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  1. azavander

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    While i just noted my issues with them, I did call a couple local places here since I was thinking about cancelling my order and they mentioned that they have been shorted supplies significantly since the game came out. It is possible that my particular issue is because of FFG and not because of MM.
  2. azavander

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    I had had great success with them in the past, for years, but my preorder of priority supplies still has not shipped yet and I preordered the day it came out. I am considering cancelling all my other preorder and ordering from else where. This is the 2nd order in a row this happened with and with core as well and i ordered that in October.
  3. azavander

    Chewie is Next

    totally aside form the OP, but I may be one of the few who liked the vong series, the whole Corran Horn Vs Shedao Shai duel for Ithor was epic. But I agree Chewie is next, but what to pair him with. I think its going to be something we don'd expect to line up with the IGs, perhaps some sort of saboteur like R2. Pr if they are guards the Rebel guards we seen on Yavin 4 would be a good option. Though not Chewie centric
  4. azavander


    Chewie (operative), Imperial Commander, Terrain/objective Pack ( hoth shield generator?)
  5. azavander

    Deluxe bases announced

    I thought the firing arcs also were a little odd, to me basically says if you can see them in the edge of it your good. These are official bases and most of the Firing Arc is gone.
  6. azavander

    Leia and Luke synergies

    Congrats on the Win!
  7. azavander

    Anyone having problems getting stuff?

    Miniature Market got my order out later for Leia and Fleet Troopers and I ordered in Feb. they said FFG shorted them significantly
  8. azavander

    Consolidated rules clarifications

    There is one called email compilation thread
  9. azavander


    I am pretty sure he was being sarcastic basically they have a lot going on and they didn’t get one article out they must hate it
  10. azavander


  11. azavander

    500 point games?

    I played lower numbers as a starter game several times now, I split the 6x3 table to two 3x3 and then on one side ran Vader, 2x ST and 1 unit Bikes Vs Luke, At-rt, 3x troops just under 500 points on the other side ran the same thing but added at-st on dark side and t-47 and 2 additional at-rt (total of 3) I forget the point value in that one may have been 650? Both were pretty restricitve for upgrades but enough to have fun, learn the game and try different weapons out.
  12. azavander

    Game Fatigue

    Somewhere in this forum some posted the pdf with the back ground stripped out. But I am waiting for the next major revision first before I print anything, and the. I have it on my phone just in case
  13. azavander

    Game Fatigue

    I am tired of painting and I have 6 squads and only 1 of them 100%, 3 just need basing 2 are like 85% one is primed. I still have, Vader, Luke, Veers, 1 set of stormtroopers, 4 sets of rebel troopers, 3 sets of bikes, t-47, 3 at-rt, at-st and Leia and friends will be here on Monday.... I seriously contimplated today just giving them all a spray paint of a single color and calling it good. To your point, It would be nice if we could get a 2.0 release of the game book, seems like it is way past due at this point.
  14. azavander

    Scum and villainy faction talk(Solo spoilers)

    The reason I think that scum faction could work is because this is an objective based game. Rushing in to grab some supplies that were left, or intercept some transmissions in order to sell the intel to the highest bidder. Get in and out before the Empire knows they are there or before the rebels can get it first. I hope to see CiS and Republic first, but I could get on board a scum faction
  15. azavander

    Which upgrades do you like and why?

    for starter games long range comms, so i don't have to remember if they are in range of my commander...