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  1. There is a great set of rules dealing with Mounts / Pets in F&D: Savage Spirits. Just a couple of pages on how to deal with pets in combat and general advice on how to integrate the animals to the RP of the game. Hope that helps.
  2. Would the ship suffer strain in the case you activate the pilot only maneuver?
  3. The developers have set out rules for these weapons to balance them. As a rule of thumb I like to think that if something that seems logical skirts the limitations imposed by a rule (slow-firing) its probably going to break the balance the developers put in place. It may seem logical or sensible but we didn't notice because the imbalance may be subtle or because we haven't had 1000x space combats to iron it out. So if it ever skirts a rule, I would enforce the rule. Also remember that if the players pull something like that so can the Nemesis and I can bet you dollars to donuts that the PCs probably wouldn't be too happy with Proton Torpedoes coming at them every turn.
  4. Hey Everyone, Just starting Lure of the Lost (continuation of the F&D beginner game). I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks, improvements, or stories they would like to share? The story right now seems a little rail-roady to me and I myself as a GM have a hard time "shaking things up". I would love to hear what you have to say and see if I can inject it into my story telling. Thanks in advance,
  5. Herm, given that assassin is already a specialisation I am less likely to think SharpShooter is a specialisation. The investigator would definitely fit the carear though.
  6. Yeah I am in the same boat as you Obisears. Just finished. If you get the downloadable adventure it talks about all the fun stuff. I believe it said selling items for 1/4 of the cost and with negotiation checks you can sell it for up to 3/4 of the cost. And that they could only offer to sell items with up to a 3 rarity (don't quote me on it)
  7. Here's the thing: Practice Makes Perfect is only reasonably balanced, especially with regards to projects with negligible material costs, if the GM is able to set some limits around how much time the PC has to craft in any given session. Otherwise someone spends a couple hundred credits throwing dice until they have half a dozen or more boost dice to add to the roll they really want and the crafting tables become a buffet instead of a set of interesting trade-offs. Since I don't want to have to tell a player how long their character has been crafting during their backstory, I either have to set an arbitrary limit for what counts as "one session," or I disallow Practice Makes Perfect until the actual game starts. That's just how I'd handle it in my games. This is getting off topic, though. Back on topic, Patrious, have you checked your equations for typos? They look fine to my basic understanding, but it doesn't make sense to me that one or two points of Defense would have such a big impact on an opponent with 2 yellow dice, and then switch to having no impact whatsoever with 3 dice. So I think the problem with my calculations is that once enough black dice are added that the chance of hitting someone is unlikely (or in my case, more likely to roll more hits than failures) the damage is then treated as if it were damage being averaged out over multiple attacks rather than 1 hit. For example with the 3 yellow dice and 2 purp and 1 black. The attack is more likely to hit (more often than not) so you can "assume" that each attack will do its damage. Hence why the defense die seems to be "useless". However, once the 3rd black die is added in, now the likelihood of being hit every time has dropped and therefore we are averaging out the damage per hit. So over 2 rounds you would only be hit once. Hence why it looks like the 3rd defense die is protecting you so well.
  8. Ahh. Wow. Of course, people would have more Soak than that. Opps. I upped base damage to 12. So that results would be visible at all levels on my graphs. Now since Def / Soak have different values. Assume Def has 0 , 1 , 2, 3 values on the bottom where it says 3, 4, 5, 6 for Soak. Looking at this I am not sure my numbers are very accurate. Just to clarify how I got these numbers.... I took the chance of rolling a success on the the die in question and multiplied it by the value. For example, the ability die has a 37% chance of rolling a success and a 12% chance of rolling 2 successes. Hence the average # of successes was equal to 0.61. These stats were pulled from http://game2.ca/eote/?montecarlo=100000#ability=1 After calculating the average number of successes for difficulty, setback, ability, and proficiency i used this equation to determine the average damage a hit would do. Average Number of Successes = Ability Chance * #ofDice + Proficiency Dice * #ofDice - Setback Chance * #ofDice - Difficulty Chance * #of Dice Average Damage Taken = Base Damage + Math.Ceiling(Avg # of Successes) ) * Min ( 1 , Avg # of Successes) - Soak My excel skills managed to automate the calculation and plotting of the changing variables of soak/def and skill/ability.
  9. Hey, I quickly threw together some math and graphs to try to illustrate the soak vs. Defense arguments. I hope this is helpful. The graphs shows the average amount of damage you are going to take from a hit if the following conditions are true: The blaster is a dmg 6 blaster. The difficulty is 2 purple dice. The legend states 0/2, this would mean 0 ability dice, 2 proficiency This math doesn't take into account any extra fun abilities like critical hits or auto-fire. Simple Conclusion: More defense is better, unless your opponent is very skilled. (I noticed I cut off some of my image, the orange line is a sats of 2/0)
  10. Really interesting idea. I am really bad at creating on the spot unique locations and I think this can add a lot of fun and creativity to any game. I picked up the digital copies myself. Thanks for point these out!
  11. And to be fair audiences relate better to Humans than they do to aliens. I don't think we will see many Star Wars movies with a main character as the alien protagonist. Especially if they the humans will be the villains. It may be too hard for us as an audience to relate / sympathize to the characters as they are kicking some human butt with their alien feet. The best I think we will ever see is the mentor, enemy, side-kick playing an alien role.
  12. I was under the impression that you could only do medicine checks on wounds that have not been attempted to be healed already. Ex. I have 10 wounds and take 5 in a fight. I do a medicine check (or someone else) and they heal only 3. Now my max wounds are 8, as those 2 wounds cannot be healed again. This limitation is removed after 24 hours or using a bacta tank. Same goes for crits, you have 1 opportunity to heal them until you need to wait another day (or was it week) before you can attempt it again.
  13. The problem with having a sil 4 Hawk fit 2 extra speeder bikes is that a Hawk has engines + hyperdrive + shield gen + life support + head + sleeping quarters (i think) + etc.... The AT-AT is a transport, so it is intentionally gutted for space to carry troops and speeders. Although I would say you can strap it onto the Hawk like a bike rack or something. Take a hardpoint and a few credits and ta-da!
  14. Reading over the entry for the nightshadow coating it seems to be a coating... So similar to say like a matte finish or varnish it would be applied onto the ship and provide "radar absorbing" traits like someone mentioned above. So on that note, A. I would say its very difficult to notice its on unless you like chip off a piece of it and run it under a microscope. Or Traffic control could be confused when they don't notice you pop on their passive sensors. But then again who when running a spaceport is running only passive scanners. So in the end I don't think anyone could or would notice it unless they were REALLY looking for it. And I mean... REALLY. On the note of the whisperthrust engine... That is a bit different. The signature of your ship is going to be different than a "typical" whatever it is you are flying because they are not the stock engines. Or the typical appearance will change as it says "uses special supercooled gases and baffles to reduce" so my guess a well trained eye may notice something off. But then you could always claim your original baffles were destroyed by pirates and you got second hand ones somewhere else. (Chance for rolling some dice!!)
  15. Thanks so much for making this deckplan! I am assuming you mean. https://secure.profantasy.com/products/cos3.asp Its only about $40. I understand that can be a lot of money just for a glorified paint program. but "prohibitively expensive". Is there something I am missing?
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