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  1. I think the Maester's path should maybe have be errata ~ adding an effect such as Melisandra's- "Power on opponents' characters does not count towards their total power" So e.g. "You count zero total power whilst you have chain attachments on this card" What else would that affect though? ... I suppose you would always have the low count of power for initiative draws, but it would not affect Asha ~ you still have power on your house but it does not count to your total
  2. Hi Can you clarify when BotS response can be used ... I would have thought it was at challenge resolution Response: If an opponent would win a challenge against you, cancel the determination of the challenge winner. No one wins the challenge In a melee game, I was supporting a Martell house opponent, had Winterfell (claim 2 power is I win a MIL battle as defender) and had lots of military strength I wanted to step in and support by the Martell player played BotS before declaring no defenders Who's correct? - can BotS be played at any point during a challenge or is it a response which can only kick in at resolution thanks
  3. That's by far the best solution Khudzlin If you reveal a river plot other than Under the Bridge of Dreams, would you be able to trigger the when revealed if you cannot do the Then part (trigger Crossing the Mumers Ford) ... I suppose not? Last night I rebuilt my deck - removed all my Rivers and Flood Waters
  4. Thanks Istaril ... can't see anyone using in joust anymore I could even have lived (playing melee) with drawing the cards (up to your draw cap) but now I have to remove it which is probably going to lead me to drop the river plots completely
  5. and it wasn't even removed from the Joust restricted list!
  6. I had to try and play with the river plot deck last night with this new errata Should have the text: "This effect cannot be triggered by other card effects." This is a terrible amendment - why have they excluded other river plot cards? I can understand a restriction - so it cannot be triggered by other card effects - e.g. Flood Waters but this destroys the whole structure of using river plots As a one off event which is only practical if I play it as my last river plot card, it has very limited value ... everyone is saying you just play a river plot that triggers the when revealed of any used river card but do not seem to appreciate that there is only one such plot, (with a gold value of 1) ... and to get the 2 extra gold when playing the next river plot after that isn't much value either I hope the amend the errata soon to say "except river plot cards"
  7. Is the "take control of a character" a passive that occurs before the when revealed of the new plot cards? If I take control of a character which has a character agenda and it gets killed, does it end up in my opponents dead pile or become his character agenda
  8. Hi ktom "Playing an event that then becomes an attachment is not considered to be "playing" an attachment" I thought that the game state at the time you play a response is the determining factor ... so even though a card may enter the game as an event card, by the time the response is played it could be attachment Maybe someone puts a re-enforcement event into play as an army ... could a "after a character enters play" type effect be triggered?
  9. Hi This is CG (Captain Groleo) where "after an opponent plays or reveals an attachment..." I'm not 100% sure what that covers ... is that only play as per marshals and reveal when some effect specifically says reveal e.g. what if someone plays (during challenges) Rhymes with Meek which gets attached as an attachment ... so it meets CG's criteria at the time of the response? What if someone ambushed in an attachment - that would not be "play" but would it be revealed? thanks
  10. If I took control of an unique character, and also have my own copy of that character (in my hand, not in play), would I be able to use my copy to duplicate the one that I have taken control off?
  11. If I win a challenge during the plot phase, e.g. after brining out Shadow Politics, what would be the claim value if we have not revealed plot cards for the new round
  12. Response: Save attached character from being killed, then return it to its owner's hand Can this response be used when the attached character cannot be returned to its owner's hand - e.g. with Aloof and Apart I assume it can - thanks
  13. So Heads on Pike is ok in a melee game if only one opponent has a dead pile but your other opponents have no dead people
  14. If Ice is used to kill all defending characters, your opponent would still have the opportunity to bring another character into play - such as by using the Naval mechanic Ice is triggered during player actions before the challenge gets to the resolution stage
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