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  1. I think we’ve pretty much confirmed that this is the case, so even though it’s sold out, get a ticket and put yourself on the waiting list in case more tickets open up (and I’m sure at least some will). You can get a refund until January I think. -ryanjamal
  2. Also, I got a ticket too! Can’t wait to see you guys there! -ryanjamal
  3. The price is actually fair. You just have to pay two VP first for it to drop to MSRP ? -ryanjamal
  4. It’s significant that it’s an attachment. That way he can’t be TAed into scum and can’t have other attachments. -ryanjamal
  5. This card can change games more than any other. It’s terrifying, but I like it. -ryanjamal
  6. I do ?. So far I don’t see this as helping Rebels much. They just don’t have the right figures for it IMO. But yeah, you’re right about sentries being squishy. Probably better to sent eRiots. -ryanjamal
  7. Best Lie in Ambush candidate: eSentries. Goodbye support. -ryanjamal
  8. Since it doesn’t say may, I think the deployment is mandatory. It will come out after the third activation of round two, assuming you haven’t killed three deployments by then. -ryanjamal
  9. Someone just posted pictures of all 8 in the #bigevents channel of the Zion’s Finest slack. -ryanjamal
  10. On another note, super happy to see Drokkatta in a winning list ? -ryanjamal
  11. Yep! I made it out undefeated luckily enough, so I’m on to day two. Hoping my luck holds ? -ryanjamal
  12. Ha ha, hopefully after tomorrow ?. Finished 6-0! On to day two! -ryanjamal
  13. Yeah, “voluntarily” hurts it tremendously.
  14. I’m saying that I thought her campaign card from before needed a boost to be viable in skirmish, and, yes, adding mobile helped. But Rebels need highly effective, cost efficient figures, and I would have loved to see move four be carried over to both versions (though move four may be a typo for campaign since it was two before). I’m saying Rebels need all the help they can get. -ryanjamal
  15. Why oh why does Sabine’s evasive maneuver get worse in skirmish? IS IT BECAUSE REBELS ARE SO OVERPOWERED RIGHT NOW, FFG?!? IS THAT WHY?!? We Rebels just can’t catch a break ? -ryanjamal
  16. Thanks @a1bert I was lazy and hoped someone would do that ? -ryanjamal
  17. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155422230577143&id=110432647142&anchor_composer=false -ryanjamal
  18. Yeah, they are slotted above Regionals, but way fewer people get to attend NOVA and Gen Con, so you’ll hear less chatter, and they aren’t the ultimate meta-defining event that is Worlds, for which people fly in from other continents, which is why Worlds gets more attention despite fewer attendees. Regionals are happening all throughout a season, all over the World, so more people will chime in. The same for store champs, though that’s taken less seriously. But I’m going to Gen Con and I’m pumped! ? -ryanjamal
  19. I would swap KoTun out for CT, once he’s available. Then you might consider dropping R2 and a smuggler for Tress as well. Lol, but then you’ll have my list, so obviously I’d like it ? -ryanjamal
  20. Mostly I’ve seen Ug lists run all six ugnauta plus Iggy, which only leaves room for six points (usually Onar). It if you have a whole Vader list rush those Ugs, Iggy and Onar will still struggle to finish off Vader turn one/beginning of turn two, and so won’t be able to do much else. By then the rest should be in their face as well. Once the Ugs fall, two attacking figures isn’t much, even if one is Iggy. But as a Rebel player, I don’t want to see Ugs. Hopefully they just sort of fade to irrelevance on their own. Wishful thinking, I know ? -ryanjamal
  21. So, when I have the auto filtering option on, I can’t see them, but when I click it off I can see them. -ryanjamal
  22. I’m not seeing the new deployment or command cards. I’m using my iPhone so it’s mobile, if that matters. Thanks for this awesome site, by the way! -ryanjamal
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