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  1. I think the idea is that this tournament format would be something between Infinite and Trilogies. Anyhow, I checked with the stores again (after a suggestions above from one of commentators above) and they reiterated the fact they will not be supporting Infinite. Unfortunate, because a lot of people who invested heavily into this game in the beginning are no longer playing. Anyhow, I'm going to be selling all my Destiny sets. If interested, PM me.
  2. I don't disagree that rotation is necessary. In fact, I never said anything about not having rotation. All I suggested is making another format. "I'm fine with the Infinity, Standard, and Trilogy formats...How about if FFG makes a format where they pick which sets/blocks we can use from all sets released so far? At least our old cards wouldn't be totally useless." Not sure how people are reading this as "He's saying rotation is bad."
  3. I don't disagree with you. I think so far the amount of errata isn't that bad. However, it's not about what I think; many of fellow Destiny players think it's a problem and don't play because they see where this is going. Which is why I made the comment: Now, I don't think SW Destiny will reach that point especially as FFG is learning, but many players from my local group, especially casual tournament players, simply don't want to deal with pages (even if just at few) of errata.
  4. It's simple. I asked my 5 of my local game stores. They flat out said "no" or "probably not." So they might have it GenCon or the NA Championships,but that's about it for all I can see in the foreseeable future. They will only do Trilogy (2 stores will hold a standard format once a quarter). I realize that errata is necessary. Maybe I wasn't clear. I have nothing against errata, but I don't like the way it's carried out without physical replacement cards. Pretty sure many people like me would even pay $ to obtain replacements. As an example, LOTR LCG is at a point where it has 14 pages of errata. Literally for every move we made, we had to double check that the card wasn't errata'd first. Now, I don't think SW Destiny will reach that point especially as FFG is learning, but many players from my local group, especially casual tournament players, simply don't want to deal with pages (even if just a few) of errata. Many of my friends have stopped playing SW Destiny altogether specifically because of this.
  5. I've been a Destiny fan for a long time. However, I've had a couple issues with the game: 1) Phasing out Awakenings, SOR, and EAW. I spent a lot of money on the first 3 sets, before FFG made the Holocron announcements. I'm fine with the Infinity, Standard, and Trilogy formats. However, I'm a little upset that my old cards are useless, and there's not too many Infinity tournaments in my area. How about if FFG makes a format where they pick which sets/blocks we can use from all sets released so far? At least our old cards wouldn't be totally useless. 2) I can't tell you how many friends I've introduced this game too where they buy cards/start sets, only to find out cards have been errata'd after the first game. The sheer frustration alone on this one thing has been enough to keep most of my friends from being fully committed to to this game after making what they think are awesome decks. I'm not sure what the solution is, but I like what AEG does which is to insert updated errata'd cards in the next sets. Or maybe at the very least make them as tournament promo cards or something. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  6. Hi All, Looking for a consistent game group that can play through a full Imperial Assault Campaign, especially with the new Tyrants of Lothal campaign coming out. If interested, please DM me. Thanks!
  7. FFG created fantastic Star Wars games. I play Star Wars LCG, Star Wars Destiny, and Imperial Assault, with Imperial Assault being my favorite. In my opinion, Episode 8 The Last Jedi was probably the worst film I've seen. With the Resistance (Rebel Alliance) at 20 people who can all fit in the Millenium Falcon, what's the point in playing these campaigns if we all know that the forces of good ultimately get destroyed? I was excited about the IA App, but can't think of a reason to even play now that I know what happens ultimately. Anybody else feeling the same way?
  8. So with Hyperloop and Outer Rim Smuggler having errata, I would love to see FFG be able to produce updated printings of this card. At least 4 people at tonight's Store Championship expressed frustration that they weren't aware of the Hyperloop Errata. Even though I believe it's the player's responsibility to look up errata cards online, it would great to have correct versions of these cards. I'm thinking they could accomplish this in 3 ways: 1) Players could send a SASE with their old cards to exchange their outdated cards for the cards with updated wording. 2) With each booster box of the next upcoming set, FFG could include 5-10 updated cards with the correct wording as box toppers. 3) Updated cards could be given out as part of the Game Night Kits. It's probably best that FFG not print these cards at their Minnesota headquarters as the texture of the cards is different. Some people play with their cards unsleeved, and this could easily be counted as a marked card. Thoughts?
  9. In the "Training" card with the picture of the Rebel sergeant, he's wearing a baseball cap. Do people in the Star Wars Universe wear baseball caps? I have yet to see any of this in Star Wars art.
  10. I don't disagree with the earlier posters about having adequate protection and better marketing for their products. However, my only thought was whether FFG could maybe think about being more efficient in accomplishing the same goals. I'm here staring at a 24" x 24" whole box full of plastic and paper...just to add 9 small figures to my collection?
  11. Imperial Assault is one of my favorite games-if not my most favorite. However, one thing that continues to bother is the excessive amount of packaging they use in their products such as their miniature expansions. For instance, I'm looking at my Rebel Scouts right now, and the amount of paper and plastic they are using to packaging 3 tiny miniatures seems unnecessary. IA isn't the only product that bothers me. Destiny foil wrappers are another. I'm hoping that FFG considers a more eco-friendly way to package their products for the future.
  12. LOL. There was a card in the Dagobah cycle called "Fear." One of my friends put together a deck of all Fears, and it cost him around $60. At the end he was like "Mehhh, not happy with this so I deconstructed it."
  13. The same could be said about LCG's...but it's worse with collectible card games because they are almost always much more of a money sink that LCG/ECGs.
  14. Scottie, you clearly never played Star Wars CCG from Decipher...because if you did, you would have known that the top decks (they forced you to play both Light and Dark) were about $300-$400 each (Multiple copies of Vader, Luke, Yoda, Red 5, Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan's Lightsaber, Millenium Falcon plus all the other overpriced $10 rares). It today's $, that's easily over 1K. I will say that back then eBay didn't exist so the market was imperfect which could make a difference today. Also, there is a chance it won't run this high if you are restricted to 1 card per deck, but my gut says this won't be the case. On a side note, please make sure your arguments are rational; or at least articulate your points better w/o being insulting. I realize you're already drinking the Kool-Aid for the game...which is ok, but think before you post next time. Much appreciated
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