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  1. Do the skills, talents and equipments gained from background packages replace your existing starting stuff?
  2. Actually, there is a difference. You have to roll to hit for those stubber rounds. The reacion dodge they get is those people who "duck for cover for a second", and those who just "have the luck to not be in the bullets" are the ones where the attacker fails their ballistic skill rolls against. Flamers, on the other hand, hits, because instead of being one little projectile, it is a spray of promethium that blankets an area. The free "dodge" they get is to balance it out. Making the defender roll agility to be "lucky to not be in the flames" makes zero sense.
  3. I would like to see some supporting evidence. Just because it's your opinion doesn't make it "right". But like I said, do whatever you want, no need to try and convince me otherwise.
  4. It sounds like you're trying to convince yourself that you're right here. I have no gripes with your ruling. I'm just telling you to go ahead and rule it as whatever you want because it's your game.
  5. Well if you recieve an official answer and are still not convinced, I got no idea what else anybody can do, mate. Houserule it your way if you'd like, I guess.
  6. On another note, why do you keep reporting threads, Cryhavok?
  7. Since I'm the GM, why would I want to feed the player free stuff for no reason?
  8. Say, I want to compile a list of ork goods and use them to determine the cost as in how many teef they are worth. As of right now we know that 1 toof - a good squig pie and a tankard of fungus beer. 2 teef - a decent weapon like a Shoota. 20 or more teef - a Warbuggy So, how would other weapons like a power klaw, a high quality ramshackle eavy' armor or a kustom blasta worth? As far as I know, battlewagons are worth at least 100 teef. Because just an acquisition roll to gain item from orks aren't quite logical, since most of the time nothing but teef and weapons/armor is worthless to them, so it wouldn't matter if the RT has a flow of billions of throne gelts. I would imagine that in addition to an acquisition roll, you would also need to provide an amount of teef to pay the mek.
  9. 7.) Don't triple-post a thread in the Rogue Trader forums
  10. I would imagine that there'd be a legal blockage in the fact that while selling to the Inquisitoon and Magos Xenologis is legal, just being in possession of it within Imperial space is not. I would imagine you'd still have to smuggle the goods to a forge world in order to "legally" sell it. Well, either that or arrange for the Magos to come personally pick it up outside Imperial space, which I doubt the Magos would consider that unless it is very valuable. from my understanding; so long as the authority don't find Xenotech in your cargo hold, you're good to go.
  11. Blast Rifle Class: Basic (SP) Range: 70m S/2/- 1d10+9X Pen 0 Clip 12 Rld Full Unreliable, Concussive, Blast (2) Very Rare 14kg Blast rifles were developed in order to clear up tight enemy formations of melee fighters, knocking them to the ground and stunning them. The blast rifle's concussive rounds are very large, thus giving it a shorter range than most rifles, with a drum magazine. While the drum magazine is enough to hold 12 shots , however, they are also known for frequent jamming. The destructive power of the blast rifle is great, causing explosions over a small area, stunning the enemy and knocking them down, slowing their advance while heavy weapons and vehicles give fire support.
  12. It's apparently free, since you can sustain up to 3 powers, and you don't have that many half actions EDIT: Can someone tell me how long one can sustain a power?
  13. Would selling Xenotech to a Magos Xenologis be legal?
  14. You count them as seperate. Say, the planet may have both reserves of Uraninite and Torbernite, for an example. They're both radioactives, but they're seperate resources.
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