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  1. I have: - 3 Noise in english and 1 in french - 1 Making News in english and 2 in french. - Pawn playmat in english and french In your list of items, I'm interested in Kate. I also look for Gabriel and Eli. I live in Europe so it might not be easy to trade. Are you going to the Worlds ?
  2. Is this what you mean by churlish? "Yeah they loved it so much that they bought it up, slowly hired a couple people to take it over who still have yet to contribute to it after a year, all while expecting Darksbane to keep voluntarily working on it, on their terms, for free, without providing better infrastructure to allow him to reintroduce features that he removed from the site. Don't be silly. FFG's purchase of CGDB was a horrible decision that made no business sense and only led to them becoming IP bullies to shut down one of the best fan projects they had out there on their side. Pretending like that made them good guys strikes me as really foolish." http://boardgamegeek.com/article/17107044#17107044
  3. Just so no one misses; this is how a company that cares about its customers reacts: "Thank you for this! We at AEG really appreciate having this great resource available to our players." I haven't bought the last two data packs. Now I'm tempted to actually put that money toward Doomtown, simply because how AEG communicates (and the game is also supposed to be really good ). They even promote fan made resources on their websites... including the Doomtown plugin for OCTGN ! http://www.alderac.com/doomtown/category/developer-news/
  4. You are missing the point: the information is publicly available. Do you want to cease and desist Wikipedia or Boardgamegeek because they publish data and pictures of the game?
  5. The content of a DVD is not publicly available. You have to pay to view its content. The card images and text from FFG games are publicly available on cardgamedb. FFG doesn't charge people to view card images or text on cardgamedb.
  6. Alsciende, the creator of netrunnerdb, created a deckbuilder for Doomtown, a new LCG from another publisher. http://dtdb.co This is the reaction from AEG, the publisher of Doomtown: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/17089116#17089116
  7. By the way, providing an API is a good thing. It encourages developers to create applications on your platform. Some of the most successful companies and products are successful partly because of their API (eg. Twitter, Facebook, Apple App Store, Google Maps, YouTube, etc...). In this case a good programmer just built that for FFG for free. Other programmers wrote missing software such as tournament pairings software based on that API for free. If FFG would develop all that them self it would be quite costly and the end result might sucks. Given all this, shutting down netrunnerdb "because of the API" is even more ridiculous.
  8. Netrunnerdb.ca is an exact clone of Netrunnerdb and the API is still there. http://netrunnerdb.ca/en/apidoc But honestly it doesn't really matter, the API is just a way to fetch card data more easily. Since the card data and images are publicly available on other websites, it's not that difficult to write a script to scrape card data and image from web page. Going after netrunnerdb "because of the API" but not shutting down acoo.net, netrunner.meteor.com, cardgamedb.com or other data provider is just ridiculous.
  9. FFG is certainly free to send C&D to fan made websites loved by the community. Whether this protects their game or undermines them is another topic.
  10. I have tried to keep to facts and opinions thus far, now I am venturing more into speculation, and I hope anyone with more solid information will correct me. As far as I understand it, they shut down netrunnerdb for two official reasons, because it was competing with cardgamedb and because it was hosting images . They shut down Jinteki because it was making (or planning to make) money, and because it was, while not hosting, displaying images hosted elsewhere. Jinteki.net is free and open source https://github.com/mtgred/netrunner OCTGN proposes a subscription model to financially support the platform. Jinteki.net is completely free.
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