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  1. I'm not seeing this episode on iTunes. Is that feed no longer working? -ryanjamal
  2. I think this came up in another thread, but I don't remember the answer (or the thread). What if you choose an opponent's figure (say, Vader), and Vader only has one legal attack and it's on one of your opponent's figures. He has to make the attack, right? He just gets to control the surges? -ryanjamal
  3. I think the Rebel one has the most potential bc you can control whether it helps your opponent. But two points is steep. -ryanjamal
  4. I actually really like Ahsoka's card. I also like the brawler upgrades and the chaos of the three cards affecting both teams. One advantage the Rebel card has over the Imperial is that you can control when to play it so that it won't help your opponent as much. I like it. I also really like all the cards that allow for pushing figures. That goes a long way to messing with people's plans and space counting, which should create some surprising moments. Also, lol, when I read Newbacca I thought you meant Drokkata. I guess I was thinking of my "Han's Got a New Wookiee" list :-) -ryanjamal
  5. I understand that reasoning totally. I wonder if its stock will rise with the next wave as more Imperial and Rebel lists get played. Even if the other player has Devious, it still serves a purpose though. It counters their ability to use it, so there's still an incentive, albeit less than against a list without it. -ryanjamal
  6. Wow! It isn't used commonly where you play? Yeah, I rarely see a Merc list without it. -ryanjamal
  7. It's not that melee can't do well; it's just that the map is highly skewed in ranged units favor because of all the sight lines. I also tend to dislike it because the bottom deployment seems to grant too great an advantage. But I haven't played it enough yet with different lists, so maybe that is just my inexperience talking... -ryanjamal
  8. Ha ha, yeah I think the last thing the skirmish scene needs is a higher barrier to entry 😆 -ryanjamal
  9. HotE to the rescue! 😄 -ryanjamal
  10. Yeah, with Nal Hutta I'd want a map that favors melee in the rotation. Close quarters with lots of corners :-) -ryanjamal
  11. Ha ha, that's all I would do, laugh at Gaarkan, but then @Brigadierblu killed all my support units with him in a game. He's been scheming ways to self-damage Gaarkan for ages now :-) -ryanjamal
  12. Actually, with Drokkata he could be usable :-). First round, use Drokkata's ability to do one damage to Gaarkhan and then have him be in position to Charge round two and get in two attacks. So, you've paid 8 points for a 9-health figure now, but he could still do some work with his two attacks while your oponent is dealing with the heavier hitters, especially since they'll be inclined to dismiss him (I did in a recentish game with @Brigadierblu, to my peril), and he'll probably be self-focusing on most of his attacks after the first. As to this list, I would drop Fury of Kashyyk and C3PO to get Gideon for that mobility boost. This would be a lot of fun to play :-) -ryanjamal
  13. What? No love for Drokkata? But other than that, I plan on running something similar at some point :-) -ryanjamal
  14. I really hope this pans out. I want there to be some hefty force user cards in those packs. Here's to hoping! -ryanjamal
  15. While we’re waiting for HotE to release, what lists are you most interested in trying out first? As you probably guessed, my interest is first with the Rebel faction, and my new love is Drokkata. For the foreseeable future, all my lists will run through him (or her?). The AoE effects and free damage output is great, and you get a fair amount of health for those 9 points. I’m also excited about Han’s fix, and I think Chewie can create some tough choices for opponents. Ahsoka works great as a highly mobile wrecking ball, which will pair nicely with Chewie (as someone pointed out in another thread), but so far I haven’t been able to squeeze her points in as often as I’d like. Strangely, I keep ending up with Heroic Effort lists without wanting to, just because I want to use all of these new and awesome figures (Rebels sorely need a 2-unit squad on the new power curve for 6-8 points). So, here are my first lists: “Han’s Got a New Wookiee” Han 10 Drokkata 9 Ko-Tun 7 Hera 4 Gideon 3 C3PO 2 Chopper 3 Rebel High Command 2 (or swap in Jarrod for these last two) Heroic Effort “Up Close and Uncomfortable” Chewie 11 Drokkata 9 Ahsoka 8 Ko-Tun 7 (or Hera and Chopper) Gideon 3 C3PO 2 Heroic Effort “Spies and Smugglers” Ahsoka 8 eSabs with Targeting Computer 8 Jarrod 5 Han 10 Hera 4 Gideon 3 C3PO 2 (I might swap Han and the Targeting Computer out for Chewie on occasion to see how Chewie pairs with the squishy sabs, Jarrod, and Jax—I’m beginning to see that it might be easier to get that command card off than I originally thought) “New Stuff Meets the Old Standbys” Han 10 Drokkata 9 eRanger 12 Hera 4 Gideon 3 C3PO 2 "The Old Gang! (Who's the Bearded Guy?)" Luke 12 Han 10 Chewie 11 Gideon 3 (or for nostalgia's sake, R2D2) C3PO 2 Rebel High Command 2 Heroic Effort Now, I may be a Rebel player at heart, but this is the Heart of the Empire, so even I am tempted by the dark side. I am thrilled that Vader will be back on the table, but he isn’t the one who tempts me the most. I’m really intrigued by the Emperor—there are just so many options for strange strategies and surprise moments with him. Also, as a Rancor fan, I can’t wait to trot out my Empire massive figs to wreak havoc as well. “Crush and Smash” (I’ve already played with this on Vassal, and it’s a blast! All those vehicle synergies :-) ) ATDP 9 ATDP 9 eJet 7 eJet 7 rJet 4 Officer 2 Zillo 1 Rule by Fear 1 “The Emperor’s New Apprentice” Palp 8 Temp Alliance 1 Maul 7 eJets 7 eJets 7 Zillo 1 Fill out the last 9 to taste (an ATDP? An officer and eQuays? Officers and Sentry Droids or BT?) “I Have to Try This At Least Once” Vader 13 Palp 8 I don’t really care what else fills this out (probably a couple of eJets and two officers) J I don’t know how competitive all of these will be. I suspect that for Regionals I’ll end up sliding eRangers into my Rebel list to gain access to those Hunter cards, but for a while I will test all the new combinations that are out there. I think we are in for a lot of fun. -ryanjamal