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  1. Quick question regarding the new sets legality for PAX Unplugged. I have been informed that the new sets are not legal until 11 days post-release. Given that the first pack releases on November 9, eleven days would mean that it wouldn't be legal until November 20th, several days AFTER PAX's Grand Kotei. I have been unable to find a definitive answer on this but feel it is critically imperative to have the answer to this so that preparations can be made. Anyone have any idea as to the legality of the newest 6 in 6 weeks sets come November 18? Thanks! See you in Philly! And in keeping with "The Way of the Crab", DEFEND THE WALL!!! PS: For those presently at World's, BEST OF LUCK to you ALL but most importantly, GO CRAB! I'm interested to see what Lion will do with that Crane Bushi spy!
  2. This really pissed me off! I can't believe that we spent that kind of money and only got prize support from the kit! They made ~$682 on the 22 of us paying $31/each... the kits DON'T cost anywhere near that and they just netted all that money ... never ever again will I ever waste my money on that store! Store credit prizing is not unreasonable for a store to offer when charging such an astronomical amount of money for registration! The money goes back into the store and they turn over product at MSRP pricing! You profit either way and at least this way people don't leave your store feeling cheated!
  3. First, allow me to express my gratitude to each and every single competitor I met at the tournament. You all conducted yourselves with grace and sportsmanship. This made the entire experience a true pleasure. I sincerely am happy to have met each of you and look forward to seeing you again in the future. Now, allow me to turn my attention to Fantasy Flight Games. I would like to send my sincerest thanks out to each of the judges who presided over the competition and for their hard work. Furthermore, I am a player of many FF games and, in terms of competition, I think this game is one of the best and most promising. Allow me to briefly explain with an example. When X-wing first came out the dominant lists were clear. Most people, particularly the most competitive folks, brought some variation of similar lists to competition (and this is to be expected as those lists were the "meta" at the time). This was not true in any sense from what I could see in the Armada tournament. For the most part, each and every single person was running different lists. Some similar concepts but in no way the same. Each list I played against was vastly different from the next. This was NOT expected given the limited pool of options given the youth of the game (2nd wave). This was striking to me and spoke volumes to the overall strength of the game. Now, to get to the crux of this post. As I was mostly focused on my own games I was unable to enjoy the other lists people brought to the table. I was hoping that those folks who were in the top 16 would share with the community what they came up with, how they did, and their own thoughts on the competition in general. Would also like to see how you think the next 2 waves will affect the game and your respective list. For those of you who were unable to attend I will post the final results here: 1) Norm Weir --- Imperial player 2) Dong Lee --- Imperial player 3) Chris Shaffer 4) Jeff Hincy 5) Jeff Berling 6) Philip Vinson 7) Joseph Corbett --- Imperial player ---- I was running 1x ISD w/ Screed, ECM, and Gunnery Team, 1x Dominator with APTs and Engine Techs, and 1x Glad with APTs --- my squads were as follows: 2x TIE Advanced, Vader, Soontir, Mauler Mithel, and Dengar --- The new meta may see me dropping the other Gladiator and adding in Flotilla support and maybe Raiders? I am unsure at this time --- will need to play around with it --- may even go Rebel as they are getting some super fun upgrades --- I think the addition of flotillas and the power they can provide to particularly squadron heavy lists will be game changing and completely negate ship only lists from top competition ( IMHO ) 8) Paul Tomashevskyi <---- epic last name BTW 9) Jesse Austin Campbell --- I played him --- he was running an epic Imperial list with a nasty Rhymer Fireball 10) Greg Whitaker 11) Gerry Russell --- I played him --- he was running an epic Rebel list with a super friends squadron 12) Bryan Schmidt 13) Ben Hicks 14) Issac Lee 15) Adam Pye 16) Bobby Crowley If any of you guys read this I would really be interested in knowing what you flew and a little bit about your overall experience in the tournament... Memorable moments? etc. Thanks, GoldCrow18
  4. MY question is, what happens when the squadrons you are killing with your Raider are escorting OR being escorted by an ISD or MC80 with Ackbar? Seems like high priced cannon fodder to me.... They both eat little ships for breakfast.... especially if they are flown in such a way that they get 2-3 shots in on you with red dice before you can get behind them.... and if your opponent is smart he will keep his squadrons right where the aforementioned ships get maximum firepower on you... Just a thought.... I was toying with running a Raider too because they are super cool, but they aren't very resilient and are often 1-2 shotted off the board (even at long range, especially vs MC80 Assault Cruisers with Ackbar throwing 6 natural reds at long range) in my experience...
