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  1. As much as I'd like to see Agent Kallus, wouldn't he make more sense as a Rebel commander since he defected long before ANH? I'm not sure exactly when Legion is supposed to take place but considering that Luke, Leia and Han are available...
  2. Fair enough regarding Common Lore, you have done a good job so far so I'll withhold judgement until I actually see your write-up I still feel weird about having such rare knowledge as Daemons and Xenos in the same skill, but to be perfectly honest I had completely forgotten about the Specialist Knowledge talent. I guess it's just a matter of wrapping my head around a different way of handling things. Paranoia seems like a "healthy" thing for Acolytes to develop over the course of their service. You could also have a trauma involving various psychogenic movement disorders (shakes, tremors, spasms, speech disorders...) Side note: Out of Ammo-Despairs does not have to be in combat, a GM once had my character run out when I rolled a Despair on a Fear check. The group was exploring an abandoned space station and we had to make a Fear check due to the spooky atmosphere, I rolled a Despair and the GM basically said my character had a "Predator-moment", firing blindly at nothing until the weapon was empty. Got some weird looks from the rest of the party after that
  3. New Mental Traumas look good, certainly makes more sense this way. As for how they develop, perhaps change it so that instead of getting a trauma with a severity equal to the check, you get the lowest severity on your first Despair and it worsens on subsequent Despairs? As it is, you're more likely to develop a more severe trauma since higher difficulty Fear checks have more dice to upgrade, thus creating more chances of rolling a Despair. I mean, how often do Easy difficulty Fear checks come up, if at all? Even Average was pretty rare in the games I played, Fear checks tended to be Hard or higher. If you want to split the Lore skills up, might I suggest the following: Scholastic -> Imperium (planets and their enviroments/cultures/people of note etc), Adeptus (Imperial institutions and the proper procedures for interacting with them), Education ("School subject"-stuff: math, chemistry, law...) Forbidden -> Warp (Psykers, Daemons, Chaos), Xenos (Aliens and their tech) Finally, a few minor thoughts: I like the addition of the Storm quality, but I would suggest taking a que from FFG's Star Wars system and simply naming it "Auto-fire (Only)", it's a bit clearer as to what it does. I'm a bit sceptical of the 4 Threat=Out of Ammo rule, I felt Despairs were common enough when playing Star Wars, but I understand your reasoning regarding resource scarcity. 3 Threat for some weapons is a good rule to port over though. A maneuver to switch power settings (Variable and Maximal) feels a bit much, maybe for the Plasma weapons since they are fiddly and high-tech but for Lasguns it seems excessive. Excited to see what's next, keep up the good work!
  4. The Tauros would be nice to have, since it is supposedly a common utility vehicle on frontier worlds. Maybe Land Crawler (civilian tractor) could be useful to have? Bit of feedback on the War Zone homeworld, wouldn't 1 intellect make more sense than 1 willpower? A war zone doesn't seem like a place for the weak-willed, and it is seems unlikely you would get a proper education there. Great work overall, gonna have to find a group to play this with!
  5. Not to be nitpicky, but I'm pretty sure they do get Survival. Checked the book, it's there. Survivalists get Perception, Resilience, Survival, and Xenology as extra career skills. Maybe there's a misprint in yours or something?
  6. Bounty Hunter/Survivalist could be another option. Brawl + Ranged (Heavy) as combat skills, both piloting skills, bit of stealth (two ranks of Stalker) and plenty of Survival focused stuff. Some utility as well in Athletics and Perception. Just ignore the name, it's not like you have to hunt bounties. You also have some solid choices for second spec here: Operator for more piloting, Assassin for more combat and stealth, etc.
  7. Seconded. I would suggest using the fear rules, except you roll Resilience instead of Discipline, to handle the effect of drunkness. I have done this in my own games and it has worked great.
  8. Knockdown works with lightsabers, the other two (Frenzied Attack and Feral Strength in the english version) do not. Frenzied Attack and Feral Strength specify attacks made with the Melee and Brawl skills (lightsabers use the Lightsaber skill) while Knockdown only specifies a melee attack.
  9. The only hard rules mention I've seen is the 'Custom Fit' armour attachment which removes Setback dice from Stealth and Athletics checks. I've always gone with "up to the GM".
  10. Some ideas (assuming Magic=The Force and is exclusive to Unicorns.) Earth Ponies 3 Brawn, unsure what to put at 1, maybe Presence or Intellect. Free rank in Athletics or Resilience (player's choice), maybe remove a Setback from environment? Pegasi 3 Agility, 1 Willpower (I agree with Oggdude here) I'd count the flying part as a free, built-in Jetpack Unicorns 3 Intellect or Presence, 1 Brawn Starts with FR 1 Alicorns might works best as NPC only. Not sure about giving Pegasi and Unicorns starting skills/talents, they already get good stuff. Maybe a free rank of Conditioned to Pegasi? I don't think they should get a free rank of Piloting since not all of them are good flyers. Possibly give Unicorns the basic Move power, all of them seem to be capable of basic telekinesis.
  11. Yes, you can get the Force-trees without having a Force-rating. You can also get Force-talents without being a Force-user, you just can't use them without a Force-rating.
  12. Remember to take individual variance into account when looking at Rarity. Goods in general might be rarer to find in the Outer Rim but if the PCs are at, for example, a mining colony, chances are that ore will be available at a very low Rarity, regardless of what the charts say. A business or a homestead is not intended as a way to make money, it's an alternative to having a ship as a base for the PCs if you want a campaign that's more stationary. The PCs should earn their money from adventures, not working retail (or what have you), because the former makes for a fun and interesting game while the latter doesn't.
  13. I recommend keeping the fight moving, like Luke vs Vader in episode V or the Anakin vs Obi-wan duel you mentioned. It gives the duel a feeling of progression and a sense of scale. You are not just fighting in a room, you are fighting all over a spaceship/mountain plateu. It's also something to spend Despair and Threat on: "You find yourself on the defensive, getting pushed back." "The floor collapses." are example excuses to change the scenery.
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