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  1. We have not played the AoO, and it increasingly looks like schedules will not permit it. The Imperials were ahead enough that conventional victory was almost assured, so we declared the campaign a win for the Empire and tried to organize an AoO just to try it.
  2. As soon as I saw the Hyperspace Interdiction rule, I knew my fleet would be including an Interdictor. "Well this going poorly. I discard my dial to escape into hyperspace." "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid you can't do that." "Oh crap, the Interdictor rule. I forgot about that." "Hahaha. Mine is an evil laugh. Now die!"
  3. I loved my Support Interdictor in our CC campaign. It too was supporting double ISDs with G-8s, Targeting Scramblers, Wulff, Projection Experts and the title. With Motti as my commander, only one ISD was lost over five turns. I think it prevented 3+ Rebel ships from escaping into hyperspace as well.
  4. As previously noted, we ambushed Mike with these questions in person at the FFG Regional, so his answers were off the cuff. He has since said Sam's intent was 1+VB per battle and a minimum of 1 per (non-special assault) battle.
  5. Granted my sample size is three, but that has not happened yet. Either you are winning and the enemy wants to escape and cannot, or you are losing and have the option to escape. The margin for "close game where them fighting to death matters significantly" is pretty narrow. Of course, it is also worth noting that my Motti fleet is the Interdictor, two ISD IIs and two Gozantis, so losing a Gozanti is a non-issue, and the capital ships can typically tank whatever desperate survivors might throw at them.
  6. As soon as I saw the campaign rule for hyperspace interdiction, I knew I would be taking an Interdictor. Now my campaign fleet has a Suppression Refit with Interdictor, G-8, Scramblers, Projection Experts and Wulff. After three campaign turns, interdiction has cost the Rebels a Pelta and 2-3 MC80s. That alone has made it well worth the deployment cost. If you ignore it, it adds its dice to the pool and heals my ISDs. If you focus it first, it turns tankiness up to 11 and refuses to die while the ISDs land sledgehammer blows. Good times. G-8 is great fun against anything that wants to zoom into black range. -1 speed for you! And once they do get to black range, you make them reroll all those pesky hit/crit results.
  7. No, you can spend a veteran token when you reveal your dial to get a command token of your choice. As for losing veterancy, you cannot. This is clearly stated in the campaign guide: Where "eliminated" means "destroyed in battle while scarred."
  8. Noted. I will remove it then. I only threw it on the post because we had the fancy new forum feature to do so.
  9. The Grand Admiral has automatically reduced deDios one grade for his use of "ordinance."
  10. Main post has been updated with version 6.3.0 of the rules. The most notable changes are that all negative and zero cost cards now cost 1 Fleet Point to purchase and the system to determine initiative has changed so that you always roll. Beyond that it was mainly scenario updates based on player feedback and some housekeeping and spoiler updates.
  11. Back in high school we had a short story writing assignment, so, naturally, I did Star Wars. But I also sucked at naming things, so I went through a novel I had recently read (Han Solo at Star's End) and nicked a bunch of secondary character names. Later a new student introduced me to roleplaying, and I just reused the handle from my short story's main character. Did the same when the internet arrived, and it has stuck ever since.
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