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  1. ryanjamal


    Mostly I’ve seen Ug lists run all six ugnauta plus Iggy, which only leaves room for six points (usually Onar). It if you have a whole Vader list rush those Ugs, Iggy and Onar will still struggle to finish off Vader turn one/beginning of turn two, and so won’t be able to do much else. By then the rest should be in their face as well. Once the Ugs fall, two attacking figures isn’t much, even if one is Iggy. But as a Rebel player, I don’t want to see Ugs. Hopefully they just sort of fade to irrelevance on their own. Wishful thinking, I know 😄 -ryanjamal
  2. ryanjamal

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    Ha ha, right 😄 -ryanjamal
  3. ryanjamal

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    So, when I have the auto filtering option on, I can’t see them, but when I click it off I can see them. -ryanjamal
  4. ryanjamal

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    I’m not seeing the new deployment or command cards. I’m using my iPhone so it’s mobile, if that matters. Thanks for this awesome site, by the way! -ryanjamal
  5. ryanjamal

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Only because people chose not to play them, not because they weren’t viable, IMO. Vader is a challenge and Uscru hurt them a bit, but given the right matchups they’d still be competitive. I’d be happy to see them slink off to the dust bins of history, true to their name 😄 -ryanjamal
  6. ryanjamal

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    I resume my official role as the FFG OP Twitter troll 😂 -ryanjamal
  7. Huzzah! Hopefully this expansion hits stores before Gen Con! -ryanjamal https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/22/new-recruits-2/
  8. ryanjamal

    Gencon release?

    That person doesn’t know something; he’s just being optimistic (I emailed him). His plan is to run the HotE campaign if Tyrants isn’t out yet. But here’s to hoping! -ryanjamal
  9. ryanjamal

    New map

    I doubt the Uscru was intended for earlier this week because they do Now Available articles on Thursdays. But it’s super weird that the other one came before this one (and that it’s taken two months to get Uscru out). -ryanjamal
  10. ryanjamal

    Gencon release?

    Awesome, look forward to seeing you! @Brigadierblu and I will be repping Arkansas, per usual 😄 -ryanjamal
  11. ryanjamal

    Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map?

    The map won’t be required until the expansion hits. I can’t imagine them requiring the playmat. Lets hope this means we’ll see an earlier release of Lothal 😄 -ryanjamal
  12. I hear Asohka was the MVP of Worlds 😄 -ryanjamal
  13. ryanjamal

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    Go Rebels!!! -ryanjamal
  14. ryanjamal


    As long as you have head phones with a mic (like the ones that come with an iPhone), yep 👍. That’s what I do. And it was good! I played with someone who was new to IA, so I helped him learn the ropes of Vassal a little. Cool guy. -ryanjamal
  15. ryanjamal


    Most people use discord. You can download the app to your phone and join the Boardwars server and use their voice channels. -ryanjamal