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  1. Sure but nobody here is disputing that. Higher skill should and will win you games, that's the case for any game and it's all good and fair. BUT, given equal skill, having to be at the mercy of random decks (on top of random draws) seems unappealing to me. Subjective opinion and all that, ofc.
  2. Sure, but there you are not comparing two decks that are presented as "equal" (and also one person is a real jerk, given that we are mostly talking about a casual environment). I thought that was standard operating procedure in any card game. I'm confused now.
  3. But that game mode (the Arena) is indeed massively focused on deck building and a good deal of the skill required to succeed there is in the deck building. Edit: I'm not saying you can't beat better decks if you play well, I would expect any good games to allow for that to a decent extent, I'm just confused by who the target audience should be.
  4. Yeah but then 1) The first few times you still have a bad time because they are not balanced; 2) I can already see people claiming that the other deck is unbalanced and in need of chains after losing once, something that doesn't happen when you know that your decks are balanced and if you are losing it's either luck or skill. Those things might be trivial for competitive/disciplined players, but I'm afraid "casual" players might be dissuaded. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. I'm just concerned that for what is being seen as a casual-friendly experience, things could go awry quite dramatically if you open two decks that are not balanced against each other. And I can't even begin to rationalise the amount of computing power needed to balance millions (or even just thousands) of decks against every other deck out there, when usually games struggle to have more than a dozen or so competitively balanced decks...
  6. He is an orc Orcs in Terrinoth are a civilized race, thus siding with "Order" and the forces of "Good". Their homeland are the Broken Plains They are regarded as kind of a "neutral" race though, since their settlements tend to be secluded and far from major human settlements (not so different from elves in this regard); humans don't love them much (see also widow Tarha) I like the fact that humans are depicted as xenophobic and afraid of what they call "monsters", while those monsters are their mightiest allies in the fight against darkness . It's important to notice that in borderlands cities and wildlands settlements racial distinctions tend to fade as those places are natural "melting-pots" where the true monsters are near and recognizable. Note that all I am accustomed with is Runebound and Descent I and II, so my info might be incomplete! Ogres in terrinoth are big, bad monters, similar to Trolls but smarter and possessing regenerating abilities. Hope this helps
  7. First of all, have you access to the Conversion Kit? If yes, then throw in a couple of golems! Those dudes rock! (sorry for the lame joke ) With good health, high defense and immunity to pierce (oooh yes) they should save your day. Of course he could just ignore them and run past them, but the fact that they have a big base (thus effectively blocking doorways) and are Unmovable should ruin his day. Or kobolds, since they are so many (9 plus second wave) they clog up the board AND to attack them is almost a waste of actions! Also the fact that the heroes lack a good blasting machine (their only one seems to bee the reanimate, which is not THAT effective, especially against kobolds) should help you if you use swarms of little critters to flood the battlefield and stop Logan&friends). If you don't have the CK you could try the swarm tactic with harpies, only in a different way. You only get 4 of them but they have impressive mobility (flock doesn't hurt here, too ), so you wouldn't use them as meatshields but rather as targeted assassins, staying out of range until you have a good chance for the kill. This could help you to at least reclaim the sunstone. Tey also synegize wery well with kobolds, if you wish to bring them together to the party! the fact that you don't have access to basic 2 is a shame, maybe you could ask them to swap... they could accept, remember that basic 2 is more situational and slightly weaker than basic 1, but it comes with your new bestfriend: MIMIC. That lovely little card should be quite an annoyance for a Treasure hunter, trust me. When the search token you depend on for your turn sequence turns into a reaver, attacks you, AND runs away WITHOUT giving you the token you suddently realize that maybe this isn't your lucky day after all... Anyways, try to find a way to punish him for splitting up from the party, forcing him into more cautious moves... remember that punishment can come in many different ways, such as killing ANOTHER member of the party and blaming the fact that he left them alone... I'm sure you understand this even if my explanation is not that bright To accoplish this goal you could take different paths, since you have chosen infector (which imho is interesting but not what we are searching for right now) you could look for a splash of punisher (no rest for the wicked is great when you want to out-maneuver them or just bring that lieutenant to a safe spot to retaliate later on). or, if you prefer a more straightforward but reliable tactic, bring in something form the warlord tree to help him taste his own blood... you just need to down him once to get the stone. Of course keep focused on the objective, and (again) remember that you could also use his boldness against him, if you use it at your own advatage... for example by distracting them from your goal by encouraging their bloodlust with "tempting" placement and "juicy" targets (maybe it won't work, but sometimes even the best players can be deceived or made blind!) Just my two cents, have fun and crush them
