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  1. It doesn't help that cardgamedb has a terrible deckbuilder, that makes deckbuilding a huge chore online, and completely fails on mobile. They should just buy netrunnerdb and import the codebase into cardgamedb if this is the case.
  2. Signed that one too. The more noise the better. Not for the meta though, tee hee.
  3. Let's get the ball rolling. Threatening legal action against the best fan-made content is really stupid guys. Your paying customers (who pay you money for your cards, not for your websites) are going to show you they are not too impressed with this action. Sign below if you agree.
  4. Yeah whipped out the rules and checked for myself. Bummer!
  5. Does anybody have a rule clarification on using Will of the West to cycle dead hero's back into your deck? If you draw them can you then play them in some way? Given Spirit's sphere's ability to manipulate the discard pile, if this is a possibility you could potentially use her ability 3 or 4 times a game. Incidentally, since you would probably go in with two tombs and two will of the wests in a mono spirit idea the new ally would work really quite nicely. Often it'll be cheaper and more productive to play cards directly from your discard.
  6. Found it pretty easy-mode solo this quest. Will confirm group play later in the week
  7. Sorry dude, my mood this morning was not ideal! I totally get what you mean. I think Love of Tales relies on pretty brutal card-draw, so starting with heroes like beravor, bilbo and bifur. Mithrandir's advice, those craftsmen (who fetch attachments) etc. Once you set up though, those songs are like little drops of heaven. It is a very very specific build though, in that regard I totally agree. In this instance you might often be forced to play those songs to get your colours out before you can tales anyway. I think my post may have a lot to do with general anti-secrecy sentiment I see, and in general people wailing on really great cards that IMO were built with very specific builds in mind (like the one above) but can't just be slapped into any build like Sneak Attacking Gandalfs. Apologies for the rant :$
  8. Love of Tales is a fantastic card. Mono green, card draw, splash songs, there's even a developer deck that makes excellent use of it in a very similar way. Song of earendil even gives you a card and up to 2 resources for free. Durin's song makes Bifur a questing champion in that deck and gives you extra resources to boot. These forums are awash with people bashing great mechanics because they're not quite as buff as Elrond/Vilya, Dainspam and Outlandery. I promise you 'love of tales' does not need to be 'saved' ...
  9. Why all the sentiment that secrecy is dead? I agree that 2 hero secrecy is very difficult to motivate but certainly not impossible if one of the hero's provides extra resources ala Theodred. 3 hero secrecy is very much alive and well and there are a large number of options here. If you're playing a deck that can provide strong threat reduction and you regularly find yourself below 20 threat, how could you not consider resourceful, even you don't play any other secrecy cards. The secrecy card pool provides some of the strongest cards in the game imo. I would like to see it grow, but I do feel as though the current options support secrecy very well. The recent Hobbit Developer deck is very instructive in this regard and my playtests with the deck have been excellent. It's a really really strong mechanic as it stands imho.
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