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  1. I think we’ve pretty much confirmed that this is the case, so even though it’s sold out, get a ticket and put yourself on the waiting list in case more tickets open up (and I’m sure at least some will). You can get a refund until January I think. -ryanjamal
  2. Also, I got a ticket too! Can’t wait to see you guys there! -ryanjamal
  3. The price is actually fair. You just have to pay two VP first for it to drop to MSRP ? -ryanjamal
  4. It’s significant that it’s an attachment. That way he can’t be TAed into scum and can’t have other attachments. -ryanjamal
  5. This card can change games more than any other. It’s terrifying, but I like it. -ryanjamal
  6. I do ?. So far I don’t see this as helping Rebels much. They just don’t have the right figures for it IMO. But yeah, you’re right about sentries being squishy. Probably better to sent eRiots. -ryanjamal
  7. Best Lie in Ambush candidate: eSentries. Goodbye support. -ryanjamal
  8. Since it doesn’t say may, I think the deployment is mandatory. It will come out after the third activation of round two, assuming you haven’t killed three deployments by then. -ryanjamal
  9. Someone just posted pictures of all 8 in the #bigevents channel of the Zion’s Finest slack. -ryanjamal
  10. On another note, super happy to see Drokkatta in a winning list ? -ryanjamal
  11. Yep! I made it out undefeated luckily enough, so I’m on to day two. Hoping my luck holds ? -ryanjamal
  12. Ha ha, hopefully after tomorrow ?. Finished 6-0! On to day two! -ryanjamal
  13. Yeah, “voluntarily” hurts it tremendously.
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