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  1. Hello everyone, I'm in Wilmington, Delware, not far from Philadelphia and south NJ, and would like to run SW:Edge of the Empire. I'm also interested in FaD and AoR, and very badly want to play Imperial Assault. I have a set and many of the additional miniatures although no expansions. I can travel or host. Looking for mature gamers who really want to play and play well. You can reply to me here or at: jhfurnish@gmail.com . Thanks, and MTFBWYA!
  2. Just to be specific: The 2nd edition Imperial Assault box I have came with a bonus: a Vader miniature and a Luke Skywalker miniature, with their respective cards and sheets. What then?
  3. I have noticed one big missing miniature: Darth Vader. Luke is in the Ally pack collection but Vader is missing from the Villains. Since the system now deploys enemies from your registered collection, this is a glaring problem.
  4. The template for Adventure 7, 'The Client's Market' states that at the end of the game, each character on a space with a coat of arms gains three ducats from the bank. We both examined the board very carefully and could not discern a coat of arms on the board, aside from a small decoration in two rooms - the laboratory and the treasury. To what are the writers referring?
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