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  1. azavander

    What to buy first

    I play mostly with friends and yes while not competitve the at-st and the t-47 make the game more star warsy, I did at first also get additional bikes and at-rts so I could have some variety.
  2. azavander

    What’s your user name origin story?

    Back in 95 I attempted to write a story while I was laid up recovering from a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus. The main characters where Rghrous and Azavander. I still use Rghrous in some areas, it always entertains me when I google and get credit for a ice berg picture in my Flickr stream that I properly credit to the actually photographer and most people don’t. Because Rghrous was an a 1997 email account, it’s like 99% spam and I only use it for a couple specific things. So I created a newer account for game things with the Azavander handle. I use it for most game things now.
  3. That was pretty entertaining
  4. I am still buying one of each because I want them for a collecting standpoint.
  5. azavander

    Reckless Diversion and multiple weapons

    that make perfect sense and how I would have played it but that was not the feeling I was getting reading the string. Thank you
  6. azavander

    Reckless Diversion and multiple weapons

    So if that is the case, if the AT-ST focus all weapons its able to on the face up order token, why can it not choose the mortar launcher to focus somewhere else?
  7. azavander

    Reckless Diversion and multiple weapons

    But what if it’s not able? Can’t it target something else?
  8. azavander

    Rebel Commandos

    I played a single strike team. Used the scout 2 to get into position, used grappling hooks to climb on my first actual turn. set up so the sniper was on top of rocks and the 2nd man was in hard cover, so that even though the sniper was in the open 50% of the squad had cover. on my first attack I took out 2 stormtroopers and the the empire was adjusting and slowing down their progress trying to hide. Even though I literally missed every shot after, it was the threat that helped. i won the intercept transmission 8-3, I controlled 2/3 of the terminals in the scoring rounds. i am really looking forward to running 2, 2 man teams next time.
  9. azavander

    Hoth Rebels?

    Reikan could provide some sort of bonus like all enemy deployments must be in their starting zone. A counter to rapid deployment and sorta thematically a shield generator where they had to march in
  10. azavander

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    Just thought I would note that my preorder for han and commandos shipped from MM today so.. maybe things are on the upside.
  11. azavander

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    While i just noted my issues with them, I did call a couple local places here since I was thinking about cancelling my order and they mentioned that they have been shorted supplies significantly since the game came out. It is possible that my particular issue is because of FFG and not because of MM.
  12. azavander

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    I had had great success with them in the past, for years, but my preorder of priority supplies still has not shipped yet and I preordered the day it came out. I am considering cancelling all my other preorder and ordering from else where. This is the 2nd order in a row this happened with and with core as well and i ordered that in October.
  13. azavander

    Chewie is Next

    totally aside form the OP, but I may be one of the few who liked the vong series, the whole Corran Horn Vs Shedao Shai duel for Ithor was epic. But I agree Chewie is next, but what to pair him with. I think its going to be something we don'd expect to line up with the IGs, perhaps some sort of saboteur like R2. Pr if they are guards the Rebel guards we seen on Yavin 4 would be a good option. Though not Chewie centric
  14. azavander


    Chewie (operative), Imperial Commander, Terrain/objective Pack ( hoth shield generator?)