  8. LAST DAY OF AN ERA-victory INTRO Our gates are torn apart. Our outern defenses have been overrun. Our lines are broken. They are almost here. [breaths deeply] We will make our last stand here, let them come. -Eliza Farrow, Zacareth throne room, thoughts before the last battle. and -Captain Quintus Longshield, Arhynn's border, thoughts before the last battle. ---------------------------------------------------------- The heroes were ready. With the Iron Crown, the mage led the way. The others stood in formation around him. "Welcome!" Echoed Zacareth deep and charming voice. "You arrived just in time for my coronation" he added, and the aura of power and regality that surrounded him was awe-inspiring. The heroes shuddered, but their force of will held, and they didn't bend their knees. Instead, they charged in. Bolstered by the cleric's divine fury, bolts of energy darted out of the mage's rune inscribed staff, burning hapless zombies. The dwarf, wielding his dragontooth hammer, unleashed a whirlwind of attacks, wiping out other ghouls. A black arrow from the archer brought down the last one. The undead wall was gone. Now it was the nagas turn, but they failed in dealing relevant damage even with the help of Eliza, and the serpents fell shortly after. With an incredible heroic feat the priest brought back the whole fellowship to full health. Things started to look grim for the overlord. But the Dark Lord was not finished yet. Another wave of nagas arrived as reinforcements while zombies began to crawl back from their graves. One of the snakes fell into a Blood Rage and finally brought the priest to his doom, feeding the Overlord BloodLust. Finally, Jain fell under a spell from Eliza and, Dark-Charmed, ran away from her friends, right into the monsters' jaws. Zacareth himself was now in a good position to strike and aimed at the archer to deliver her the killing blow. The bold fell short, and the heroes had their chance to strike back. After a few moments of battle Zacareth was badly wounded and so was Eliza, and all other monsters were dead, blasted away. But it was not enough. The Dark Lord had yet another chance to bring them all down (they were all badly injured now), and in his Frenzy he seemed unstoppable. Yet he was not. For some reason his blows missed the heroes, who were protected by some god from above... It seemed like it was the end. And in that moment, I, Lord Merick Farrow, took my turn into the spotlight. I dashed forward, reached their formation, and Ignited, blasting them away! what a Mighty, Critical Blow! sending two of them to meet their fate and the third to the very brink of death, I sealed their doom. And yet, the dwarf raised his head, spit blood on us, and in a last effort crawled forward, raising his pointed, bloodied hammer. For vengeance, for freedom. Zacareth was now too weak to survive another blow.but, guess what? The Wicked never Rest, and as soon as he started to move, I was moving as well, blocking his path. Sooo sorry Gimli. And the Dark Lord and his friends lived happily ever after. THE END
  9. LAST DAY OF AN ERA-assault [also known as "The Man Who would be King-part1] Heroes: Leoric as Runemaster Jain as Wildlander Avric as Disciple Grisban as berserker Warlord overlord (magus for the whole campaign, switched over to Warlord during the ritual of shadows just before the finale) with a touch of Punisher) -Master, they have breached the gate! They're here, the Four Champions are in the castle! -This is impossible! For a moment even the Overlord, the soon-to-be Ruler of All, Baron Zacareth, was caught unprepared and lost his confidence. But it was nothing more than an eyeblink, and immediately he started to impart orders with his calm, majestic tone. Reinforcements were sent to help the sentinels at the gate, and they were led by Sir Alric Farrow, the unstoppable wielder of the Duskblade, and his personal guards. Splig would have probably needed all the help and all the reinforcements they could muster. Meanwhile, Lady Eliza and Lord Merick followed Zacareth the Great towards the throne Hall for the completing of the Ritual. Even if somehow the so-called "Heroes" had managed to reach Castle Talon, Zacareth could clearly foresee that it was already too late: he needed just a little more time, and he knew the time he had was enough. He just hoped that the filthy mercenary with no honour, that Belthir, wouldn't have betrayed him: now he had to rely on the coward King of All Goblins to get him the Crown, a task made harder by the betrayal of the Hybrid. But still, even this was just a minor annoyance, and he swept aside that thought with a quick gesture of the hand. He had now to settle much more important matters. The ritual had to be completed. ---------------------------------------------------------- "Forward!" Grisban encouraged his comrades with a mighty roar and rushed over the ruins of the same gate they just torn apart with a rather impressive show of power from Leoric. Leoric himself followed, grinning from ear to ear, eager to put an end to Zacareth madness and to have a little fun in the meanwhile. After him came Avric, with his hand raised and glowing with holy light and with a much more serious look of determination and focus on his face. Last came Jain, jumping gracefully over the debris and corpses, her Bow of the Sky in her left hand. As soon as the entered the hallway a familiar sense of void and ancient evil hit them. They knew what they were facing: Sahdow dragons. Behind them they spotted him: Splig was desperately trying to open a door, clutching the Iron Crown in his plumpy hands. "Stop them!" He screeched. Five seconds later the dragons were mincemeat. Splig managed to get on the other side of the door, closing it shut and dashing away. In the distance sir Alric was approaching, and the goblin cohorts came running down the hallways in a desperate effort to turn the tide of battle. They almost made it in time to rescue poor Splig. Almost.
