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  1. Hey out there, i got a simple question: Do you always play with all small expansions or do you sort out all Cards from those after your game? I was wondering cause this is so much work after and before each game. And whats with Cards from the great expansions? Since i bought all of them now i was wondering how to handle that. We (my wife an me) owned just one small and one great before, so it was never a question to us and we are now unsure what to do. Thanks for hints, advices and answers. Sir Alric
  2. yes, thats what i meant. Just wanted to know what monsters you use and which worked good. Im going to play OL this weekend with friends and they wanted it the hard way, at least thats what they said^^. So in fact im searching for some advice here. So thanks for the reply. More are welcome!
  3. Hi and hello to all of you, im just wondering which monster you use as OL in which szenario of the game. There are so much monsters and i wonder what different tactics you use and which of them drive your heroes crazy. Maybe theres some kind of "list" which monsters are very well in a specific szenario or something like this?
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