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  1. I managed to find a few sets online and bought them, just to tuck away. Well, technically I bought 2 sets, and then grabbed the Force Awakens beginner game, as I didn't have it, and it does come with a set of dice.
  2. I did just get an e-mail from FFG that my order will be shipping soon.
  3. Shipping means they're being shipped to stores, so usually a couple weeks from the shipping date.
  4. I'm curious how people interpret the interaction of the Durable and Deadeye, or other similar crit effecting talents. Deadeye is a tier 4 talent that lets you choose (within a range) which crit you will inflict on your target. Durable reduces crits by 10 per rank. If somebody with Deadeye hits a target who has three ranks of Durable how would that work? Is it subtracted from the number chosen? Do they need to choose a higher crit that then reduces to what they want? I have a fight coming up in a fantasy campaign I'm running where I know this will be an issue, so I'm trying to prep a little. Thanks all.
  5. I'm getting a dead link on this now. Is anybody still maintaining it?
  6. If you're looking for an official rule, then sadly I think you're out of luck. That's a pretty niche issue and unlikely to see official coverage.
  7. I was looking at making a cyborg type character for a future game probably using a Gank reskinned as a human, and had a couple questions. 1. If you use a cybernetic to increase your brawn, does that increase your Max cybernetic count? I don’t think it’ll come up using a high brawn Gank skin, but I’m curious. 2. It says if you use an attribute raising arm, and add a second cybernetic arm, it must be a matching stat increasing one, but they won’t actually stack. Would it make sense to have one Strength arm and one be something totally different, like a repulsor arm or a scanner hand? 3. Is it reasonable to merge a couple cybernetics, like put a multi-tool hand into a stat increasing cyber arm? It would still count for 2 devices for reaching the cap, but it doesn’t seem outlandish to put a few screwdrivers in the fingers of the hand. There are obviously a few things that wouldn’t go, but using some common sense I think there are some smaller cybernetics that would fit. No big guns or anything though. 4. Can you use tinker to add hardpoints to cybernetics? There are a few attachments in cyphers and masks that go in items, and cybernetics are technically items. Once again, nothing big, but a few things. Also, how about Jury Rigged?
  8. There is the Cyber Disguise from Cyphers and Masks. If such a piece of cybernetics exists that can change a whole body, I would think a more limited form could be houseruled that only effects the replaced part.
  9. So I recently started a Hermit character, who I've really been enjoying. I was looking forward to getting a bit more versatility in my pet, and quickly grabbed the 10 point Menace talent. I then went and read the full talent text. The talent as written only works if you have a silhouette 2 companion, which requires a force rating of 4. This is seems awfully limiting for a 10 point talent in a characters starting tree. It's going to sit unused for an really long time. When I finally build this character up to such a high force rating, is one black on the badguys attack on you really worth it? I checked the errata and there's no notes on this. Does it seem reasonable to house rule in that it will work on a silhouette 1 companion? A force rating 2 is a whole lot more achievable in a reasonable amount of time and there's plenty of silhouette 1 creatures that are pretty darn menacing. I don't think this is particularly unbalancing, thoughts?
  10. That's just it, it's not extreme. It's one crit. Our sessions can have 5ish crits a session, maybe 10 in a big fighty episode. So one of those crits doesn't happen, who cares. There are other talents out there that have a much more dramatic effects for even less justifiable reasons. It sounds like we're not going to agree on this, and that's fine. It's your game table, but you asked our opinion, and I expressed it. In my opinion you're doing your players a disservice and seriously devaluing a 25 point once per session talent.
  11. I have to admit, I normally don't even notice. I use the stats of the one I'm looking at in the moment. If it becomes an issue our group looks at both sets and picks whichever we think is most appropriate. It's not really worth spending to much time fussing over.
  12. I can tell you for a fact that some of the other players often commit force dice for the defensive abilities in sense. I think one already has the ability in the new game. We just need some bad guys to do it. I think that can be arranged.
  13. That really destroys the value of a once per session 25 point talent. The chance that your medic happens to be right by the injured party is often low in a chaotic combat situation. This is an out of turn incidental power. You glance over, give them a quick look and say “Stop being such a baby, it’s not that bad.” Boom, crit never happened. Remember, you’re not healing the crit. Per the rules as written you are keeping it from happening. I’m not sure why people are making such a fuss. It’s one crit a session, not some game breaking mechanic. Let the players have their fun.
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