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    timberwolfprime reacted to totalnoob in Just finished Hoth , what a disaster   
    We are over halfway through the Hoth campaign now, and it has been enjoyable. Its been tough on me as the IP - but I have also made my share of mistakes as well. I think it is a bit easier for the Rebels than Core - but not overwhelmingly so. Honestly, I think my team is just playing a bit better and making better decisions overall, since this is our third campaign play. They no longer open doors at the end of activations, being cautious of event triggers. Or attack groups that have already activated, doing things a bit more synergistically as a team vs before. I will say there seem to be fewer missions with set time limit - which does favor the rebels. I think it is 4-3 Rebels thus far in our campaign, with two missions that could have gone either way.
    As far as the threat missions - my group was torn, they wanted to have the chance to remove one of the boons (there were 3 as they ignored them all to this point) - but hated to take up a Side mission slot. We are at the point where it is back to back sides before the penultimate story mission.  So we voted and are playing it as a "forced" mission (Escape from Cloud City). Then they can still choose two side missions after. I know that helps them, but I want everyone to have fun. Plus, I am glad we get a chance to play a new mission that we haven't seen before.  I really wanted to play the wampa cave mission with the cool tile setup, but my 9 y/o daughter was scared of the wampas and didn't want to do it
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    timberwolfprime reacted to KnightHammer in 4 preview cards, Chopper, Hera, Jawa and IG88 fix   
    UPDATED RULES FOR   Jawa Elite - (3 points) Leader, Smuggler , 5 health, 4 speed, white def, 2 yellow attack +2 acc, surge for + 2 damage, surge for pierce 2, surge for +2 acc   Surge (bargain, roll 1 green die and for each hit result gain 1 victory point) Take Cover (same as basic Jawa) If your army affiliation is Mercenary, you can add three Droid Groups to your army FROM ANY OTHER FACTION!!
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    timberwolfprime reacted to copperbell in My Droid PC wants to create Skynet   
    So here I was thinking giving this player three options;
    1) He can only inhabit one body at a time so if his current body is destroyed either a time delay uploads añ old copy of their engrams into a new body or he waits until either one of his fellow players reactivates him or he very, very slowly waits for his transmitted engrams reach wherever his new body is hidden hopefully it's still there of course!
    2) They all activate but due to an unforeseen programming error they're all individuals with different behaviour or quirks to the original could be worse they could all claim to be the original and as you know there can only be ONE!
    3) Ultron meet Vision talk about parenting problems!
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    timberwolfprime reacted to player266669 in Compiled Resources List   
    Thanks Nate! I need to go check out that gallery.
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    timberwolfprime reacted to DarthGM in Creating Mara Jade   
    For your stat block, ditch Defensive Stance.  You don't need it, she should have Adversary 2-3.  You also left out Force Rating.
    But unless you're ready to stack the deck against the PCs, there's no reason to believe they won't take her out and get even more emboldened once you limit her by giving her full stats to begin with.  Remember the old adage about gods in AD&D; "the moment you give something stats, it can be killed".  And your stats are "takeable".  It'll be rough, but 4 PCs can win vs that NPC if they decide to stand up and fight her.
    You want to scare them?  Send in Vader.  Don't give him stats, just have him appear and start mauling PCs.  Comment that any attacks from the PCs are being blocked by his armor (Cortosis Weave Mod) and that the damage they are inflicting is minimal.  Have all his rolls start with 5 Proficiency dice.  Have him maim a PC. Kill one if you have to. Make them RUN.
    Or, alternately, you hit them where they live. If they're flashy about their Force Powers, you have the Empire arrest, torture, and kill their known associates for conspiring with a known outlaw (Force Users/Jedi).  You have the ISB make their lives a living hell indirectly.  You start giving them Bounty obligations, and Criminal obligations, and then their more public allies have to start disassociating with them.  "You're too out in the open!  You're going to get me/us in trouble!  I can't be seen with you, I have a family to think about!"
    There are ways to bring them to heel without giving them a chance to kill it.
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    timberwolfprime reacted to EliasWindrider in map designing   
    why not use gimp?  it's free and has so much more power than microsoft paint.  I've been using gimp for about a decade now, it's not quite as good as photoshop but it's somewhat close and did I mention it's free.  my most common use of gimp is to crop images, or change the size of them,  for the last month or so I've been using it to cut large minis maps into pieces that can be printed and brought to the gaming table. Honestly 17 by 11 at office max for $1.25 a sheet is the cheapest way for me to print a map (most maps would be $5).  I tried cutting them into 8.5 by 11 and printing them on my personal printer but that eats up the ink crazy fast and I have one of those all in one printer, scanner, photocopier, fax machine, photo printer printers and because it can print photos the ink is killer expensive  I think 25 bucks on ink would get me 3 maps.  like I said office max is the way to go and 17 by 11 is the cheapest/most convenient size (laying out a whole lot of 8.5 by 11's is time consuming).  I also use gimp to cut figures out of pictures and put them on transparent backgrounds (pngs) then you can lay them on top of each other for scenes.  I made myself a custom desktop for my new computer in gimp.  Named the computer lion of Judah so the desktop is an aslan desktop with akiane's "prince of peace" on top and to the right (transparent back)  I should have spent more time on distinguishing between the black background of "prince of peace" on the right side of the picture and hair (that is in the shadows) but the composite picture didn't turn out too bad.