  5. So in my never ending quest to kill Admiral Ackbar and his MC80s of DOOM, without defecting to the Rebel Alliance, I have concocted a plenthora of lists for your perusal. My common opponent: 2x MC80 Assault Cruisers with Ackbar and Home One (one one ship) complete with matching ECMs, Advance Projectors, and Slaved Turrets 1x Luke Skywalker 1x Wedge 2x Xwings 1x Jan Ors MY LISTS: 2x Imp Class 2 SDs #1: Tac expert, Gunnery Team, ECM, Overload Pulse, XI7 Turbolasers, Avenger #2: Motti, Flight Controllers, Boosted Comms, ECM, Leading Shots, XI7 Turbolasers Rhymer + x6 Bombers Note: I am also toying with the option of dropping 1 bomber and the tac expert and throwing in either a TIE Advanced, Jumpmaster, or a YV-666 for Squad support.... Another option is to drop some stuff for Firesprays (Fireball).... Object: #1 leads the pack, shuts down the ships defense tokens with Overload Pulse and Avenger with 2 shots with Gunnery Team THEN #2 swoops in from behind toting a plethora of Bombers and it's own leading shots for maximum damage output... The XI7s are intended to negate the Advanced Projectors full power.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2x ISD Class 2 #1: Gunnery Team, ECM, Overload Pulse, Avenger #2: Motti, Flight Controllers, Boosted Comms, ECM, Leading Shots Rhymer, x2 Firesprays, x4 Bombers Similar concept to the above ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I actually have a bunch more that I built yesterday but sadly I left the sheets I printed in with my stuff out in the car.... When I get them I will post them to this thread tomorrow... Suffice it to say everything I built includes either 2x ISD2s or 1x ISD2 and 2x VSD1... Each comes with Motti at the helm and a core of Gunnery Teams, Flight Controllers, Ruthless Strategists, ECMs (except for the VSDs obviously), and Boosted Comms with a minimum of Rhymer and 4-5 other bombers plus a combo of Firesprays, TIE Advanceds, and YV-666s.... I have been agonizing over what to bring to full bear at this tournament especially against my friend who is the best competition I am going to see in my local meta, running the aforementioned Ackbar MC80 crap... lol ;-) .... Thanks for your input ahead of time! I really appreciate you thoughts! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSO, please, any input for Objectives and strategy on how to fly these lists would be welcome advice as well... I would love to hear advice from folks in other metas! You all rock! Thanks and May The Force Be With You!!!
  6. Which do you like better? The first iteration of the list or the 3rd (with Tarkin on a Victory)? That said, is this an aggressive list? Fly right at the opponent and joust or is it more of a finesse list?
  7. My main concern with this altogether is the lack of ECM... This is likely to get chewed to pieces by a Rebel running MC80s with Ackbar and a decent protective squadron .... I have been running Rhymer balls and have tried a plethora of tactics and have been still running into problems with freaking Ackbar and 2 MC80s with squads.... They negate your brace and its downhill reallllllly fast....
  8. I for one appreciate you sharing this with the community. This is what makes the FFG gaming community great! People sharing and bouncing ideas off of each other to further improve the competitive structure of the game. This is a very fun list, I run something similar with 2 ISDs and 1 Raider.... Hit fast and strong with the bombers and clean up with the ISDs .... Losing a fair deal of my bombers to heavy X-Wing squadrons tho.... Not really sure how to deal with that but I like the concept of running those flight controllers! I will give that a whirl! Thanks!
  9. GoT and Star Wars are my big games .... I played GoT 1.0 from it's LCG inception but started to only play it on a casual basis because I wanted to focus on Star Wars LCG (which I also have been playing since it started). However, with the must needed revitalization of GoT with the rules/mechanic upgrades I am full in on BOTH GoT 2.0 and SWLCG at the competitive level. I casually play WH40K: Conquest LCG with friends, but stopped buying the stuff after the newest deluxe pack (BECAUSE OF GoT 2.0, lol). And I know it isn't what you asked but figured I would also state that I am all the way into Star Wars Armada and X-Wing. Which is why I will not be getting into any other LCGs.
  10. It looks as though he is taking second player and picking the objective? If so, that is not how it works, the first player picks the objective from the second player's objective pool. Yes, yes.... I appologize for typing that wrong... he chooses ME to be second and chooses that objective... My bad
  11. If he's running Slaved Turrets then isn't Advanced Gunnery pretty much useless for him? What he said ^
  12. @Norsehound.. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I have more points than he and he typically chooses to go second. He always chooses Most Wanted and I only previously had 2 ISDs (I officially like the idea of bringing 1+ Raiders into the fight with me for this purpose), and I would be forced to choose my non-flagship and he would light it up...
  13. Oh and yes, we are using a full 400 points!
  14. Wow! Thank you everyone! Please allow me to read all of this to properly respond. He is running squads with his most popular build, which is as follows (to the best of my memory): 2 Mon Cal 80 Attack Cruisers with Ackbar and Home One on one and both decked out with matching Advanced Projectors, Slaved Turrets. He also runs squads which have changed game to game but always includes Wedge, Luke, and Han Solo. Yesterday he ran those 3 with Dash, and another YT2400. My 4 TIEs, Boba, and Bossk made short work of all of the above (with the exception of Han) but by that point I was dead. I try to trap him and rush the front because he basically sets up the exact same way each game (sideways in the middle of the map, typically facing toward my left). I set up on my left side of the board and rush his front at speed 3 but my ISDs are so darned big that he always seems to squeak in a shot on at least one of my ISDs each turn and I can't engineer quickly enough. I ran Rhymer Balls but they typically get cut up by XWings, AWings, and Han shoots first (which is why I threw in Boba). I am going to give a list with a Rhymer Ball and blocker Raiders a try tomorrow. I have also made note of each of your suggestions and will post my success (or lack thereof) on this post. I am excited to take on this challenge in the name of the Galactic Empire and rid the world of Admiral Ackbar and his uppity Rebel Alliance!
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