  10. PROLOGUE The time had come. The Old World was crumbling down, rotten at its roots and too weak to be saved. The Baronies of Daqan had made their time, the corruption of their leaders had weakened their society, their blind little wars against each other had soaked the land in blood. Mankind, in its madness, had hunted down and slaughtered everything that was wild and fierce and glorious. "Monsters", they called them. The dragons and their kin were on the brink of extinction. Even the orcs, who had been living peacefully in those lands for generations, had been attacked and decimated with no mercy. It was time. It all began with a song, and a tale. A tale of courage, valor and sacrifice. It was the story of the Shadow Binders, and of the destruction of the Last great menace: the banishing of Dragonlord Gryvorn into the Shadow Realm. It all began with a tale, and a man. A man that saw that the end was near. He saw all the misery and madness of this era. He saw everything, and decided to put an end to it. He had the key to unlock the gate of unlimited power, to bind the strenght of the not-yet-vanished Dragonlord to his will, and he had the strenght to do what had to be done. He saw the rise of a new power. He saw the return of the Elder-kins. He saw war, embracing the whole Old World like a purifying fire and engulfing it into the flames of ruin and rebirth. He saw peace, under the rule of One. His time had come, and Zacareth the Great was ready. [from the Memories of baron Zacareth, chapter 1]
  11. Well that's great! Always keep in mind, though, that one day the little apprentice will turn to his master AND try to take your throne! (Probably killing you in the process, if he's Smart enough) Just had to warn you:) However, it is a pleasure to share with a fellow DarkLord/Lady. Even if this time it is really nothing special: damage. Lost of damage. These guys can bring the pain. Please do not underestimate the amount of asses these cute greenies can kick in one turn. And disease... Disease is sweet:) Still, keep in mind a couple of things: -never send them alone(unless a kamikaze mission is ok for you, and sometimes it can be), they will get killed. Like most little-but-efficient-damage-dealers (beatmen, volucrix reavers, lave beetles, sorcerors, even nagas)they can be wiped out pretty easily, even though the heroes will have to waste many actions. However they can really make the team bleed, in act one are among the hardest hitters, and in act two they aren't bad either. -reinforcements are always against small guys (even if in Labirinth of ruin it seems to be much more complex and balanced) Consider them as either "first wave" or "coup-de-grâce", if you are in for a battle they are what you need for raw damage, just couple them with somebody else to finish the job, even among baddies teamwork is the key! -third, and most important of all: fear. Once you got to know with something that destroyed you you become much more cautious. I once wiped out3 of them (leaving the fourth unscathed but quite alone) with a group of well-positioned ferrox and some helpful cards. Since then, they became more cautious (and slow, that's the important part) when facing hard hitting, small sized but strong-in-numbers monsters. Even if I chose Ferrox only another time (I like to variate) I can say that they always served me well. They might not be the scariest monsters around or the most powerful but my heroes learned to respect them:D And finally... Razorwings! I LOVE them! ...from a thematic point of view;) In first ed they were probably the weakest monsters in the entire game, disgusting. And, guess what? They still are! Yeeeeee! I love coherence.
  12. And just think about Valyndra and [clarion of trumpets] QUEEN ARIAD! Oh. My. God. I really wish I could stop drooling.
  13. @kunzite Well, thank you very much for your extensive explanation! I appreciate monsters with sorcery and they are indeed VERYpowerful when your main goal is to shed some blood (and c'mon, It's really never bad to shed some hero blood), and I think I didn't realise that the potatoes could attack from the distance with a melee weapon's dice (that'cool), since in first ed. their ability worked in a slightly different way. Thanks also for sharing a few "battle tales", It's always fun and interesting:) I could see some use for the Potatoes now, still I think I would choose other monsters over them (in act two they come down pretty easily and there are better damage-dealers around, sorry potatoes...) And about cursed dice, that's a sad truth. I caught my heroes more than once performing rituals to affect my dice rolls. Hero filth. Of course even if their dice-binding magic stopped my beloved minions crippling kobolds and turning deadly Ferrox into harmless monkeys, it didn't stop ME from hitting them with a pillow. (And crowning uncle Zac king:D [evil laughter]) And yes, I meant Off topic
  14. I apologize, I don't want to go OT, but I am really interested in how you effectively used those fatty blobs (I think "potatoes" is even better as a name ) Whenever I sent them to do my bidding they failed. MISERABLY. Poor potatoes, they disappointed me so much that I never Ever consider them now as my possible choice... Perhaps I don't know how to use them, but since I am an experienced player I obviuosly thought that it was not my fault but the potatoes' and considered them weak:) Any help will be very appreciated, help restore Chaos Beasts' dignity!
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