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  1. Apparently so! Newest errata. **** ?
  2. https://squadbuilder.fantasyflightgames.com/squad-preview/7da9d91c-c373-4599-97b0-bfca1e47bb87 Here's one I made last week. Was pretty solid wins overall. The catch is to shore up the directional boosts. If all your ships have composure and can't make their boosts, then it's a focus token instead. It's a lot of stress to contend with, so you're running a slower swarm to clear stresses.
  3. How would both these cards operate off 1 reaction and 1 token pull? My assumption is, because they both resolve the chosen tokens you could not do one after the other. My other assumption is that you would simultaneously use both triggers off the "instead of 1 token". So there's 3 options I can see... You can only use McBride or the Statue for a reveal, not both. Which goes against the rules but is logical. You can use both off the "revealed instead of 1" ruling, which means you draw 4 tokens and resolve The grotesque statue first, then Mcbride as to not change the amount of potential choices. You can use both at the same time and draw 5 tokens all together, and choose 2 to resolve. Any thoughts on this conundrum?
  4. Can Arborec ground forces produce in an activated system from the capacity of say a dreadnaught thats ended its turn in an empty system?
  5. It was intentional. Nekro can exploit gravity drive and spacial conduit cylinder techs if they had van hauges ability.
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