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  1. what about the quick draw on the right side of the FSEx tree?
  2. In my mind, the way to deal with someone who decides to focus so heavily on soak value or just combat in general is with plot. So when I want them to have it hard, I make them relate with people or worse yet think. Also, you know what still makes a person with a 13 soak value turn into a fine paste, ship scale weapons, lightsabers, heavy blaster rifles with auto-fire. You can also just try drain their Strain. I couldn't disagree with this more. The system's already very deadly and even with the addition of the new melee mods a little skewed towards Ranged combat. These changes throw it that way even more. How do you balance someone potentially taking 2-3 more damage every time they get hit with a hypothetical situation that might come up once or twice per session. Also, Enduring is in the middle of most trees it appears in, you would have them spend the xp for no gain on a Talent in the 15-20 range. Man that sucks.
  3. I hope you don't mind getting some notes on errors. Toughness is +2 Wound threshold. I see it wrong in the first row of the Gadgeteer tree. I haven't looked further yet.
  4. Yeah, I've always run it as different sources stack (Armor + Cover), but that the same type doesn't stack (Vibroblades have the Defensive 1 quality. When dual-wielding them, this still only counts as 1 MD)
  5. The Droid in my game started with two 4s and four 1s. I explained to him what that meant and he good with being so hyper- specialized. He is really good at the thing he wants to be good at, but his weak spots are are where it gets to be great for the narrative. I would say encourage your player to specialize more.
  6. My game takes place during the Dark Times era. Every time they save someone they bring them to safest planet in the galaxy, Alderaan.
  7. After six pages of the same old "I want it" and "you can't have it" that has been done to death in other threads in this forum, I'm gonna try a different approach. I'm not going to be so vain as to say I know why FFG isn't releasing Jedi/Sith for two more years. I'm not going to say that you are wrong for wanting Jedi/Sith because they're central to your belief of what Star Wars is. I'm not going to add fuel to the fire by telling anyone how much they're whining. I will say as long time fan of Star Wars (30+ years), I am excited as hell to play a Han Solo or Chewbacca like character. I've been running the game out of the beta book for five months now and the game runs great. I'm that guy in my gaming group who would run at playing a jedi, dual-wielding lightsabers and cutting everything down in my wake. I thought not having Jedi/Sith would suck as well. Having really gotten into the game (my PCs are at about 250 xp), it's become an afterthought. Believe me or don't. It doesn't really matter. My group has enjoyed the game as written and a couple of us enjoy coming on here and watching everyone call eachother whiney idiots about something that isn't going to change. Jedi aren't in the book. It's already on the boat. Also, it sounds like the Jedi/Sith classes for F&D are being tested around the FFG office already. An employee of theirs may have unintentionally let it slip on the Order 66 podcast a few months back (which I totally don't listen to). So I'd consider them in their Alpha stages, but the rules have already been thrown together.
  8. Sure, I'll look for you. This is probably the best one. It links to several other times this topic has been brought up.
  9. In another forum the Sense power came up but the Strength upgrade says "when using Sense's ongoing effects, upgrade the difficulty of the effect one more time." I was judging this as only being an upgrade to the difficulty of being hit and not as an upgrade for the offensive side of the power as well. I'm wondering what people are doing with this power and how you are adjudicating it.
  10. Thanks for adding nothing new or original to the argument now go away.
  11. renegadethumper

    Wave 4

    I know this isn't going to be a popular opinion, but that's okay. I'd like to see them add the GHTROC 720. Not only because it's a flying turtle, but also because it's the third of the starting ships for their new SW RPG and I want a mini I can put out for the players when I use the ship in game.
  12. In the errata, they changed the Force Sensitive Exile to what they now call a Universal Specialization. So now it only costs 20 as your second spec. You don't need to pay the +10 out of Career fee to pick it up anymore.
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