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    timberwolfprime reacted to OggDude in Weapons Cards   
    Very cool!  Actually, this is getting me thinking... my generator has pretty much every piece of equipment published.  Maybe adding printable equipment cards like this would be useful. All the stats are already there.  Plus, you could even print out customized weapons and armor with all attachment info.
    I like the format you used.  Clean, simple, easily readable.  The gears are grinding...
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    timberwolfprime reacted to FuriousGreg in Awful first experience!   
    Statistics are funny and although statistically the OP shouldn't have experienced what he described it is remotely possible, just very very unlikely.
    I just did a quick 20 rolls of YGG vs PP on the FFG Dice App on my iPhone and got 16 Successes. Something is definitely off.
    I would suggest all of you, especially the GM, listen to Skill Monkey's podcasts here:
    They are very good at providing examples of how to use skills and handle results. Best to hear them in order so start them from Page 3 to page 1.
    and take a look at this PDF put together by torquemadaza:
    This is a clear overview of how to read the dice.
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    timberwolfprime reacted to whafrog in Awful first experience!   
    One other thing (deserves its own post):  you should all strongly consider running one of the Beginner box games.  They are a bit of a railroad at first, but that's intentional so as to showcase the rules in a manageable way.  They're still fun, and each has a free PDF continuation that is much more open.  Sounds like you guys would really benefit from it.
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    timberwolfprime reacted to r2trooper in Awful first experience!   
    I too am sorry to hear about your first experience with this system being so bad. While I can't say this is the best RPG out there or ever made. I feel this system is the best one made for Star Wars yet. And I have them, and have GM'ed them all so far. This system, like any other does have it's problems, but what you are describing seems very unlike EotE.
    I have just moved to VA from Germany and found a gaming group near where I live now, and none had played or even owned the EotE books. Like a lot of people the "needing special dice" thing turned them off, and the costs of the books. After I explained how the ECRB had a chart to use normal gaming dice, that seemed to ease their irritations quite a bit. Well I ran a small game for them, and all characters were created ECRB RAW. No one died, hell, I think I only hit one or two of the 6 PC's like a time or two. We even did some really quick minor starship combat.
    To my surprise, everyone really had a great time, and want to continue with my campaign. I did expect a least a couple of naysayers out of 6. One or two did by the ECRB before the game, now all 6 are buying the ECRB, ACRB, dice and even some of the source books. 
    They all thought the dice system was pretty neat. It took them some getting used to it, but none felt that a narrative feel or creativity was taken away. 
    I would like to point out one thing though. 
    You don't need to pass a die check to tell a story. If you feel or think that succeeding a dice check is the only way for this game to be narrative, then perhaps this is where the problem lies.
    Judging from your earlier postings, I don't think you were the GM, and it seems that the GM and the group really do not have a good grasp of how the game works. I too am interested to see what the enemies looked like. For my group they faced one Rival Political at about 90 XP, and three groups of three minions each. By using their cover, and working together, they made short work of the problem. Like I said a few hits got through to the PC's but the Doctor was able to patch them up quick. 
    If the GM threw you guys up against 3 400 XP Rivals, I can see you guys having a hard time, but you don't need 5 dice be it ability or proficiency to hit in ranged combat unless you are shooting at a 3 Adversary at long rang in beefed up armor. 
    By using the rolled advantages to give others Boost die, even an unsuccessful attack can still be good. I wonder if the GM did not allow Advantages rolled to not be used unless the attack was a success. By RAW that would be incorrect!!!! I also wonder if he made every Threat into a Threat/fail combo. Then it makes me wonder if he used some weird hybrid system where you needed a certain amount of success to actually hit/.succeed. In this game, you only need one. 
    I had read some of your posts on the X-wing thread. 
    I wonder if this could be the problem. I am not a huge fan of house rules, as most could tell you, but if you use them and everyone is having fun more power to you, but this does not seem to be the case here. But I do suggest play the game RAW at least until you have an understanding of it all, then change what you feel is unbalancing. I am not saying anyone here does it, but I have seen ( I mean personally experienced) more house rules that limit players than actually helping out the game experience.  Well, I hope you guys don't give up on the system, and the best of luck to you guys with EotE and X-wing!
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