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  1. ryanjamal


    As long as you have head phones with a mic (like the ones that come with an iPhone), yep 👍. That’s what I do. And it was good! I played with someone who was new to IA, so I helped him learn the ropes of Vassal a little. Cool guy. -ryanjamal
  2. ryanjamal


    Most people use discord. You can download the app to your phone and join the Boardwars server and use their voice channels. -ryanjamal
  3. ryanjamal

    State of IA skirmish for new players

    One solution to the map problem is to print off the maps in advance. There’s a high res file somewhere (help me out here people 😄) that you can print off for about $8 a map. This aren’t tournament legal, but if you talk with the TO it might be allowed in anything up to the Regional level (the TO okayed it for the two Regionals I went to). Also, if you get involved in organizing local store tourneys, you can run those how you want. I run my store’s tourneys, and I end up supplying about 3 lists and my friend @Brigadierblu supplies another 2-3, or at least supplementing those lists. We allow proxies and generally tone down our level of lists to help my local friends enjoy the game more. But your experience was the same as mine a couple years back. I played campaign, started dabbling with skirmish, and then said hey, there’s a Regional in Tulsa. Why don’t I check that out. Well, that was back in the Vader’s Finest days, and Grant and Jesse were there, and @Masterchiefspiff came in from KS, and and a few drove up for Dallas. I got smoked 🙂. However, I met some cool people and then buddied around with them the next time I saw them at a tournament, and now we’re friends. Fast forward to this Regional season, I stayed in a house with a bunch of KS and ND guys for the Omaha Regional (shout out to @ThatJakeGuy for organizing that!), stayed with @Masterchiefspiff for the KS Regional, and then stayed in a house with 10 guys for Worlds, with the already mentioned players and more, including new friends I met in Omaha and others I hadn’t met yet. My point is that it can be intimidating but the competitive IA community is fairly small, and man it’s just the best. The more you go out to tourneys, the more you’ll see familiar faces and become friends with some truly awesome people. So, hopefully that was encouraging and not just a long winded backstory. 😄 Also, consider joining the Zion’s Finest slack channel. That’s another great way to meet people in the community. -ryanjamal
  4. First, apologies to all my opponents for all the mistakes I might have made, especially to Nick! I think I conflated my recollection with our game with another game. I’m pretty sure I was on the outside deployment for our match and eked our the win by scoring more objective points and blocking with my rSmugglers. And to the others I played whose names escaped me, please chime in! And to @brettpkelly, play Rebels next time! 😂 -ryanjamal
  5. I wouldn’t want to pay for a mini I don’t want. That would make the blister almost worthless, just a gimmick to sell the command cards. -ryanjamal
  6. ryanjamal

    Worlds Lists 2018

    That game was a blast! I don’t remember it all either, but I do remember being on edge all throughout that back-and-forth game, but enjoying every minute of it! Until next year, my friend! May it come down to a die roll yet again! -ryanjamal
  7. Isn’t that the point? 😂 -ryanjamal
  8. I appreciate this reference 👍 -ryanjamal
  9. ryanjamal

    Kanan Skirmish Card + Euro/NA Champ prizes

    There’s gonna need to be better force cards to come out before Channel is worth it. Man, I hope we see that day! 😄 -ryanjamal
  10. ryanjamal

    Worlds Lists 2018

    Thanks! 😊 -ryanjamal
  11. ryanjamal


    Ha ha, I meant there was a chance someone else would win :-) -ryanjamal
  12. ryanjamal

    Worlds Lists 2018

    My list was a tweaked version of what I ran at the Omaha Regional. Han Drokkatta Ahsoka Hera Gideon 3PO 2x rSmuggler --------------------------------- On the Lam Heart of Freedom I Make My Own Luck Tools for the Job Negation Stealth Tactics Tough Luck Blitz Collateral Damage Brace for Impact Element of Surprise Planning Take Initiative Officer's Training Celebration I really wasn't sure how I would fare. It's a rather swingy list that doesn't match up well on certain missions/maps, and if Drokkatta gets alpha striked before he does his work I'm sort of toast. I ended up 5-2 in Swiss, losing to Arvydas (the Euro Champ) and Kyle Bossom (Top 16). Luckily, I ended up making the top 16, which was my goal for this year after missing the cut last year by a die roll. I ended up getting paired with Brett in the Top 16 match on the droid mission on Uscru, which was a rough match up for me. I played rather aggressively, knowing that if I held back I might have a respectable score but I'd probably still lose. Well, I lost, by a looooooooot, leaving both Hera and Iggy left with one point on the board before Brett hit 40. A somewhat disappointing end, but I felt great about taking my wonky list to top 16. I'll probably do a full write up by the end of the week. Worlds was such a blast! Thanks to all of you who made it so! -ryanjamal
  13. ryanjamal

    Worlds Lists 2018

    I didn't get a chance to tell you this at Worlds, but I have such respect for you bringing this outside-the-meta list! So cool to see an AT-DP and Terro in the top 4! -ryanjamal
  14. ryanjamal


    So you're saying there's a chance? -ryanjamal
  15. ryanjamal

    Kanan Skirmish Card + Euro/NA Champ prizes

    There has to be some Rebel Force User movement boosts in this expansion. Can’t wait! -ryanjamal