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  1. Actually, I would make the default 6, just in case someone wants to go for that Alliance Smuggler spam (4 regulars and 2 elites) :-) -ryanjamal
  2. Ha ha, that was the exact number I was going to plug in. Yes, this does solve it, but I find this an added step that I worry will confuse people. I know to do this because I'm (over)active on the boards, but to newbies coming to the game later on or those who don't frequent these boards, will they know to adjust what they own? It seems an unhelpful sorting mechanic. I know this makes it easier for people to build a list with just what they own, but I think people would be better served by seeing what all is out there and then swapping out for the cards they don't own. Just my two cents :-) -ryanjamal
  3. I personally dislike the way options disappear as I build my list. I also much prefer the three boxes I can click on and off for my factions to control what I see and what I don't. Sometimes when I'm building my list I want to see another figure's stats (say Vader's or IG88's) in order to think about how my list might counter those figures. I also dislike how my options are tied to what I own, since much of this will be used for Vassal, where physical components won't matter, or for that matter my local tourneys, where we allow for proxies. So far, I find the older version more usable and easier on the eyes. Thanks for all your work on this though! -ryanjamal
  4. Yeah, I guess I was confused because I hadn't really considered that card as played on Han, but that makes sense. Thanks! -ryanjamal
  5. Would it essentially just be Take initiative without a cost? Or is the requirement that he still be there since his name is on the card? I'm assuming it's the latter but though I'd check. -ryanjamal
  6. I suppose it depends on what we mean by "going strong." They're just building for Legion's release, which they obviously hope will be a cash cow (and maybe it will be). IA will play backseat to Legion and Destiny (and Xwing and ...), but I think we'll still get content as long as it brings in that $$$. -ryanjamal
  7. Ha ha, yeah. The first 3,000 comments on any post by FFG about IA are variations on the same theme: "Where's that &*%$ app?!?!" I suspect that once it hits we'll see an uptick in focus on IA, both from consumers and (consequently) from FFG. -ryanjamal
  8. I used to forget to use Obiwan's focus ability all the time, then I devised the following trick: put a focus card underneath his deployment card. That way, when you remove his card from your deployment area (which is what I do whenever a figure is defeated), you'll see the focus card staring back at you. Mainly, it's just hard to fit a slow, four-speed melee figure into lists these days. You have to devote a lot of cards to increasing mobility, whereas with Ahsoka you don't have that draw back. Still, he is still a solid figure. I've been interested in trying a force user-centric list with Jedi Luke, Ahsoka, and Obiwan. You've inspired me to give it a try :-) -ryanjamal
  9. The lack of a singular non-gendered pronoun in English is a deficiency that truly irks me. -ryanjamal
  10. I love running double rancors 😄 -ryanjamal
  11. G/SIA4L(aB) Sorry guys, I think I have a problem 😂 -ryanjamal
  12. FWIW, in no way do you have to do that anymore. Those early days were dark times. -ryanjamal
  13. G/SIA4L(aB) -ryanjamal
  14. This guy knows where his towel is :-) -ryanjamal
  15. Descent 2nd edition is still around, but I wouldn't say it's going strong. They've released a few app expansions and extra modes of play, but the boxed expansions have stopped rolling out. But the rejuvenation of sales it received from the app's release does give me optimism about IA's immediate future. -ryanjamal