two ships... one more than the other. Salvation Neb, or Avenger ISD.... While your statement rings true about it probably being dead already, I have seen some ISD's bomb on their shot (no Vader) and leave something alive.
  13. Truthfully? I took out pretty much every ship with almost all shields intact. The only defense they had was to move shields, so if you want to say that, but that is still murdering a list because of XI-7's, and even so there is only so much you can move per turn with the engineering. But With Home One and Defiance Double, I took out an ISDII in one turn, with XI-7 if I'm throwing a possible damage amount of 14 (6 red dice and two blues for the Assault cruiser) after Home one already went, I am probably dropping at least 8 damage and locking out your Brace (which You may or may not have used ECM already because of the first onslaught). It happens more times than you may think. To the argument of Raiders or Neb B's, Raiders pop in one shot and Neb B's are also glassy, unless you build them defensively, and if you do that then you are hurting the offensive output. Raiders don't have redirect, but it only has 6 health, and one brace. You lock out the brace and you either make a person reroll or cancel a die. If you have eight damage coming your way it won't matter.
  14. In the latest store championship that I played in. (and won) I witnessed the full power of XI-7's. While at the tourney, someone (newer to the game) talked about how Enhanced Arms was better or slaved turrets in an Ackbar list, but truly XI-7's are the no brainer. With that said... and I know the posts after this will be full of anger and "Why would you ever say this?!?!?" But XI-7's are really OP. There is no single card in the game (that isn't a commander) that simply eliminates things as much as XI-7's. Even Intel officer is only one use per attack phase, but XI-7's plus intel officer is just insane. Long range you can get rid of Brace by the end of turn 2, either that or the ship is probably dead. For 7 points in the same slot you can get Slaved Turrets which limits your attacks to one to add a red die, or heavy turbolaser turrets which is like the weaker younger sibling to XI-7. For more points you can put on turbo laser reroute (decent, but you have to use an evade to make it happen), H-9 turbolaser which if you use Home One who cares about that, or Enhanced Arms for 3 more points to add a red die to your sides. Again, no brainer that XI-7's is the only option to put in the turbolaser spot. So, is there a fix? Given this is probably mainly for 2-3 ship lists, but that kind of rocks the meta right now. (I know that some lists out there are winning with more than this, but this seems to be the common core) This is not a knock on the game because I love the game, even more than X-Wing, but I feel like XI-7's may be the most powerful and yet OP card in the game.
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