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  1. Just go to the Upcoming page (link at the top of the page.)
  2. Generally speaking I use vigilance checks to spot an ambush before it happens. This gives a party a chance to detect the ambush ahead of time and make a tactical response, such as avoiding the ambush or setting up their own counter-ambush. On rare occasions I will let them use Perception. Primarily if they specifically say something like "I look for ambushes as we enter the valley.". If something about the environment makes a characters stop and specifically look around I'll allow a perception check. Occasionally, just to change things up I'll have the ambushers role their stealth against the parties vigilance. This gives the ambushers the occasional chance to get a despair and have a little hilarity of their own. I normally prefer to have characters roll, but sometimes it's to the PC's benefit if the ambushers do (or just more fun.)
  3. Thanks all for the thoughts. I had a chance to look over the suggested options and I think I'll start charmer and then immediately add gambler. I'm playing a human so I can throw on a rank of ranged-light to have a little combat viability. We play weekly and usually get 20 points a session, so it shouldn't take to long to turn him into somebody viable. I can buff and debuff in combat (Inspiring Rhetoric and Disarming Smile) and be an ok shot, and I should be able to charm and deceive well with high skills and great talents. If the game goes long enough I might add in Scoundrel to get some more social bonuses and some combat talents. Of course this is all subject to change, as my mind is a chaotic place, but I appreciate people giving me a starting place to look.
  4. I was trying to figure out the best specializations to make a con-man. Somebody skilled in banter and deception, as well as the sleight of hand necessary for your three card monte and shell game type swindles. I'm trying to figure out the best specialization to start with and then one or two to add on as I gain experience. We usually play campaigns out to 500 to 1000+ exp, so there will probably be room to develop. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. Whhhaaaaaat? I had no idea when I first started reading the thread. It's just a slow day at work so I had some time to do some forum browsing.
  6. Not sure if I should help here, as I'll be the victim of your blasters later tonight, but if you're looking for a ranged light weapon there's the Tenloss IDX-9 Ion Stunner from Disciples of Harmony. It's a pistol, has a range of medium, does stun damage to humans and ion damage to machines. Cheap at only 300 credits. I know a certain Arkanian Doctor character who carries one.
  7. Technology in Star Wars is very plot dependent. There are technologies in some books/movies/shows that don't exist in others. You really just need to choose what you want in your game and go with it. If you are looking for consistency in the whole of Star Wars you're going to go crazy.
  8. I've always thought of padded armor as looking something like modern Kevlar armor of todays police forces. Just with a more futuristic and durable material.
  9. I'll agree that most of the video games aren't very good, but otherwise I'm in disagreement. I've enjoyed all the movies, and the TV shows. I admit I haven't read the books or comics so I can't speak to those. In general, I'm content with the current state of Star Wars stuff.
  10. Anybody done Mask of the Pirate Queen? I'm curious about that one.
  11. Probably up to the individual table/GM to figure out how they want to play it. There's adequate evidence to go either way. For me, I'd let you use Move to throw somebody. There's not much difference between throwing a speeder at somebody, vs throwing somebody at the speeder. If you want to hold them for longer then a round it's gotta be Bind.
  12. The hidden storage talent makes it a Formidible, 5 purple, difficulty to find an object. Finding somebodies standard "biological storage" by a knowledgeable searcher I would put at much less. They almost always find their target. All that said, this is hardly a major issue. If you want to have it work that way in your game, I'd say go for it. It's all supposed to be cinematic after all. In a movie, the prisoners are much more likely to successfully hide their shiv then in real life.
  13. Most prisons and such would know to search your standard biological hidey holes. Unless you're a particularly exotic alien, that's only going to get you so far. I'd also guess Star Wars scanners would have no problem finding, er...foreign objects inside a biological organism. I would think a "suitably modified" body would be more reliable. I can't believe I'm spending time pondering this. If I hadn't just watched the extended cut of Deadpool 2, which makes several references to the "prisoners wallet" I'm not sure I would have dared venture into this thread.
  14. I've given big boost dice if the character successfully sneaks up behind somebody and attacks from behind. If they are right behind somebody with a knife and the target has no idea they're there, I'd throw them at least two, and maybe three blues.
  15. It might just be me, but I'm not sure I'd even allow light side points to be used for harm. It seems pretty dark sidey. Much like you can only inflict negative emotions using dark side pips for influence. At the very least it'd be a lot of conflict. It hasn't actually come up in any of our games, so I haven't had to render a verdict.
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