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  1. Thank you! If the card allows to put several different tokens on it, I should choose only 1 of them, right?
  2. Dears, Please advise how do seal cards from Forgotten Age campaing work exactly? If I have a card with seal in my game zone, does it mean that I can take needed token from the chaos bag immediately and put it on the card or I should wait a moment when this token drops randomly during some challenges later? Thank you!
  3. Hi All! We play 3 now and I have a question. 2 of us have contraband card in our decks and because of this card we increased ammo (supply tokens) of lightning gun (or any other gun) to around 60 bullets at the moment... Is there some limit for quantity of bullets you can achieve by using this card. Is this not a cheat? Just want to play fair.
  4. Thank you, now it's clear. And nothing stops me from dealing horror and damage to different cards in play, right? It's not necessary to put all damage and horror directly to one of your cards, ain't it? Some cards can absorb damage, some can horror, simultaneously.
  5. Sorry but it's still not clear for me. 😣 Rules reference didn't resolve the matter. And about scenario assets... I still can't understand clearly... I may leave them in play for next scenario or I MUST discard them after their scenario is over?
  6. Now I got it, thank you! More questions please: If I must put 1 horror & 1 damage on me or some of my cards and I have, for example, Adam Lynch in play, can I put both horror & damage on him? Or I should put either 1 horror or 1 damage on this card and after it he is dead and 1 left damage (or horror) I should put on me or some other card? When I finish Miskatonic museum expansion with Adam Lynch in my game zone he still can go with my to next expansion (train one), right? I mean I shouldn't discard him when 1st museum story quest is ended (as he has appropriate snake icon in the top right). Thank you!
  7. So you can sacrifice your asset cards which are on your hand for a skill test as well? Then after test you should discard it. I thought you can't play asset cards until they are in your game zone, I mean even commit them to skill test. I thought only skill cards and events can be played that way.
  8. Please explain what do you mean under playing card out? Thanks!
  9. Hi All! There is a card in the game from Dunwich Legacy, ally Dr. Francis Morgan. This card has two icons - fist & wild but in the text of this card it's said that you have +1 to fight also. Please explain does it mean that totally you have 1 wild & 2 fight icons when skill testing or not? There are many such cards in the game on which there are particular icons in the top left + some extras in its text. Do they summarize? Thank you!
  10. Or connecting location, right? As it's said in the card text: Heal 1 horror from an investigator at your location or a connecting location.
  11. Hi All! I have 3 new questions about card texts, this time it's about treachery cards & 1 asset. 1. Treachery card Dissonant Voices says - you cannot play assets or events. Does it mean that I can't play assets from my hand to my game zone in next investigator phase or I can't use my already in-game assets next round? 2. Jim's Trumpet card says - when a skull token is revealed during a skill test, exhaust Jim's Trumpet: Heal 1 horror from an investigator at your location or a connecting location. Does it mean it works only when I (Jim) am the investigator who reveales this token, or if someone else from the players reveale skull token, I can exhaust this card and follow its text? 3. Treachery card Mysterious Chanting (I don't have photo, sorry)- its text says if there are no cultists in the game I should find it in the encounter deck and card pile and put into the game. Should I still put 2 doom tokens on this cultist or not? Thank you!
  12. Thank you. As I thought it would be 10 health per investigator as base indicator + 10 health scores for each next investigator. So 2 players = 20 health scores to crush. It's good that it's only 14 hs for 2 players. I have one additional question: In the base game in scenario 2 midnight masks there are 5 unique cultists that you can push to surrender by various means. If no one from them is discarded during this scenario, they all go to the next one № 3, are their card texts still actual there? I mean I still can parley with all of them (except that 1 who needs to be killed only) when I meet them during 3rd scenario or they must be killed one by one without mercy? 👺 By the way, regarding Umordhoth, I read all Lovecraft's books but it was several years ago and maybe I just forgot it, but I can't remember such Ancient one in any of his novels...
  13. Thank you for advice! One more question. Some enemy cards have +... health per investigator, for example, like this boss from the base game. Does it mean it has 10 health (base score 6 + 4 score for 1 more investigator) scores or 14 health scores if we play 2. So if I play alone, it would be 6, and not 10? Please clarify.
  14. Ok, thanks. But, for example, if the exhausted enemy has a key word Retaliate, does it deal damage if you fail fight test with it?
  15. Thank you All for your explanations! Anyway I would like to ask another question about the rules though it's not about skill cards... It's about fight mechanics itself. We argued a lot about this situation and still don't have clear understanding. If there are several enemies in the same location (for example, 2) with an investigator & he/she engages with both, will one of them perform attack of opportunity when you spend one of your actions attacking or evading from the 1st enemy? I mean if you have, for example, 3-4 strong enemies in your threat zone and tries to attack/evade from first one of them, all the rest should (ot shouldn't) deal damage to you? Because if they do, the investigator can easily die very quickly if such situation occurs because most of them are really weak, honestly. Of course, you can have some assets or companions with you at the moment that can absorb some damage but it's still tough situation. Please explain this moment to me. And another question: If you evade an enemy successfully and it's exhausted and you no longer engage with that enemy, can this enemy card still be played during this round? I mean, can another investigator spend actions to engage/fight this exhausted enemy or this enemy card is no active in any way until it's ready in the upkeep phase? Thank you!
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